Best scene in 123Ever
If you like Joe and Jeff, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS

(also what the hell is jeff doing in the first few seconds?? :D)

so i just got back from starbucks with a bunch of the starkids and

  • meredith is literally so precious like that is the best word to describe her she never stops smiling
  • brian and meredith are so cute she was drinking from his drink and he was always near her and just heart eyes wow yes
  • brian biked there and he was late and meredith was all worried and thought he got into a bike accident so concerned pls so cute
  • jeff blim has long hair and i referred to it as “lettuce” and he and meredith thought it was so funny and jeff said that that comment was “the thing to tip him over the edge” and now he’s gonna cut his hair so you’re welcome
  • meredith drew everyone little doodles of their name and an alien next to them mine is a unicorn thing
  • i made her one in exchange and she was obsessed with it and i was swoonin
  • we talked about miley cyrus for a long time wow and watched the 23 video in amazement
  • we also talked about dylan and his chicago fire stint and i re-enacted the entire scene for nick gage it was quite a time
  • meredith said that her weirdest fan exchange thing is just the whole ~fans hating on starkid’s girlfriends thing so…….stop doing..that…….cool
  • before jeff got there dan was like “so how many of you think jeff blim is hot” anD WE WERE AL L LIKE ……….he was kidding but we…were…like……..ok
  • so basically go see 1night 2last 3ever because it’s going to be hilarious

A Starkid update!! Including the Twisted cast list!