This image is part of a collection of Lomography 120 medium format and 35mm film photographs of my cross-country trek driving from Detroit to Los Angeles, 2014.

To view all images, click here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskdYindt

Visit: http://zekeanders.com/drive/

All images were captured on a Lomo Lubitel 166+ (120 B&W), Holga (120 Color), and La Sardina Splendour (35mm Color) cameras.

No post-production enhancements were made.

#negatives #blackandwhite #6x12 #120format #vintage #photography #photomafia #scanning I’m going to be using these old negatives in a double exposure project I’m prepping for next semester. I will be ghosting these and other older negatives I’ve collected of people into shots I’ve taken on film in current times to combine for a weird blend of old and new. #boom #brainstorming #oldmeetsnew