Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet , 173 reps on CrossFit Open 12.5. She’s <3 and a beast


Brothers Conflict OVA w/Eng subs

An episode and a half or to clarify the episode 12.5 of Brothers Conflict

something seen is:

  • Titles
  • All about everyone at the table.
  • The brothers and idol.
  • a lamp magic.
  • the good one romnace exaggerated style.
  • genius of the lamp.

sadly episode is not online yet. but will look when published someday.

I'm dying.

Somebody’s posting Switchfoot songs on YouTube with titles and images that credit One Direction. They’re so OBVIOUSLY fake in every way, right down to the MASSIVE differences in musical style and of course Jon’s VOICE. But 1D fans are commenting going “omg, can’t wait for this album” and “best One Direction song ever” and “love their new style!!!”


FRIDAY 23/03/12

Friday is always Open WOD day.. So today’s was 12.5:


I’ve never done chest to bar pullups before, so knew this would be tough.

Completed - 30 reps  

Thrusters were sweet.

Chest to bar pullups were hard as expected! I started off doing overhand in the sets of 3 (it took alot of reps to finally get chest to touch), then once I remembered that we could do underhand.. They felt much, much more comfortable.

Our box was a little crowded that morning so had to wait a bit in between sets for the pullup bar to be free.. But I’m not complaining. It just wasn’t meant to be… and after the initial countless no reps, my heart just wasn’t in it. 

So now that the Open WODs are finished (yay!) it’ll be business as usual.. And am now looking forward to watching Regionals and the Games later in the year. 

Special mention to one of our trainers - Garry Jones.. He’s currently standing at 5th in the world in his age group. No regionals for his class, which means he’s heading straight to the Games in July. Exciting times!


New focus is for next year. I’m hoping to be more competitive in the Open WODs in 2013 !!