Dear our 4D Leader,

Happy 26/27th birthday! I’m glad I got to know a person like you. Many people fall for your beautiful face, but I’ve found out that you have an even much more beautiful heart inside. A heart that is burning with passion to humbly keep improving yourself even though now you’re already at the top. A generous heart that doesn’t think twice to take parts in charity and help the unfortunate. A thoughtful and caring heart that makes you always treat your fans kindly and respectfully. A heart that is strong enough to take the blames and criticisms people ignorantly throw at you, and how, after all that, you still manage to smile. A heart that keeps the promise between you and the other 4 members true, even after these 2 years in separated agencies. Thank you, for being an inspiring and trustworthy leader every Triple S is proud of. We love you and will always support you. May you have the happiest birthday today! ♥ ^^


06.06.2012; Happy Birthday Son Dongwoon!
our precious maknae of the group, thank you for existing.
thank you for all the effort you’ve put in to improve, for beast, for b2uties.
i hope you’ll have an enjoyable time with ot6 and cube family. 
i love you son namshin, i always will ♡ #SonNamShinDay