Inertia (21608: M)*

The last thing Derek and Cora are expecting to find outside their motel room is a gaunt Stiles Stilinski, lacrosse bag on one shoulder and the weight of the world on the other.

The Broken Radio is Playing Suicide (73415: E)

Stiles only wishes they could actually be safe. They haven’t been for nine months now.

Midnight On The Interstate (7101: G)

“Hey, Dad. Figured you’d be at work, but I wanted to let you know that if Scott starts spreading rumors that I’ve abandoned my education in order to kidnap my chem lab partner in the middle of the night so we can spend the rest of our lives rambling around the country in an SUV full of secrets and shame, it’s totally not true. Mostly. Okay, love you, bye.”

The Outline (5760: T)

“Your taste in music leaves a lot to be desired,” Derek says dryly, still skimming over The Outline. (Stiles has capitalized it in his head, because if it’s capitalized, then it means Doom, which is, technically, exactly what it means.)

The Difficult Kind (18822: E)*

He’s a little shocked, though, when Derek agrees without putting up a fight. “Do you really want me to?” he asks, sounding tentative and surprised.

Get Your Kicks (4488: NR)

“We’re not going to Foamhenge,” Derek replies drily.
Stiles makes a pleading sound, peering at Derek, eyes wide.
“It’s Stonehenge made out of foam,” Derek argues.“
"Right,” Stiles agrees emphatically. “It’s Stonehenge. Made out of foam.”

His Password Is Also Derek (74255: M)*

Stiles and Derek end up on a cross-country roadtrip.

Fucked up People (15067: T)

“Can we stop at a non-fast food restaurant?” Stiles asked. “Like a place where we sit down and they take our order and then bring us the food?”

“Sounds like a date.”

“It’s not a date.”

“I know,” Derek said. “I was kidding.”

“I know you were kidding.”

“It didn’t sound like you knew I was kidding.”

“Well I knew that you were.”

I’m gonna write another traveling song (5703: T)*

They are in Santa Rosa when he gets the first text.
‘im sorry’
Derek stares at it for what feels like a minute but is probably twenty seconds.
Still excessive.
The phone beeps again.
'for the Kate thing i mean. i’m sorry for bringing it up and rubbing your face in it’

Miles Away (12509: M)

Maybe it should have felt like a bad thing, realizing that his pack wasn’t actually his anymore. He didn’t really want to admit that the day he looked around and saw Scott taking care of everyone, Derek breathed easily for the first time since he’d met Kate Argent.