Oest by Niccolò Barone

Pentax 67 Takumar 105mm f:2.4 Kodak tmax 400 in Xtol 1+1 @ 20°

It’s okay to be upset about him. It’s okay to miss him. It’s okay to mourn the relationship you had. It’s okay to wish you were still with him. So, shed a tear for the first time you kissed. Shed a tear for the first time he held you with no intentions but to make you feel safe in his arms. Shed a tear for the way his laugh used to fill you with so much joy you didn’t know what to do with it all. Shed a tear for the boy with the curly, brown hair and the sunshine eyes. Shed a tear for the memories you’ll have to hold onto forever. But then, move on. Move on with your life because the first time he kissed you was magical, but another boy’s lips won’t taste like cherries. Which, you hate. The first time he held you was the first time you ever really felt safe, but you’ll find safety in new people and new places. The boy with the curly, brown hair and sunshine eyes may have stolen your heart, but the boy with bright, blue eyes and a smile that twinkles like the stars will replace it. Those memories are great, but they are simply memories. Memories that you can keep for the hard times, but forget when things are going all too well. So when love comes in the form of your first love, let him in. Let him change you. Let him steal your heart. Let him leave his footprints on your life. But when he has to go, tell him to leave the door open on the way out because someone even more incredible is right behind him. Say thank you for the times you had, and move forward with a life that is so much better than you could have ever imagined.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write // #120 // shed a tear, and let him go

Maddie Goldbeck