brief translations of the letter myungsoo was holding:

…it would be nice if you lived like that.
i have so much to say but i don’t think it would be good if it went longer.
…to receive more love, i wish everyone would show a fighting spirit.
your parents will diligently be cheering you on from behind and also, don’t forget to greet your parents.
…from your mother who loves her son.


Kyuhyun trying to catch the falling confetti <333

[Fanaccount] SHINee @ Japan Athena Concert 120107

This is a quick report. Because I couldn’t see clearly in the morning, so I shall recite what happened at night. Because SHINee was the youngest in the concert, so they performed first - before their seniors. The standing position from the left is : Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin and Key. Jongho kept whispering to one another and they did not even pay attention when their seniors were talking (laughs). When they were doing their greetings, minho kept standing beside Jonghyun! and he kept swaying his body and played hide-and-seek with Jonghyun. In addition, he playfully placed a golden ribbon (some decoration) on Jonghyun’s head. It was so cute tonight~

Others : When Taemin was talking with Jonghyun, Minho came in to join them. The three of them shared a quite conversation amongst themselves. Only when it was time for them to greet, they hurriedly stop their conversations to gett themselves ready

Jonghyun seemingly want to bite Minho but Minho avoided it - it seems they look like they are doing “bobo”.

Credits (fanaccount by) : loving bling 
Korean-Chinese Translation : mingwithbling.com
Chinese-English Translation :