There’s these dried hashbrowns that come in little cardboard cartons, like milk for kids. You can get them at like Costco or other bulk stores. I know about them cause the military uses them.

they are magic.

Anything that you would want shredded potatoes for, you can use these. It’s shredded potatoes that have been dried (and maybe par-boiled? idk). All you do is open the carton (like you’re gonna drink it) and fill with hot water (minimum 120F, I have an electric kettle so I do that) and then close and let it sit.

You can use these to make hashbrowns, but I really like using them for other stuff. like latkes or casserole or tossing in soup. They’re PERFECT for things that involve frying, cause they come out perfectly reconstituted but not drippy.

And you don’t have to deal with the peels afterward. Just throw away or recycle the carton.

All my friends in the Phoenix area need to be really careful next week.

We have not seen 120F two days in a row except in isolated areas.

Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Never go anywhere without water, and don’t let businesses deny you water! It’s illegal in Arizona for food service to deny you free water.