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125 Days of Working Out

YOU READ THAT RIGHT. 25 extra days this time… I am going to work out and eat clean (as possible) for 125 days, since I did 100 days last time.

We have 125 Days until the Serial Kellers have their Summer Holiday, and guess what we are doing until then? Catmom needs to look good on the beach!

If you answered eat fried chicken and cry, YOU ARE WRONG. There might be crying, though…

I’m going to try the Saitama-sensei workout regimen…. not all at once first, I don’t want to go bald.

- 100 push-ups

- 100 sit-ups 

- 100 squats

- 10km run

- 3 meals a day (banana for breakfast)

- I’m not sleeping without air-conditioning I LIVE IN THE TROPICS.

So, I’m planning to do them a day at a time for a while, until I can do 2 then 3 in a day, that’s the goal.

I also still have Muay Thai…. my first lesson back is in an hour, and I am going to be so shit but I have to get started again somehow.

I also measured my body at the start this time, but it won’t mean much as I’m going for muscle mass… My iron thigh has gone soft in these two months of not doing anything TnT