120 megabytes

Digital Sketchbook

This isn’t really a tutorial or anything like that, but I’ve noticed that my art friends are surprised I do this so I thought I’d share.

Most of the day when I’m not doing analog work or studies I’m working digital, which means I’m pretty much stuck in front of a computer and I’m not getting a chance to draw in my physical sketchbook.  So what do I do?  Make a digital sketchbook!

I keep a running .PSD file that basically fulfills the same role as my physical sketchbook - idea generation, studies, random doodles, etc.  I’d rather keep one file than multiple photoshop files out and about, so instead I just start a new layer as if it’s a new page and keep on trucking.

As you can see, the dimensions of the file are pretty slim, this is for two reasons - one, it keeps the file size down (currently my latest iteration of my sketchbook is about 75 MB) and it keeps me from noodling too much.

Whenever the sketchbook hits about 100-120 MB in size, I’ll typically put a copy of it in the archives and start up a new one, clearing out all the layers and starting over.