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Black Butler, Ch 120 Halloween Special, TRANSLATION

It took me nearly all day to translate the Kuroshitsuji Halloween special chapter into English from simplified Chinese, and I had fun translating, so I hope you enjoy! Forgive me for any mistranslations. ^^;

Please credit me if you reblog/use this translation!

Color Spread:

Within the deep blue curtains, death lanterns ignite to lead the way to the end of the dark journey.

Page 1:

What is called Halloween…

Is a celebration preceding the winter months, welcoming the Fall Harvest and banishing evil spirits.

On this day, the boundary between the spirit world and this world becomes weak, and the deceased spirits will return to this world.

Page 2-3:

Sebastian: My lord, it’s about time for the Phantomhive Halloween festival!

Ciel: Ah…it’s already October? 

Because of this incident with LIzzie, it’s been perpetually awfully busy!

Sebastian: It cannot be helped, this is a yearly tradition!

The Phantomhive territory has always had a lot of farmers, and to celebrate their accomplishments, Halloween is very important.

Speaking of which, what activities are there on Halloween?

Cutting wheat flour

Apple bobbing

Pulling chestnuts out of the fire

Note: Sorry, I didn’t translate the description of the activities, since they weren’t very relevant to the story! >.<

Ciel: Isn’t it nothing but just people playing games and laughing like fools for nothing? What’s so interesting about Halloween?

Sebastian: Regarding human games, I cannot comprehend them.

But regarding the lord, it is compulsory to have a grand ceremony.

Page 4-5:

Ciel: Very well then!

Sebastian, hear me!

I order you to return to the manor to prepare for the Halloween celebration!

Sebastian (to himself): He said that so earnestly…

Sebastian (to Ciel): You’re throwing all the work on me?

You just ordered me to open up the Phantomhive music hall, didn’t you?

Ciel: As a Phantomhive butler, you can’t even accomplish this simple task?

Sebastian: No…I understand! Do not worry, leave everything to me!

At the manor…

Sebastian: These are your duties, it is time to get ready for this year’s Halloween.

Bardroy, you’re in charge of purchasing the apples and raisins.

Bardroy: Right!

Sebastian: Finnian, you’re in charge of getting turnips for the jack-o-lanterns.

Finny: Yes!

Sebastian: Mey-rin and Snake, you’re in charge of washing the laundry basins and plates in the warehouse.

Meyrin: Yes!

Snake: Yes! …Says Oscar

Page 6-7:

Sebastian: Tanaka will just sit there drinking tea

Tanaka: Ohohoho!

Bardroy: Speaking of which, I’ve rarely come by a celebration that are quite the same?

British Halloweens are too traditional!

In my country, Halloween is way more festive and fun!

To scare witches and demons from the spirit world, we would put on a variety of costumes and attend costume balls!

Jack-o-lanterns aren’t made of turnips, they’re made of pumpkins, which must be a bright, gorgeous shade of orange!

Children will go to from house to house in their neighborhood and knock on doors, and call “Trick or treat!” to receive candy!

Finny: How fascinating!

Sebastian: In England, Halloween can be compared to Guy Fawke’s Day. Guy Fawkes was paraded through the streets and burned at the stake, then everyone set fireworks and cheered. That is all.

Bardroy: The way you describe it sounds so fascinating!

Ghost Festival: Legend says that Yama, the King of Hell, will open the gates of the underworld, and deceased spirits and ghosts will all come to this life.

Mey-rin: Speaking of burning, in China, when the deceased spirits return on Ghost Festival, we’ll go to their graves and burn paper money and goods as sacrificial offerings.

Page 8-9:

Tanaka: Halloween is perhaps equivalent to Obon Festival in Japan?

In Japan, we’ll use cucumbers and eggplants to create likeness of horses and oxen to welcome ancestors’ spirits.

Finny: Wow, that also sounds like so much fun!

Snake: Halloween has many different ways to celebrate!

On Halloween…

Sebastian: You’ve returned, my lord!

Ciel: How is progress on the Halloween preparations?

Sebastian: You’ll need to witness it with your own eyes.

Ciel: ?

Sebastian: Please, come take a look in the courtyard.

Page 10-11

Ciel: This is…

Servants: My lord…TRICK OR TREAT!

Ciel: What is this?!

Servants: Alright, time for tricks!

Ciel: Waaaaaaat??

Page 12-13

Ciel: What is this costume supposed to be?

Sebastian: Little demon! It is reportedly an American custom.

Ciel: Why so sudden…

Sebastian: Didn’t you say so yourself? “What’s so interesting about Halloween?”

So, this year we’ve gathered traditions from every country for an incomparably joyful Halloween.

As the butler of the Phantomhive family, if I couldn’t accomplish such a task, it simply wouldn’t do, would it?

Ciel: You’re always blowing your own horn.

Finny: Ah, it seems the guests have arrived!

Page 14-15

Old farmer: My lord! Thank you for creating the village roads!

Trust your good fortune! Even if I used a lousy donkey to carry milk, it’s become a wonderful task!

Old lady: Dear! You should be addressing him as “Earl!”

Old lady #2: Earl! This is wheat bread we’ve baked ourselves. Would you like to taste it?

Children: Trick or treat!

Mother: Hey! You little devils, you dare speak to our lord so impertinently…

Ciel: No need to berate them, it’s alright.


Girl: Thank you, my lord!

This is the best Halloween yet!

Ciel: Ah…wait…

Page 16-17

Sebastian: My lord!

As intoxicating the party is, it’s time for it to end!

Ciel: What?

Sebastian: If I may bother my lord to make a speech before the party ends, it’ll be your last obligation of the day.

Ciel: What is this for?

Tanaka: This is called a “River Lantern.” In Japan, they are used in a ceremony to guide the deceased spirits back to their world.

People hope that the deceased spirits will be guided by the lights, and that they won’t ever get lost on the way back to their world.

Countries and religions are not the same, this kind of hope and feeling evolves from the heart!

Sebastian: Come, my lord!

Invite everyone to light their lanterns!

Page 24-25

Sebastian: To exhaust both the physical and the mental, to burn away its life…

Just like…humans!

They only need to be blown in a gentle sway, and even weak flames will be extinguished and engulfed in darkness. 

But, it is because of this, in this way, they are so…

Page 26-27

Sebastian: Beautiful!

Ciel: Hmph…No matter how weak the flame, if it is fanned by the wind, it can turn into a disastrous flame.

You’ll still need to be cautious with the flame!

Sebastian: Of course!

Providing illumination as I lead you down the path of darkness is my duty.


Page 28 (Final Page)

Sebastian: After all…am your butler!