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Guys!! Son Goku won the no. 1 anime/manga character in Japan again!

『昭和vs平成 アニメ&特撮&マンガヒーロー・ヒロイントップ20~1億2千万人が選んだ永久保存版ランキング~』

“Showa vs Heisei Anime & Sci-Fi & Manga Hero · Heroine Top 20 ~ 120 million people chosen permanent preservation version ranking ~”

Out of all the anime/manga characters, Son Goku ranked No.1!! Again today!💖💖💖

NO matter how much TFS and US fans (and even Toyotaro) shits on Goku in bullshit ways, Goku will always be love by other fans around the world, especially in Japan 💕💕

Son Goku also won both the Generation categories!! This rarely happens!!

A little explaination - 

 昭和 (Showa)

People born in 1926-1989

—–  平成 (Heisei)

People born in 1989-now. So, all the generations love Son Goku 💕

Take that haters!! 

And even Gohan ranked in Top 20! He’s 17th!

P.S. even Arale got voted again! She’s ranked 15th! Not Vegeta tho… he’s not even in the ranks.

So too people, who shits on them and their fans just to put there certain favourite characters up on a pedestal. Please kindly shut up and don’t bother me and my fellow fans with your stupid hate.


Some pics (from media) and a news clip on Yuzuru’s photo and poster exhibition in Sendai which began today (3rd to 21st Nov).  

News clip:  https://twitter.com/msmf40239/

There are 120 photos and 20 posters, mainly on the past 4 years of his career. People came really early, before the doors were open, and so a long line formed outside.  A lady who came to Sendai from Osaka said one photo that made a big impression on her is the one of him smiling and holding the Olympic gold medal, and she would like to see that face again.

[pic credit:  nikkansports and sendai.keizai.biz]

  • Shadow’s Mistress
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
  • Available in Clothes Shop during Valentines 2017

Shoes | Shoes: 450 Maanas or 75 Gold Coins
Hand Accessories | Veil: 420 Maanas or 70 Gold Coins
Hand Accessories | Fan: 600 Maanas or 100 Gold Coins
Tops | Top: 240 Maanas or 40 Gold Coins
Coats | Shoulder veil:150 Maanas or 25 Gold Coins
Dresses | Dress: 480 Maanas or 80 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Facial Veil: 210 Maanas or 35 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Earrings: 120 Maanas or 20 Gold Coins

Total price: 2670 Maanas or 445 Gold Coins 
One set can be obtained for free during Valentines 2017.

The Southwest U.S. heat wave broke dozens of temperature records, giving us a glimpse at our climate future
It's been hot enough to set all-time records, which is hard to do.
By Andrew Freedman

Southwest U.S. heat wave: The 5 most impressive temperature records

1. Tucson’s 115-degree streak

Tucson, Arizona, set its longest-ever streak of 115-degree or higher days, with a high temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit on June 19, 120 degrees on June 20, and 115 degrees on the 21st.

Before 2016, the desert city had only reached 115 degrees four times in its entire history.


  • Secret Ingredient
  • 13 colors (more colors here)
  • 8 elements
  • Available in Clothes Shop during Valentines 2017

Underwear | Teddy: 600 Maanas or 100 Gold Coins
Socks | Socks: 150 Maanas or 25 Gold coins
Hand Accessories | Bracelets: 90 Maanas or 15 Gold Coins
Tops | Corset: 270 Maanas or 45 Gold Coins
Gloves | Gloves: 120 Maanas or 20 Gold Coins
Hats | Wings: 180 Maanas or 30 Gold Coins
Face Accessories | Earrings: 90 Maanas or 15 Gold Coins
Belts | Winged Belt: 1050 Maanas or 175 Gold Coins

Total price: 2550 Maanas or 425 Gold Coins
One set can be obtained for free during Valentines 2017.


Tales of Orchestra 2016 Special Gacha
Duration:  11/30 (Wed) 22:00 ~ 12/13 (Tue) 15:59

(continuation of the previous post)
Alongside the 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Ludger (Orchestra), Richard (Orchestra) and Elize (Orchestra) from the special gacha, there is also a chance to get 5☆ Velvet (Orchestra), 5☆ Mikleo (Orchestra), 5☆ Eleanor (Orchestra), 5☆ Mint (Orchestra), 4☆ Rokurou (Orchestra), 4☆ Laphicet (Orchestra), 4☆ Sorey (Orchestra) and 4☆ Jay (Orchestra).

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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viceskwad  asked:

Soooo bak how was your showing for IT hmmm ;)

Well as I said I really loved the movie, one of the greatest movies I’ve seen in cinema :)

But I also had the  worst movie experience:

Spent most of the time shushing on people, and tell them not to fucking snapchat during the movie… 
Like WTF I didn’t pay 120 DKK (20 USD) for a movie I’ve been waiting for a long time just so you can ruin the experience!

Like shit, I thought everyone knew how to behave when in a cinema, but I guess most people just want to be an ass and ruin it for others…

I’ve considered to watch the movie again, just so I at least can get a better movie experience. Still love the movie.


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 I call this “The Crazy 120s” consist 


I call this “The Crazy 120s” consist of: 20 Over head presses 20 Shoulder lateral rises 20 Hammer curls 20 Bicep flys’s (made that up) 20 Kickbacks 20 Bicep cross curls ⚡️⚡️ Use lite weights (i used 10lbs) ⚡️⚡️No stop until you finished the 120 reps, then 2 mins recovery. ⚡️⚡️Do 3-4 sets of this. All about definition/ toning



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welp lets do this lol

1. Nicknames: i have some irl ones and one i often get called on here it meta ^^

2. Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (probably nonbinary/female ^^‘’ actually more genderfluid tbh)

3. Star sign: libra

4. Height: 154cm/ 5′5(?)

5. Time: 5:30pm

6. Birthday: 23rd september

7. Favorite bands: i couldnt say, i like alot of bands/ music

8. Favorite solo artists: again i like many

9. Song stuck in my head: none at the moment

10. Last movie watched: dvd: curious george cinema: the red turtle

11. Last show watched: tv show? proably dad’s army

12. When did I create this blog: november 13th 2016

13. What do I post: reblogs, the occasional text post and hptos and some okayish art

14. Last thing I googled: ”is a jaffa cake a cake or a buiscuit”

15. Do you have other blogs: yeah, a few side blogs

16. Do you get asks: not really

17. Why did you choose your url: me and my sibling came up with it cuz im shit with coming up wtoo manyith names ahha

18. Following: too many 286

19. Followers: 120 (how? idk ;-;)

20. Favorite colours: most blues and the occasional black - depending on the

21. Average hours of sleep: probably like on the holidays - 10-11 hours? but during the week when i have school its like 5-6 hours

22. Lucky number: none(actually proably like 7 or 707 lol)

23. Instruments?: i used to play the piano

24. What am I wearing: dog socks, jogging bottoms and a black tshirt with white dots on it(it reminds me kind of, of space)

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: 2 - blaket then a duvet then another blanket

26. Dream job: no idea tbh - probably something im passionate about

27. Dream trip: to meet my soul in the dark obis umm space?  irdk ;-;

28. Favorite food: hard to choose

29. Nationality: english/british

30. Favorite song right now: i like many i cant choose a favourite

31. what fandoms are you in: too many

okay now for the tags - do this if you want to dont feel like you have to its just a sugestion ^^

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bingewatchingmylifegoby  asked:

I'm so excited that you're adding OUAT to your fandom list! May I request headcanons for being Rumplestiltskin's daughter, please? Congrats on this huge milestone!!!

Ah me too! I’m still on season four but I’m getting there. So if anything is wrong with these headcanons it’s because I haven’t seen all of Rumple’s development yet. Thank you so much - I’m actually 120 away, not 20, but oh well, it’s still close! 

Again, I haven’t yet finished OUAT so details may be wrong. Please let me know how I do, I’m nervous!

- Growing up knowing the secrets of everyone in Storybrooke.

- No one would ever be good enough for you. Male, female, non-binary, a green-skinned purple-eyed alien with seven legs… Doesn’t matter, they’re not good enough for you and he dislikes them on principle, especially if they’ve made a deal with him in the past.

- Helping out in the shop as you get older. It can get crowded working there with Henry too, but you all make it work.

- It takes almost a year before you get promoted from floor sweeping to actual managerial tasks, but it’s worth it to see Rumple’s small proud smile on his face.

- He would be very protective of you. After he abandoned Neal as a child, he’s determined not to repeat those mistakes with you and makes sure that you know how much you mean to him.

- Losing him to the darkness more than once.

- Nearly losing him to death several times.

- Finding it hard to make friends once people know who your dad is, but you show them that you’re not entirely your father’s daughter even though his blood runs through your veins.

- Calling him ‘papa’.

- Calling him ‘father’ when you need him to know you’re mad at him.

- He nearly cries when you start calling him ‘papa’ again.

- Sometimes he gets that gleam in his eyes when he’s up to something that is self-serving and not at all good.

- Always getting a bit teary-eyed when you hug him.

- Whispering that he loves you each time you hug.

- He knows you better than you know yourself.

- Being the main target for new villains in the town because of who your father is. 

- Because of this, you’re often used as leverage for people to get what they want from your papa.

- Rumple hugging you so tightly when at last, you’re free.

- Rumple sometimes has to make deals he doesn’t want to, to guarantee your safety and freedom.

- Being called ‘dearie’, ‘my dear’, or ‘my dear Y/N’.

- Your full name is reserved for when you’re in trouble.

- Seeing the good in him, even when he’s the Dark One.

- Having control of the dagger, which is stored in a place both of you know about because Rumple is Rumple, and this shared trust has only strengthened your bond.

- He makes a mean fry-up! 

- Magic helps but shush ;)

- Getting perks in the town like free ice-cream because of who your Papa is.

How did I do?

Also, I’m only accepting HEADCANONS for ouat at this time!

Mega Arcanine

It’s infamous for being proud and incredibly hard to tame. Those who wish to ride it must pass its test of fire. The few who survive its flames are deemed worthy.

It can crystallize fire into spheres and use them like bombs. Strangely, there are ancient artifacts that resemble them despite Mega Evolution being a relatively recent phenomenon.

Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Draconate (This Pokemon’s Normal-type moves become Dragon-type moves and have their power multiplied by 1.2. This effect comes after other effects that change a move’s type, but before Ion Deluge and Electrify’s effects.)
HP 90
ATK 120 (+10)
DEF 120 (+40)
SPA 120 (+20)
SPD 120 (+40)
SPE 85 (-10)
BST 655
New Moves: Nature Power

I hope a Dragon-type Extreme Speed won’t be too broken….


fog over White Head, rock and soruce forms, Monhegan, Maine, Brownie Reflex 20, Ilford HP4+, Ilfosol 3 Developer, 5.31.16 by steve aimone

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“Keith for one you’ve never even lifted me up. Trust me I would remember.
And two if you’re so confident you can then lets see it. Come on. I mean it.
World record for tossing me is four hundred yards. Set by Toothless. Let’s go.”

He even lifted his arms up for the other so he could get his arms around him
easier. He just wanted Keith to pick him up. He did it so many times for the
other why couldn’t viking get some of the same love once in a while?

“I’m waiting.”

                                                    ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

some people have been messaging me about “health” so i’m gonna say this:

1. every single person deserves to have confidence and do/wear what they want without worrying about what they look like. your weight is literally the least important thing about you and there are a million more important things you should dedicate your energy towards.

2. ppl who are naturally thin they have this idea that being chubby/thick/fat is unhealthy because for THEM to get to this weight it would be unhealthy, like if you’ve been a size 4 your whole life w/o ever having to think about it, to get to a size 10/14/18 w.e. you would prob have to eat a lot of shit and give up exercise. HOWEVER, that is NOT TRUE FOR EVERYONE. i have literally been a size 10+ since grade 8 and from 2012-2015 i ran 5k every second day for three years and ate super healthy etc etc and I WAS STILL A SIZE 10 and weighed 170 pounds.

3. these messages that we’re unhealthy are so much more harmful than any possible “health issues”. hating yourself is NOT HEALTHY. story time i have literally been on a diet since grade 3, and w/o this messaging of me needing to lose weight i would be at a healthier weight right now and definitely wouldn’t have put my body through all this unhealthy shit. i started making myself throw up in grade 5, in grade 7 i starved myself to weigh 120 pounds (20 pound weight loss from previous year), in grade 8 i stopped starving and went up to 160, grade 9 went up to 195, university went down to 170, now i’m up to 210. if it hadn’t been for allllllll of this i-need-to-lose-weight-im-so-fat-no-actually-im-good-no-actually-i-need-to-lose-weight-this-is-pointless-i-hate-myself-no-point-in-dieting-OMGIMSOFATINEEDTODIETNOW-etc-etc-etc i’m sure i would be healthier right now.

also if i had dedicated all the energy i’ve dedicated to weight loss to something else instead i’m pretty sure i could’ve literally cured cancer by now soooo stop wasting our time with this stupidness ok we have better things to do!!!