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Pokemon Card of the Day #931: Blastoise (Secret Wonders)

Secret Wonders brought along another Blastoise that could accelerate Water Energy. Despite this, the best comparison wasn’t with other Blastoise, but with Neo Revelation Entei. That card had a Pokemon Power that let Entei discard the top 5 cards of the deck and attach any Fire Energy to Pokemon. Using the Power ended the turn. Blastoise did the same with Energy from the hand. While Entei was quite good in a relatively slow format, Blastoise could struggle to set up in time and had to be able to get a bunch of Energy in the hand quickly to work. Of course, when it did work, getting tons of Energy on various attackers could be devastating and lead to a quick win. That would lead people to try to make it consistent.

120 HP was a solid number on a Stage 2. A lot of Pokemon did hit 130 and 120 was low enough to be Knocked Out in two hits a lot of the time, but it was going to stick around for at least a turn. A +30 Lightning Weakness was an issue against those Luxray GL decks. While those deck were very popular in DP-On, Luxray wasn’t always used as even a back-up attacker which lessened the impact of the Weakness. A Retreat Cost of 2 was about average. It was hard to fit switching cards in the types of decks Blastoise was found in since a lot of space was usually taken up by more important cards, but they could be useful nonetheless.

Waterlog was what set Blastoise apart from other Water-types. Once during your turn, you could attach as many Water Energy cards from your hand to your Pokemon. After doing this, your turn ended. If you could get a bunch, say 5+, Energy into the hand, this was amazing. The turn ending meant that doing just 2 or 3 wasn’t really enough, and running a ton of Energy in a deck left less room for important Trainers. With Blastoise taking up a lot of space, it was actually hard to build a good Blastoise deck.

Hydro Pump could let Blastoise go on the offense. 50 damage for 3 Energy was bad, but 20 more was added for each extra Water Energy not used to pay for the attack cost. The max damage was 90, which was good but the cost of 5 Energy in total was a bit steep even with Waterlog. Blastoise was best used only as a back-up attacker, but it could fill that role reasonably well.

Blastoise was one of those Pokemon that was right on the fringe of being competitive. When it could actually get everything it needed in place, it could power up multiple attackers from a strong type at once and overwhelm everything. If something was out of place in a type of deck that was hard to make consistent, on the other hand, it just kind of flopped. That made it a rare sight at tournaments but reasonably popular in more casual play since decks that were inconsistent but still usable were at home there.


InoShikaCho stats:
(Translations by OrganicDinosaur)

*Shikadai Nara:

Strength···············90 Dexterity·············112
Intelligence··········180 Chakra················120
Perception············145 Negotiation···········130

Observation ★★★★☆
Ninjutsu ★★★☆☆
Intelligence Gathering ★★★★☆
…and others

Ninja Arts
Shadow Imitation Technique (Kagemane no Jutsu)
Shadow Bind Technique (Kage Shibari no Jutsu)
Wind Release: Sickle Weasel Technique (Fūton: Kamaitachi no Jutsu)
…and others

*Inojin Yamanaka:

Strength···············80 Dexterity·············126
Intelligence··········100 Chakra················140
Perception············160 Negotiation···········120

Espionage ★★★☆☆
Art of Conversation (Wajutsu) ★★★☆☆
Medical Ninjutsu (Iryō Ninjutsu) ★★☆☆☆
…and others

Ninja Arts
Super Beast Imitating Drawing: Modern (Chōjū Giga: Gendai)
Mind Body Switch Technique (Shintenshin no Jutsu)
Medical Ninjutsu (Iryō Ninjutsu)
…and others

*Chōchō Akimichi:

Strength··············150 Dexterity·············120
Intelligence···········70 Chakra················145
Perception·············80 Negotiation···········110

Mental Resistance ★★★★☆
Drug Resistance ★★★★☆
Unarmed Hand-to-hand Fighting (Sudekakutō) ★★★☆☆
…and others

Ninja Arts
Expansion Technique (Baika no Jutsu)
Butterfly Transformation Technique (Chōka no Jutsu)
Human Bullet Tank (Nikudan Sensha)
Lightning Release: Thunderclap Fist (Raiton: Jinraiken)
…and others


[ATTACK] Pink Sugar Heart Attack.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ピンク・シュガー・ハート・アタック
Romaji: Pinku Shugaa Haato Atakku

User: Sailor Chibimoon
Item required: Pink Moon Stick
First appearance: Episode 103
Last appearance: Episode 130


  • The manga version of Pink Sugar Heart Attack was considerably stronger than the one seen in the anime.
  • In episode 121, this technique’s discharge was briefly similar to that of Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

And the last set of HALO BADGES, all significant SPARTAN-II commandos!

This is just a tribute to the Halo Franchise. I do not own rights over any form of official art replicated within these designs, however, the designs belong to me and are NOT FOR SALE. You want to print them? Go ahead. Want to make a pin or a button? Go ahead. JUST DON’T SELL IT. You’re gonna get yourself in trouble. Even more: since these designs are based on official Halo art, YOU SHOULD KNOW YOU SHOULDN’T DO ANYTHING STUPID WITH THEM. Be a proud fan, be a good fan.
If you want to do some cool montage with them, CREDIT ME AS ORIGINAL DESIGNER.
If you want a badge based on your Original Halo Character, send me an ask with your character’s name, rank and affiliation (anonymous asks will not be replied).
Enjoy Halo and be happy!

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Auto pou xrhsimopoieis gia digital art tn tampleta opws les poio katw, pairneis apo internet h kserw egw mporeis na parageileis se katasthma h kati tetoio? Thelw na asxolithw genika me photoshop kai digital art alla prospathw na vrw programmata edw kai kairo kai dn vriskw katii h an vrw kati prelei na plhrwseis klp opote an mporeis na voithiseis :p

Προσωπικά την πήρα από public. Έκανα κράτηση Online και γλίτωσα 10 ευρώ νομίζω; Δεν θυμάμαι. Αλλά ναι. Αυτή πήρα.
Και το ΠΛΑΙΣΙΟ έχει, αλλά είναι 130 ή 120 για κάποιο ανεξήγητο λόγο. Έλεος.
Τέλος πάντων. Για πρόγραμμα τώρα εγώ χρησιμοποιώ Photoshop. Υπάρχει όμως ένα πρόγραμμα το KRITA. Το έχουν δημιουργήσει καλλιτέχνες, ειδικά για digital art και μπορείς να το κατεβάσεις δωρεάν από το official site του. 
Έχει απίστευτες δυνατότητες σαν πρόγραμμα. 
Ωστόοοσο, δεν με ενθουσίαζε η ιδέα του να μάθω ένα ολόκληρο πρόγραμμα από την αρχή, όταν χειρίζομαι με ευκολία photoshop. Πιστεύω πως ήμουν πολύ ενθουσιασμένη να ασχοληθώ με την ταμπλέτα κι όχι με ένα καινούργιο πρόγραμμα.  Πέρα από αυτό όμως, στο Photoshop έχω την δυνατότητα να φτιάχνω δικά μου πινέλα και να κάνω τροποποιήσεις που δεν μπορώ στο KRITA. Δεν πιστεύω πως υπάρχει καλύτερο πρόγραμμα για digital art ή γενικά επεξεργασία φωτογραφίας.
Πρέπει όμως να έχεις υπομονή κι επιμονή, να ψάχνεσαι και να περάσεις αρκετέεεςς ώρες από την ζωή σου βλέποντας tutorials (έτσι έμαθα ότι πρόγραμμα ξέρω. Photoshop, After Effects etc).
Ότι θες υπάρχει Online. Υπάρχουν tutorials για τα πάντα. Αρκεί να ξέρεις τι να ψάξεις. Μάθετε να εκμεταλλεύεστε το γεγονός ότι έχετε όλα τα εργαλεία για να μάθετε μια ικανότητα. 

Booker explodes for 70 points against Celtics, but Suns lose

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker exploded for 70 points against the Boston Celtics on Friday, making him only the sixth NBA player in history to achieve that feat.

He added eight rebounds, six assists and three steals, but his efforts were not enough to lift the Suns to a win.

The rest of the Suns players accounted for 50 points as the Celtics still earned a 130-120 victory.

Booker has been very good this season, averaging more than 20.9 points per game entering Friday, but no-one could have foreseen this.

Booker’s stats were prolific across the board.

He hit 21 of 40 shots from the field, four of 11 from behind the arc, and 24 of 26 from the line.

Only five other players have ever scored 70 or more points in an NBA game, and the feat had only been performed a total of 10 times before Friday.

Wilt Chamberlain holds the all-time single-season scoring record with 100 points in a 1962 game, and he eclipsed 70 points four other times.

Kobe Bryant had the second-highest scoring game, with 81 points in 2006.

David Thompson scored 73 in a 1978 game. David Robinson and Elgin Baylor each scored 71 in a game.

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Okk so im kinda new to all this but ive struggled with my weight for so long. Im 5'5 and 162 pounds.. I've been told around 110 is a good goal weight. Do you think i can reach that in four or five months, if so how? Or what would be the quickest way. I do workouts at least five days a week. And i don't eat too horribly.

Hey darling, I actually wouldn’t recommend going that low. According to google the healthy weight range for 5'5" is 114-149, to narrow that down a little more I believe 120-130 is a healthy, maintainable weight range (but I am not a dietician, I’m just speaking from my own experience bc I’m also 5'5!!). I recommend downloading myfitnesspal, it’ll come up with a caloric amount for you to hit each day. Also, try different exercises and find something you enjoy and do it often. Working out blows if it’s not any fun. For me, I do yoga and weights and I’m starting to swim for cardio. Get creative and have fun, you don’t have to just double fist the treadmill and elliptical lolol ♡

Pese a 70 puntos de Booker, Suns pierden ante Celtics

BOSTON (AP) — Devin Booker anotó 70 puntos para convertirse en el sexto jugador en la historia de la NBA en llegar a esa cifra, pero los Celtics de Boston se beneficiaron de 34 unidades de Isaiah Thomas para vencer el viernes 130-120 a los Suns de Phoenix.

Booker, de sólo 20 años, se unió a Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, David Thompson, David Robinson y Elgin Baylor en la lista de los encestadores de NBA con al menos 70 unidades en un partido. Baylor también tenía la marca anterior contra los Celtics con 64 puntos para los entonces Lakers de Minneapolis el 8 de noviembre de 1959.

“Esto no ocurre muy seguido, en especial frente a un equipo realmente bueno a la defensiva como los Celtics de Boston”, afirmó Booker. “Es una zona. Es un poco difícil de explicar. Ya he estado en esas zonas antes, pero nunca a este grado”.

La victoria fue la tercera seguida de Boston, que vengó así un descalabro de último segundo en Phoenix sufrido este mismo mes.

El brasileño Leandro Barbosa aportó 11 puntos para la causa de los Suns, con cinco encestes en 12 tiros al aro.

Al principio los Celtics dominaron la revancha cuando metieron ocho triples durante un segundo periodo de 37 puntos para tomar una ventaja de hasta 26 tantos. Sin embargo, Booker anotó 51 después del descanso, incluidos 28 en el último cuarto a medida que sus compañeros le enviaban pases casi cada vez que avanzaban hacia la cancha rival.

El entrenador Earl Watson incluso utilizó un par de tiempos fuera en los últimos minutos para que él pudiera tomar más balones. A medida que ascendía el total de puntos de Booker, incluso algunos aficionados de Boston comenzaron a vitorearlo.

“Fue extraño lo que estaban haciendo”, señaló Thomas. “Nunca he visto nada igual. Es lo que es… Quiero decir que era obvio lo que estaban tratando de hacer. Intentaban darle la mayor cantidad de puntos posible. Me quito el sombrero ante él. Jugó impresionante”.


The above is the larva of the death’s-head hawkmouth. The larvae are stout, reaching 120–130 mm, with a prominent tail horn. All three species have three larval color forms: typically, green, brown, and yellow. Larvae do not move much, and will click their mandibles or even bite if threatened. When mature, they burrow underground and excavate a small chamber where they pupate. (Source)

ABC diet day 1:

I spent the morning smoking too much and I bought a package of lofthouse cookies bc I’ve been craving them so much….

I chew and spit like 3 of them (60), and threw the rest away so I won’t touch them again.

Cookies (60)
Protein drink (130)
Soup (120)
Banana (115)
Berries (75)

Total: 500

Character Redesigns

The redesigns are done by crino-line and I ask that if you like/reblog this post, take a moment to do so with the original posts!

(http://crino-line.tumblr.com/post/115033442871/part-of-a-commission-for-mylittlespamboxs-au) and (http://crino-line.tumblr.com/post/115118413546/commission-for-mylittlespambox-wby-this-time). 

Some brief notes before the read more:

Ruby is part of a new team.

Weiss is training to take over her fathers company.

Blake is Undercover with the White Fang.

Yang is Undercover in Vale.

Their updated profiles are under the cut.

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I sometimes think how incredibly young for the Galaxy standards of life expectancy was PT trio when they died.

I mean, Padme died in her 20s, it’s very young even for our standards. Anakin was 46, Obi-Wan 57. It’s still very young for the Galaxy that has humanoid 90-years-old running around with a lightsaber and kicking ass of people three times younger.

I would estimate that before Clone Wars life expectancy would be around 120? 130 years? If not longer. This means that even Obi-Wan, who was the oldest from them when he died, didn’t live half of what he should.

I really like to give myself sads.

(Actually, It would be very interesting to see how Clone Wars and later the Empire fucked with life-expectancy of people, because I am sure that it drastically dropped.)

Azərbaycanda həkim olmaq nədir ? Qəbul imtahanında 600 baldan yuxarı nəticə göstərib bütün abituriyentlər arasında ilk 1,5 %-lik dilimə girə bilməkdir. İlk dərslərdən etibarən bəzi müəllimlərin təhdidi ilə üzləşib, boyun əyməməkdir. Test sistemi sizi “tupoy”laşdırıb, əzbərçisiniz deyən dosentlərə, professorlara görə ruhdan düşməməkdir. Təcrübə üçün göndərildiyiniz bəzi xəstəxanalarda tibbi pesonalın belə yuxarından aşağı baxışını sinəyə çəkməkdir. Praktiki vərdişlərə yiyələnməli olduğunuz kurasiyalarda , xəstələrin sizi yaxına buraxmamısdır. Tələbə kimi xərcliyinizi çıxarmaq üçün apteklərdə gecə növbəsində satıcı işləməkdir. Gecə yuxusuz qaldığınız üçün mühazirələrdə lektorun ” ay bala yatma” sözlərindən diksinib utanmaqdır. “Nəsimidə” mühazirədən çıxıb yarım saatlıq fasilədə “Həzi Aslanovadakı” mühazirəyə çatmağa çalışmaqdır. Bəzən isə imtahandan aşağı qiymət aldığınız üçün təqaüdünüzün aylıq 10-15 azn azalacağına üzülməkdir. 6 illik universiteti bitirdikdən sonra isə diplomunuza “həkim” yazılsa da , ixtisaslı həkim ola bilməməkdir. Aylıq alacağınız 120-130 azn-ə daha 5-6 il rezidentura keçib mütəxəssis adı qazanmaqdır. Rezidentura müddətində “öyrətsəm çörəyimə şərik çıxar” düşüncəsi ilə öyrətmək istəməyən rəhbərlərlə qarşılaşmaqdır. Çəkdiyiniz əziyyətlər hesabına mütəxəssis olsanız belə, xəstələrinizin sizdən daha çox falçılara inandığını görməkdir. Aylıq aldığınız 150-200 azn maaşla ailə dolandırmağa çalışmaqdır. 11-12 illik təhsilinizin 1 ilini belə tamamlaya bilməyəcək adamlar tərəfindən savadsız adlandırılmaqdır. Hər hansı bir kolleqanızın etdiyi səhvə görə daş qalaq olunmaqdır, söyülməkdir. Haqqı olan tibbi sığorta sistemini tələb edə bilməyən bir xalq tərəfindən asanlıqla hədəf taxtasına yerləşdirilə bilməkdir. Bir sözlə düzəməlli bir şey deyil…(c)

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 60 pound weight loss. Took one year of discipline, dedication to my goal, lots of cardio, clean eating, and a little pixie dust!
the-mess-is-magic 💪💪 5'4 180 down to 120-130

Get Motivated with more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT