• Anyone in 17: sometimes I don't like myself
  • Jun: *ear twitches, races in their direction at 120 mph, knocks random innocent staff member down the stairs, breaks down the door, backflips over the couch, pulls that members love binder from the 12 binder pile that he carries on his back* My 1007th favorite thing about you is your nose, here's my collage of it and a summary about why I think it's perfect, my 1006th favorite thing about you is-

someone in bts : sometimes I don’t like myself

taehyung : *ear twitches, races in their direction at 120 mph, knocks random innocent staff member down the stairs, breaks down the door, backflips over the couch, pulls that members love binder from the 12 binder pile that he carries on his back* My 1007th favorite thing about you is your nose, here’s my collage of it and a summary about why I think it’s perfect, my 1006th favorite thing about you is-

  • teens in a ya novels: we drove down the highway in my mom's stolen bmw going 120 mph and singing along to obscure japnese songs after pulling off the perfect robbery at fort knox
  • teens in real life: we had math homework???
Zootopia /Robin Hood Fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.29 Wins and Losses

(AN/ Hey guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of TAKE A STAND, sorry I’m a day late updating this fic but things have been complicated lately, anyway it’s time to celebrate because with 28 chapters this fic has accumulated over 1000 reviews! Thank you everyone for this it’s amazing that this fic got so popular, i really can’t believe it, thank you to everyone who like, faved, followed, reblogged and reviewed this fic, it really means a lot to me. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link…https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/29/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 29- Wins and Losses

Jack heard the ignition of a car and raced outside to the parking lot to see Doug’s silver range rover skidding out onto the stormy streets of the meadowlands with a spray of rain in his wake, Jack rushed out into the middle of the road drew his pistol and fired six shots quickly at the tires of the SUV but failed to hit his mark. He scrunched up his face for a moment as another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, trying to figure out his next move. He quickly remembered the motocross keys he had in his pocket, he holstered his weapons, grabbed the keys from his pocket and ran to one of the bikes hoping he had straddled the right one, he put the key in the ignition and the engine burst to life. Jack revved the engine before racing off down the rainy street in pursuit of Doug on the sports motorcycle, certain of the fact that if Doug reached the opera house he would most certainly kill Trevor Moon.

The rain lashed against Jack and the bike as he sped down the road weaving between cars and vans to the sounds of horns and rumbling thunder, a lot of spray was being kicked up from the road by the vehicles making visibility poor but lucky for Jack the silver SUV was easy to spot due to erratic driving of assassin. “Savage to base, I am in pursuit of Ramses, suspect has killed Jenkins and is en route to the Meadowlands opera house in a silver range rover plate number 21DJJ87.”

“Jenkins is dead!? Jack where’s the rest of the team?” Skye asked hastily, breaching radio protocol.

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The Types and Why They Got Arrested

ISTJ: Pissing off a cop by being too right

ESTJ: Pissing off a cop by calling them names while being too right

ISFJ: Accidentally parking in a no parking zone

ESFJ: Harassing phone calls

ENFP: Caught having sex in the woods

INFP: Shoplifting a book

INFJ: Shoplifting a can of cat food

ENFJ: Stalking

ENTP: Vigilantism 

INTP: Making a bomb (on accident)

INTJ: Making a bomb (on purpose)

ENTJ: Massive tax fraud

ESFP: Being drunk in public

ISFP: Graffiti 

ESTP: Street racing

ISTP: Speeding (Like 120 in a 45 mph zone)

how to take notes

hello! in celebration for 50 followers i’m doing my first masterpost! this is amazing to me, because thats more than twice the amount of people at my school. mind blown 

anyways, this post is about taking notes. now, to take the pretty notes that make our hearts flutter, most people start out with basic and even messy looking notes and then rewrite. personally, my classes go at a very slow pace and i write pretty quickly, so i have a basic template already copied into my notebook and ready to fill in during class. but, i’ve been in classes where the teacher talks at 120 mph and there’s no way you can take “good” notes in-class. so, here we go!

some pretty/helpful notes:

^_^ = generic help
<3 = note type a example
:) = note type b example
✿ = note type c example



I. in class

step 1:

have a notebook/paper and supplies

  • pencils
  • eraser
  • notebook/paper
  • highlighter (optional)
  • yeah that’s pretty much it

step 2:

get writing!

  • if there are slides or a slideshow, you can ask the teacher to send you the slideshow. that way you don’t have to take notes on it. only do this if its a very nice teacher though!!
  • decide what is important.
  • if i’m going to re-write my notes at home, i like to write down everything the teacher says. then, at home i can choose what to include.
  •      pros: you get all the information and can learn more from your notes
  •      cons: its a lot of things to write down and your hand may cramp :(
  • you could also just write down what seems important
  •      pros: its a lot quicker and easier.
  •      cons: you may miss key information based on your judgement of the statement.

step 3:


  • have ways to tell the difference between information.
  • when i do this i have 2 pieces of paper on the desk.
  1. fold them in half.
  2. information paper:
  3. on one half write all the very important information.
  4. on the other write the other information.
  5. clarification paper
  6. on one half write all definitions.
  7. on the other write vocabulary or any other information.
  • you can also underline, circle, highlight, or any other distinctive markings to categorize information.

II. at home

step 1:


  • pencils
  • notebook/loose leaf paper
  • erasers
  • pens
  • highlighters
  • mildliners
  • fineliners
  • any supplies can be substituted with whatever you have :)

step 2:


  • since i re-write in pen (you can do whatever you’d like), i like to plan out the notes on another sheet of paper using pencil and then do the “real” thing when it looks perfect on the planning paper.
  • make sure you have a place for everything.
  • you don’t want to be writing everything in pen and then realize you forgot to leave space for definitions or something silly.

step 3:

drawing it out

  • of course, everyone has their own style, but there is a very common style on tumblr. this doesn’t include all types, but the 3 main types i see.

type a - cute-sy

  • bubble-y writing
  • a large ribbon banner as the title or all-caps highlight w/dark cursive through it
  • geometric/linear highlighted subhead
  • doodles scattered on paper 
  •      click  for examples 
  • ribbon/bubble/cloud/girly headers

type b - simple

  • neat writing (any writing style)
  • two different types of headers
  • very simple and plain
  • very artsy, complicated, and often cursive
  • literally thats it
  • its so easy and nice

type c - mind map

  • the most artistic/pretty (sometimes)
  • any writing style
  • start with bubble/cloud around title/topic
  • basically just make lines coming out
  • and connect them to more bubbles
  • you can do different shapes depending on the information type

step 4:


  • add doodles
  • highlight
  •      do this strategically
  •      if you only do it for aesthetics that can be really confusing
  • underline
  •      again
  •      make sure that what you are doing makes sense
  • use sticky notes/page flags

step 5:


  • study however you might normally study
  •      or use the pomodoro technique
  •      there are lots of different ways to study that you could use
  • if you get bored
  •      take small breaks
  •      draw cute lil stick figures saying important info

wow! that was long, but i hope you guys enjoyed it or were helped by it! be sure to message me requests or anything you’d like to see!

accs mentioned:

@studypetals @divergent-i @mediocrestudyblr @studeity @studyforuwc @georgistudies @acadehmic @studyandfocus @freakygeekclique @mindpalacestudy @haleystudies tysm for having such amazing resources!

Young and Wild

This is my entry for the Break the Zone challenge, the prompt for this was “Literally everything about this is illegal” it also  had to be under 1k words. I pushed it lol the prompt is in bold! Let me know what you think.

Word count: 1k on the nose

“Y/N are you nuts?” Sam asked trailing behind you and Dean down the dark alley between the cars.

“No, I want to have a little fun,” you told him stopping to peer around the back of an old station wagon to make sure the coast was still clear.

“Y/N, literally everything about this is illegal. Thinking about it is probably even illegal. Do you know what is going to happen if you get caught?!” Sam almost shrieked at you.

“Sam, so help me god you get us caught and I’ll kill you.” You growled slamming the larger boy back against the car pinning him the best you could.

“Dude, she’ll kick your ass, and it’s not illegal.” Dean laughed shaking his head at his little brother.

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I’m really not sure how I feel about these vehicle tracking devices like hum. It’s cool to know that your kid isn’t somewhere they shouldn’t be or isn’t driving in 120 mph but damn, no trust.

Here’s proof that Black Lives Matter are a bunch of terrorists. 

Black Lives Matter activist Fausto Lopez was driving his car at almost 120 MPH when he was pulled over by a police officer. He was arrested for it. But because of his sense of entitlement, he believed that he should be able to get away with breaking the law, so he got 88 of his Black Lives Matter buddies to harass, stalk, and threaten the officer who arrested him.

Does that make you believe that Black Lives Matter are a terrorist organization?

Well guess what. Fausto Lopez is not a Black Lives Matter activist. He’s a police officer. His privilege as a police officer made him feel entitled to breaking the law and he expected other police officers to agree with him. But instead, one brave police officer dared to cross the thin blue line, and 88 cops got mad at her and decided to stalk, harass, and threaten her.

Does that make you believe that the police are a terrorist organization? If not, why not? You were perfectly fine with judging an entire group when you thought it was Black Lives Matter.

I wonder how many racist conservatives I can trick into reblogging this because they only read the first sentence.

Ramblings of a fanboy

King Butterfly thought Star and Marco were dating but also showed he was okay with it. He could run at speeds of at least 120 mph so if he didn’t like Marco he could have easily taken Marco out. Also Marco didn’t deny it the first time. Also this show will be the death of me.