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Bad Day- Jimmy Darling Smut (AHS: Freakshow)

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-request: “Rough sex with Jimmy after he had a bad day at the freakshow?” -anon
type: smut
warnings: masturbation, 69, that’s pm it
summary: Jimmy comes back from the freak show pissed off about something, and you decide to try and make him feel better ;)
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You were lying in your and Jimmy’s bed, reading a book while you waited for him to come back to your tent. The freakshow started at 6:30 and only lasted about an hour and a half, which was good for you because this meant Jimmy only had to work for about 2 hours a day. And hopefully he’d be here soon, because to put it bluntly, you were horny, and you were wearing a new set of lingerie that he hadn’t seen before. You glanced at the clock on the nightstand next to you to see how much longer he’d be. 8:02. “Good,” you thought, “he should be here any minute now.”

Soon enough, you heard the tent’s door flap being peeled open and then closed again. Loud footsteps could be heard, and they were coming nearer. You casually continued reading your book, looking up only once you knew he was in your bedroom. You dropped your book on the bed and wrapped your arms around Jimmy’s neck. He hugged you back, but not as tightly as usual. It was kind of a half assed hug on his part if you were being honest. “How was work?” you asked once you pulled away from each other.

“Fine.” he replied shortly, walking to the dresser for his pajamas and beginning to unbutton his shirt.

“Okay..” you mumbled unsurely. Normally Jimmy was in a good mood when he came home– he’d chatter away about the show that night, and the two of you could just have some alone time. “Are you mad at me?” 

“No.” Jimmy said, not even turning to face you.

“Well you’re obviously mad about somehing…Did something happen today?”

He let out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Alright.” you responded with a sigh, “Well is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

He stopped his motions for a minute, and then slowly turned around to face you. “Get on the bed.” 

You pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, feeling an excited flip in your stomach. All that you were wearing over the lingerie was one of Jimmy’s button up shirts –which wasn’t uncommon, he loved seeing his favorite girl wearing his clothes– so he’d have a big surprise in store tonight.

You looked over towards the dresser, watching Jimmy as he finished shedding his clothes and began walking towards the bed. He climbed on top of you, resting his weight on his forearms. You gently reached up and popped open the first button of the shirt you had on, encouraging him. Now he was in nothing but his boxers, and you pretty much fully covered, considering the shirt went down to your thighs.

Jimmy smirked at your small gesture and started unbuttoning the rest of the shirt. He was having some trouble with it because of his hands, and you instantly felt bad that you didn’t just do it yourself. His face was a mix of frustration and ‘Why can’t I do anything right?’

“It’s okay, I got it.” you said softly. Once you got down to your stomach, he let out a “Fucking hell,” as he noticed what your were wearing underneath. You quickly finished unbuttoning the rest, and then shrugged the shirt off your shoulders, letting him see what you really wanted him to. You’d just bought the set earlier that week, and you had to admit, you looked fucking hot. The white lacy bra pushed your boobs up just right, and the matching thong made your ass look amazing. “Christ, Y/N,” he muttered, running his hand from your collarbone to the valley of your breasts, playing with the little pink bow in the middle of your bra. “You like?” you asked, a coy smile playing on your lips. 

“God, I love. You look gorgeous.”

“I think you’d like how I look without them on better, though, don’t you?” you asked, grinning a bit as you noticed the tent forming in his boxers. You reached your hand towards it and started gently rubbing his bulge to encourage him.

“Fuck yeah I would,” he smirked, leaning down to kiss your stomach before sliding your panties down your thighs.

“You want this off too?” you asked, slipping your fingers under your bra strap, figuring it’d save a lot of trouble for him if you took it off yourself. He nodded vigorously and stopped what he was doing to watch you unclip the back and then pull the material down your shoulders. He let out a quiet moan and immediately finished pulling your underwear down.

“God damn Y/N, you’re soaked.” Jimmy groaned as he pulled his boxers off. But to your surprise, instead of coming back on top of you, he sat himself on the other side of the bed. “I want you to touch yourself for me, baby doll.”

You raised your brows, and you could feel your cheeks flushing at his request. You slowly moved your hand down to your pussy, and started rubbing your clit, giving him a questioning look.

“Go on,” he said, biting his lip and starting to pump his cock as he watched you. “Spread your legs a little more.”

You were nervous at first, but you could tell how turned on watching you masturbate was making him. So, getting more confident, you pushed yourself up, spread your legs wider to give him a better view, and without warning, shoved two fingers inside yourself, glancing back at Jimmy and seeing him holding his breath in anticipation.

“Mm, fuck baby, I can’t wait to be inside that sweet little pussy of yours.”

“Then why don’t you come over here and fuck me already?” you asked, wanting that just as much as you could tell he did.

Jimmy smirked and came closer to you. “Not yet.”

You really liked this foreplay, but you were honestly so turned on that you just wanted him in you already. You closed your eyes, but they immediately shot open when you felt Jimmy pushing your hand away and then his tongue on your clit. “You didn’t think I was gonna fuck you without tasting you first, did you?”

You let out a loud, breathy moan, happy to have a new sensation bringing you even closer than you were. Jimmy’s hands held your thighs down firmly as he started started flicking his tongue in short, circular motions, knowing just what to do to drive you insane. One of his hands left its place on your thigh to start fingering you, and you knew he could tell you were close to cumming.

Right as you were about to hit your release, Jimmy pulled away and laid down on the bed. “Come here darlin’,” he mumbled, gesturing to his face, “I wanna 69.”

You gladly obliged, coming up to kiss him first, and then turning to straddle his face. You leaned down towards his hard member as he pulled you closer to his mouth, and immediately started his attack on your pussy again. You slowly licked his tip, teasing him as you wiped away the pearl of precum that had formed, before taking him in your mouth as far as you could. Jimmy let out the loudest moan you’d ever heard him make, and you immediately started bobbing your head on his dick. He was letting out soft whines every now and again, and you knew he was going to cum soon, too.

He switched from his mouth to his fingers, and you heard him say, “Oh God, Y/N I’m close,” but you kept going, wanting him to cum in your mouth. He let out a quiet, “Mm, that’s my girl.” before he started vigorously rubbing your clit, wanting you to cum soon as well. You moaned but kept sucking him off as your orgasm started, and Jimmy went back to his mouth to help you ride it out. The feeling of you moaning on his cock triggered Jimmy’s orgasm, and you could feel him bucking up towards you as you took your mouth off of him, but left your tongue on his tip, and started pumping him with your hand. Hot spurts of cum shot into your mouth and you slid your tongue over his tip once he was finished, making sure you got every last drop.

You felt extremely satisfied, and you could feel your pussy tingling from your climax. You climbed off of Jimmy, and smirked as you got under the covers and cuddled up to him. “Was that good?” he asked, wrapping his arm around your back and squeezing your ass.

“Good? Are you kidding? I think that might’ve been the best sex we’ve ever had.”


The Trilothon Stones of Baalbek,

Located in what is now Lebanon, Baalbek is an ancient Roman ruin dating to the 1st and 2nd century AD.  A holy site for thousands of years, Baalbek originally hosted a small Canaanite/Phoenician temple to the god Baal.  Over the centuries as new civilizations occupied the site they replaced older temples to older gods with newer temples to newer gods.

By the time Baalbek came under Roman occupation, the site suffered from one serious problem; soil erosion.  Canaanite engineers were happy to build a simple temple with a simple foundation and platform on the hillside.  However bronze age Lebanon was a heavily forested country.  At the time the famous “Cedars of Lebanon” were a precious natural resource that provided the Egyptians timber for building projects such as the pyramids, lumber for Phoenician ships, and wood products for Mesopotamia. This is why the modern flag of Lebanon features a cedar tree. After thousands of years of timbering, the Cedars of Lebanon were all but deforested.  One of the major problems of deforestation is soil erosion.  Where once soil was held in place by strong root systems and where vegetation prevented the eroding effect of falling rain, there is nothing to prevent strong rains from simply washing away the topsoil.  

For the Romans, who wished to build a large temple complex on the site, this was a big problem.  Unlike earlier occupants, the Romans could not simply build their temples directly on the hillside, lest their temples end up washed away with the rest of the hill.  To solve this problem the Romans built a strong retaining wall at the north, south, and west ends to hold the soil and foundation in place.  The centerpiece of the retaining wall is the western end which contains the trilithon, a row of three large stone blocks which provide the strength of the retaining wall.  As a rule of thumb for retaining walls, the larger the blocks, the better the wall.  The Romans certainly did their best, as the trilothon stones are each 800 tons in weight, today they are the third largest stones moved by mankind (for the largest click here).  By contrast, the largest stones of the Great Pyramid of Giza weigh around 80 tons.

Moving the stones would have been an incredible feat of engineering and some claim that lifting the stones was impossible without outside help (Ancient Aliens).  However the Romans did something so simple that it was utterly brilliant: they quarried the stones uphill from the temple complex.  Thus the Romans only needed to move the stones downhill with gravity doing the most work, no lifting required.  To roll the blocks downhill, the Romans had a tried and true technique which they borrowed from the Greeks.  Before the trilothon stones were completely separated from bedrock, a set of wooden wheels were built around both ends (pictured below).

External image

 Once severed from bedrock it would have been relatively easy to roll the stones downhill and into place at the retaining wall.  To aid them the Romans had a large number of important tools including capstans, pulleys, and cranes.  Also the Romans built a road from the quarry to the complex as well.  Today at the quarry two large incomplete stones rest that are 1000 tons and 1200 tons respectively.  It is not known why they were rejected.

Total construction time at Balbaak amounted to around 200 years, which includes construction of three large temples and a number of other buildings.  It served as a Roman temple complex until the rise of Christianity, at which point it fell into disuse and was used as a convenient source of stone masonry for future generations.  Today it is protected as a UN World Heritage Site.  Much like in ancient times, Lebanon faces serious soil erosion from thousands of years of deforestation.

On a final note the fine people of History Channel's Ancient Aliens claim that the moving of the trilithon stones was impossible and that they were the foundation stones of a platform used to land spaceships.


The famous 20-Mule Team Borax Trains hauled over 1200 tons of borax a year from Death Valley in an era starting in the 1880’s and extending to 1907. On the harsh desert trail to Mojave they passed near the yet undiscovered borax deposits near Boron which ultimately replaced the Death Valley Borax operations.