Broke my plateau!! :D

After about 5 weeks of staying at 124lbs (which i was totally fine with cause i wasn’t eating totally great) but today i am 123lbs :D i am 2lbs away from my next goal weight! Sooo happy that i finally got out of my wee rut! 

If it wasn’t for my fitblr and you guys i think i would’ve given up! Thankiess :)

Five days of not eating junk AT ALL. ( I just stopped eating school breakfast/lunch/snack, all of it. Pics on the right were taken a week ago. And on the left were taken last night.
No exercise involved. Exercising in my life is none-existent. Lol I do work with kids so I’m always doing something standing, and I also ride a bike to work. One thing though, I had a lot of coffee lol

SW:134 CW:124 NGW:118 UGW:109
5'3 tall

You know, this might sound stupid to some of you.
However, the whole reason why I decided to lose weight was because I got comments from strangers that I’m ugly or fat. Because I also work at a bar on Fridays and Saturdays, (it is never a bad thing to always have extra money in your purse!! ) that is how and where I get all these comments from. I was also called “ugly” at the beach the other weekend and the male person repeated it three times. Since I have always always had extremely low self-esteem, my whole fucking life - and I still do - it just hit me so hard. I’ve never been called ugly so many times in just 50 days. So I decided it was time for a change again.