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Russian baker Olga Noskova makes “mirror cakes” using a mirror glaze. She has 350,000 Instagram followers and counting. 

Noskova’s exact glaze recipe is secret, but Culinary Institute of America baking and pastry dean Thomas Vaccaro said that mirror glazes have been around for 30-40 years. Vaccaro went on to say that mirror glazes are 

essentially gelatin, sugar, and water, but mirror glazes can have many variations to add flavor and color. The glaze can be applied to an array of desserts finished with a cream—you wouldn’t want to apply directly to an unfrosted cake, because it would absorb the glaze like a sponge. But on a frosted cake, the glaze will completely enrobe the cake, then set up on top. Temperature also plays a part: Bringing the mixture down from boiling to a lower temperature, 110˚ to 120˚, is the key to getting that shine when you pour the glaze; it then sets when it cools at 87˚.

Vaccaro even provided a recipe for a chocolate mirror glaze:

Ultra-Shiny Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Courtesy of The Culinary Institute of America

Yield: 2 quarts

Total prep time: 10 minutes

  • 2 pounds, 4 ounces sugar
  • 1 pound, 3 ounces water
  • 11 ounces Dutch cocoa
  • 11 ounces crème fraiche
  • 20 gelatin sheets or leaves (available at specialty stores)
  • 8 ounces Peter’s chocolate

1. Bloom the gelatin in water (follow package directions).

2. Boil the sugar, water, cocoa, and crème fraiche.

3. Squeeze out the excess water from the gelatine and add. Strain through a chinois.

4. Cool the glaze to 120°F before applying.

Note: Use a double boiler to re-warm.

A Reddit user, SuperDrew124, shared this mirror-like glaze recipe:

SuperDrew124′s Mirror Glaze


  • 20 g Gelatin Powder 
  • 120 g Water 
  • 300 g Glucose 
  • 300 g Sugar 
  • 150 g Water 
  • 200 g Sweetened Condensed Milk 
  • 300 g Chocolate (White, Milk, Dark or a combination)
  • Food Coloring


1) Bloom the gelatin in the water.
2) Boil the glucose, sugar, and water.
3) Remove from heat and add the gelatin.
4) Add the condensed milk.
5) Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to remove air bubbles.

Use at 35C/95F.

Testosterone Gel vs. Injections

edit: With the permission of the original author of this, the information comes from Tumblr user stealth-mountain.

Found this comment on a subreddit thread, thought it was very useful. Unedited, so there are swear words.

I’ve done both. I started T on a gel, and I’m currently on injections.

The gel is nice because:

  • It’s simple and it’s easy to apply.
  • It gives you steady levels.
  • It doesn’t take long to do so, around 2 minutes, including drying time and washing your hands thoroughly.
  • No needles.
  • Bloodwork doesn’t require as much coordination.

The injections are nice because:

  • You only do it once a week, once every two weeks, or once every twelve weeks.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • No need for weird calculations.
  • The generic dose is easy to work with if you do have to recalculate something.
  • It’s cheaper!
  • You can go swimming, shower, exercise, touch your pets, touch your partner, touch your family, etc., whenever you want.
  • No long hand washing.

Cons of gel:

  • It’s fucking expensive. Injections aren’t cheap, but they’re much, much cheaper than gel, especially if you have a weird dosage of testosterone. By “weird”, I mean “anything other than one pump per day at the dosage and concentration given by generic testosterone gel”. If you do one pump per day of generic, it might be cheaper to go with gel, since it’ll last you 120 days on ~200-300 dollars, with a good discount/coupon.
  • Generic dosage doesn’t change (or maybe this is the experience I’ve had with my pharmacy). The generic dosage is 90 g of 12.5 mg per pump actuation. If your doctor prescribes you something different, say a higher amount with a higher concentration, the pharmacy will still give you 90 g of 12.5 mg per pump, and you have to calculate how many pumps it will be to get you the dosage your doctor wanted. My first few months on gel, to get the dosage my doctor wanted, I had to give myself 1.6 pumps every day. And you can’t really get 1.6 pumps consistently.
  • Combining the two above, if you have a different dosage than one pump of generic (which is a low fucking dose), you run out much faster. It’s the generic bottle that costs ~200-300 dollars (actually they come in sets of two, so those two will cost you 200-300 dollars), so if you’re doing some dosage, say 3 pumps, that’s going to last you 40 days. Do you really want to spend 200-300 every 40 days?
  • Yet another con of gel is that you have to take it after a shower (open your pores!) and can’t get the area wet for a few hours (check with your pharmacist), so no swimming, showering, or sweating, or the gel might wash off.
  • Other people can’t touch the area until it dries, either, because they’ll take the gel off of you and get a dose of T themselves, and that can be bad if you have pets, a girlfriend/wife, a daughter…It’s not as bad if a man does it, but you’re still not getting your full dosage. Along with this, you have to thoroughly wash your hands every morning to get the gel off.

Cons of injections:

  • You have to inject yourself with a needle. The process is more complicated. You pretty much have to learn how to do it or drive somewhere once every week or whatever to have someone do it for you. I drive to the other side of town to get mine done.
  • You have to keep track of it. You have to remember, “Oh, it’s Friday. Time for my T shot.” You can easily handle this with an alarm on your phone or a calendar event, but it gets even more complicated if you don’t do it every week, but rather every other week.
  • Yet another con is your T levels aren’t really stable. This hasn’t been a problem for me, since I have it once a week, but it can cause mood swings towards the end of your shot cycle. This problem is exacerbated if you do once every two weeks.
  • A fourth problem with shots is coordinating shot cycles with your bloodwork. You have to come in at a certain time to get your T levels tested, and you can’t really work around it flexibly. If your clinic is only open on certain days, you have to coordinate the day your shot is with what days your clinic is open.

All in all, I’d recommend shots.  Why?

  • I like having money.
  • I like not having to do weird percentage calculations.
  • I like having 2 extra minutes of sleep every morning. I do my shots in the evening on Fridays, so no time is really lost there.
  • I like being able to shower or swim or sweat afterwards without having to coordinate each of these things with my dosage.
  • I like being able to walk around with maybe just a tank top on and hold my cats on my shoulders without fear of dosing them with testosterone.
  • I’m totally fine with needles, I’ve gotten shots every week for the last 5 years of my life (not testosterone), and my mood is pretty stable.

No longer will you be able to use the excuse “kpop idols have no resources!” This is a masterlist of all the resources I could find for the 7 members of kpop group BTS. Some of these resources are made by me, but most of them are not. Please like or reblog to get this post around the rpc and get more Asian faceclaims used! They are organized by member and by type of resources, and there are literally THOUSANDS of resources in this masterlist. 

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I wanted to get a spontaneous tattoo today and I went to do a walk in to get the simplest little moth in a traditional style less than palm sized and the guy was like “yeah I charge $180/hr this is probably gonna be about $300” and I was just like… my guy… ur not good enough to be charging $180/hr lmaooo

Food Waste Is Becoming Serious Economic and Environmental Issue, Report Says

From The New York Times:

A report released Wednesday shows that about 60 million metric tons of food is wasted a year in the United States, with an estimated value of $162 billion. About 32 million metric tons of it end up in municipal landfills, at a cost of about $1.5 billion a year to local governments.

The problem is not limited to the United States.

The report estimates that a third of all the food produced in the world is never consumed, and the total cost of that food waste could be as high as $400 billion a year. Reducing food waste from 20 to 50 percent globally could save $120 billion to $300 billion a year by 2030, the report found.

“Food waste is a global issue, and tackling it is a priority,” said Richard Swannell, director of sustainable food systems at the Waste and Resources Action Program, or Wrap, an antiwaste organization in Britain that compiled the new report. “The difficulty is often in knowing where to start and how to make the biggest economic and environmental savings.”

Not exactly a fun read — but an informative one! 

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Type 3 Ka-Chi The Type 3 ka-chi (特三式内火艇 カチ) was an amphibious Japanese medium tank that was used extensively on the Japanese home islands, however, it never actually saw tank on tank combat. This tank had the unique ability to be launched from a submarine, making it quite a useful tool to support Japanese troops on a blockaded island, had the need arisen. Only an estimated 120-300 were made. I wanted to submit this to tanks-a-lot , but the tumblr app is as useless as Italian troops in a gunfight.


Hummel (Panzerfeldhaubitze 18M auf Geschützwagen III/IV (Sf) Hummel, Sd.Kfz. 165, Gerät 807) was a self-propelled heavy howitzer based on the Geschützwagen III/IV chassis, armed with a 15 cm howitzer. It was used by the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War from late 1942 until the end of the war.

crew 7

hull:front: 30 mm, side: 20 mm, rear: 20 mm, top: 15 mm

front, sides and rear: 10 mm

mainarmament 15 cm sFH 18/1 L/30 (18 rounds); traverse: 13° left and 15° right; elevation: -3° – +42°; range: 12250 m
secondaryarmament 1 x MG34/42; 2 x MP40
weight (kg) 23458
length (mm) 8440
length (mm) 7170
width (mm) 2950
height (mm) 2940
track base (mm) 2450
ground pressure (kg/cm2) 0,85
engine Maybach HL 120 TRM, 300 hp at 3000 rpm. 12 cylinder, liquid-cooled, gasoline 11867 cm3
transmission ZF SSG 77, 6 forward, 1 reverse
fuel capacity (l) 470
fuel consumption (l) (road / off road) 200 / 350
range (road km/ off-road km) 215 / 130
max speed (road/ off-road km/h) 42 / 20-25
tracks 400 mm
ground contact length (mm) 3800
number of links per trac 104
ground clearance (mm) 400
trench crossing (mm) 2300
vertical obstacle (mm) 600
fording ability (mm) 800
climbing ability (degrees) 30
turning circle (mm) 5920
manufacturer Alkett, Deutsche – Eisenwerke Duisburg
chassis numbers 320001- ?, 325001 -?
production: 724 + 157 Munitionsträger carriers

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Rote Bombe - 280
Rote bombe - 340
Orange Tesla
Weiße XXX - 200
Lila maseratie
Gelbe Shell - 120
Silk road - 300
Weiße XXX - 200

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 101 Spoilers

Furuta: Then please let me rephrase. Ex Special Class Investigator. What do you need today?
Kaneki: It has been such a long time since I see you, Furuta san
Furuta: Such lines, saying things like what a girl would. You are not here for such reason, you are a “busy person” after all
Kaneki: ….if I say I came to ask about “the current top of CCG”?
Furuta: Oh that. The thing about “Washuu clan being killed”…?
Kaneki: That it was the doings of ghouls…that what I heard….
Furuta: I am pretty hurt. CCG has decided that Special wanted criminal HS….Ah, thats you…the voices of capturing you has increased… And I just perform with my clown’s kagune 
Kaneki: …It was you after all…what I wish it….to “talk”…. with the top of CCG Washuu clan….the one who is holding power in CCG is Washuu Matsuri Special Class…is it?
Furuta: It is like that “now. But, soon it will be mine. I have Paparin (Chairman)’s hand written will. So Associate Special Class, our chat will stop here. Ah!
Furuta claps his hands
Furuta: I have a great idea, how do you think about it
Furuta grabs Kaneki by the throat
Furuta: How about you, bearing all the faults and disappear? Killing the Washuu clan, killing with ghouls, the frightening OEK. In order to take him down, we CCG can only work with ghouls. In front of the huge enemy, the human has crossed the boundary for the first time…! Script · Cast Furuta Nimura
Furuta continues
Furuta: How if we go down that line~? Me killing Washuu would be good job dont you think? How about it Associate Special Class?
Kaneki: ….After that, I would not want you to hold on the reins…  (sweat)
Furuta: Then this is discussion failure

Kaneki suddenly looks serious
Kaneki: ….I have one thing I want to ask you
Furuta: ?
Kaneki: That time, the one who dropped the metal beam was you right. Clown’s Souta san. But, why me?
Furuta: Eh?
Furuta starts laughing
Furuta: Ahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahaha!! It is not you that I am aiming for. You are too self conscious, disgusting-
Furuta laughs while holding his stomach
Furuta: You heard about Rize from Takatsuki right
Kaneki: ….that she was a ghoul from V
Furuta: …Washuu family has a few branches, and they are grouped into “seeds” and “mother”, including failures like me and Arima. Everyone here is called V. When creating hybrids like me and Arima who are mixed with human blood, there are still “mothers” who are preventing the Washuu bloodline from ceasing, and that is Rize. If we talk about young Rize, how lovely was she. When I was young, I dreamed of marrying Rize. I was very cute too….

Rize and Furuta were playing on the grass field. Rize hugged Furuta
Rize: …Nimura has such a nice smell, I want to eat you
Furuta: I want to be eaten too
Rize: But then you would die
Furuta: Yes I will die-

Furuta: She will be disgraced by that pervert old man and his children, I could not bear it…. So I helped her escaped. Thats love
Furuta: ….but since she was freed, she completely forgotten about me. If she could remember me a little after she’s free, thinking so, I could not fall asleep at night….In the end, when I was doing my stuff, you were just a college student on scene only *chuckles* Now that the old man’s dead, and if I become the chairman, I will get married with Rize officially! Eek
Furuta said so while holding his cheeks
Kaneki has a white expression
Kaneki: ….I see….but you did it for such reason?
Furuta: I dont need a reason, those who cant do anything without a reason are rubbish. I want to do what I want to do, because I was born with such difficulty after all… Where did you hear about CCG’s situation? Let the topic stops here. Being the “next chairman”, I have a lot of work. If you wish to have someone to talk, please find my cousin Matsuri. Ah, one more thing, The children from me and Rize. Now we already have 101 puppies… We will show out shortly, please do come and play. Ufufu….
After saying so, Furuta left
Furuta: Aburazemi~
Fuka who hid himself on the wall by being transparent comes out
Fuka: King….Shall we not chase after him?
Kaneki: No, its fine. He wont say anything even if we beat him. Now…maybe
Fuka: ….?
Kaneki: Maybe it would be better for us if Furuta really were to gain power

Hirako is having coffee at the counter (bar)
Yomo: …Hirako Take
Yomo: Ken is…naive. He can accept others, but that would cause him danger as well… Perhaps his thoughts on “a world where ghouls and humans can understand each other” is a naivety that is needed…. But…me…and some of the others dont think so…..Arima….killed my sister….she is Touka’s and Ayato’s mother….even if he sides with ghouls now. I…will still kill him if he were to stand in front… I….
Yomo looks fierce
Hirako: When I was still a new recruit….
Yomo: ?…
Hirako: Arima san told me so
Arima: You and me are alike, like me, you are empty
Hirako: …ha
Hirako: …I didnt know what he meant that time. But somehow part of me felt like as if, he was saying about entrusting 0 Squad to me. The people around him work hard to get simple compliment from him. And that is the reason I am here now
Yomo: ….
Hirako: As I have always wanted him to recognised me
Hirako finishes the coffee
Hirako: Arima Kishou is now dead. No matter how much hate you have for him, there is no chance for you to kill him now. Just like how your sister will never come back, Yomo Renji….I believe in “the person that Arima Kishou has chosen”. And you all believe in “Kaneki Ken”. Isnt that fine. I think that “understanding each other” doesnt mean we have to “share everything”
Yomo: …if so then I think I can do it
Hirako: I dont quite understand how us and ghouls have different sense of taste….
Hirako looks at the coffee cup
Hirako: Its good, this coffee

Suddenly, the 0 Squad kids calls Hirako
0 Squad: Take san! Look at the TV!
News: Everyone! There is black smoke coming out from 22nd ward’s CCG building! We also receive reports that 19th ward also has the same incident…!! Is this the doings of ghouls…!?
Touka: ….its not us
Hirako: “Destroying the branches” after “killing the Washuu”. Matching with the appearance of the OEK, they are starting by “cleaning the CCG”
Touka: Is this….”their” way of doing things

22nd: Kuroiwa Squad
The clowns are causing this
Clowns: Kyahahaha! Hyaa!!
Kuroiwa is killing the ghouls with his quinque
Kuroiwa: Mhn!!
Misato: Retrieve the building! Dont let a mouse get away!!
Takeomi: No matter how much we kill, it doesnt change their morale abit….
Itou: Disgusting bastards…

19th ward: Suzuya Squad
Suzuya squad is fighting the clowns
“There is alot, just kill!!”
Hanbee: As I thought its them….
Suzuya uses his quinque and kill a few ghouls
Ghouls: Gya-!!
Hanbee: !
Suzuya: …move your hand instead of your mouth, Hanbee

16th ward: Qs Squad
The investigators are fighting hard
Investigator: Qs! Thanks for the help…we will need your support
Urie: (These extremely fancy bastards…Aogiri bunch was much better if compared to them)
Urie: Release until F3, the time will be 120 seconds, get 300 seconds for support. 
Higemaru: Understand!
Anpei: Ha!
Urie: (Is it you….Sasaki….!!)

Donato’s side
Donato is standing on a building watching the street
Donato: Begin the song..let it soar in all the wards

Control Room
Again a new attack!? Number!?
Investigator: Unknown!! There is 100!!
Investigator: The support squad is!?
Investigator: Where is the Qs!?
Investigator: 16th ward!
Investigator: What do we do!! Deputy Chairman!! Deputy!!
Matsuri is still in a dazed
Investigator: Let the Suzuya squad go!
Investigator: Got it, Suzuya squad please aid urgently…
Matsuri looks blank in the absence of Urie (gosh)

News: According to CCG, the one responsible for the attack on 22nd ward is OEK
….so sad

Miza: If this goes on, we will get unnecessary troubles on us. What shall we do, Kaneki Ken
Kaneki: Tsukiyama san, need your help on something
Tsukiyama: Please tell…but if its money I cant help you with it, we have financial issues to worry about here..
Kaneki: ….
Kaneki thinks
Kaneki: I want a huge number of “white suits”
Miza: ?
Ayato: What are you going to do with it?

Banjou, Nishiki, Takizawa visit Akira
Banjou: ….so hot….
Nishiki: …she is not getting better….Did she get infected while you are healing her wounds….or is her body rejecting RC cells…
Akira has little consciousness
Akira: …mu….ra
Takizawa: ….!
Takizawa looks worried
Nishiki: ….her conscious is weak….if this continues….
Takizawa shouts into Banjou’s ear
Takizawa: Cant you do something!! Oi!!
Banjou: Wha…! Stop that…my hand….
Akira: Ngh…..
Then, the door opens. Its Nico
Nico: Nn fu, Hi Banjou kun
Banjou: !?
Nico: Long · time · no · see