Untitled by photoCKD


Castelli illusori by Maria Evgenidu

Fotografie scollate

Carte sbucciate

Ammuffite copertine

Elastici rotti

Tutto ben nascosto

in casseforti

in scordati pianoforti

in traballanti sedie tarlate

in cantine serrate

Da polverose e intricate ragnatele

ben protetto

Da lenzuoli bianchi

ben nascosto

Da paraventi di seta


Ma senza lo ieri

un domani non c’è

Perché ti ostini a nascondere i ricordi

in castelli illusori?

Yashica Mat 124+ Lomography RedScale 100+ Miraculous double exposure *.*

“in the shadows” 「影に潜む」


Rolleiflex 2.8C / Xenotar 80mm F2.8


Untitled by Masha Nazar

i keep wanting to watch star wars at school but i cant bc ppl are Around Me and then im like that pic of the kid with the bulging forehead nd neck veins as i struggle to keep my fingers off the screenshot buttons whenever luke comes out


Places: Roger Stevens, 

120mm 400 ISO B&W film. From [People;Places] series.
“An ongoing series of both architecture and people photography. I am interested in spaces we inhabit and our interaction with them.”

Taken on the University of Leeds campus, UK. 2015.