Sho:Is everyone ready?!?!?!?

All: YES!!!!!

Jun:Does everyone want to win!?!?!?

All: Yes!!!!

*Then here comes troll Sho*

Sho:Does everyone want to go to NEW YORK!?!?!?

Arashi: We’ll not go there!!!

Sho & Nino: She said she want to!!! <points at someone>


Part 1

Sho: Among all Arashi members, who do you like most?

Girl: Eh? Ninomiya-san ^_^

*Nino celebrates and gave the girl a look and a sign of appreciation and because of some reason, the girl cried again XD And Nino ended up apologizing*

Sho:Why did you like Nino?

———End of Part 1—————


Today’s VS Arashi (August 23,2012). “Junior High School”


All: *Squeak here, shout there, and KYAA!!!! EVERYWHERE* =))

Sho:She cried!! <points at the girl with the Arashi symbol on her face>



Girl:Because he’s cute and cool~

Sho:Are you happy to see him?

Girl: This is bad~

Sho:Nino you must be happy too right?

Nino: Uhm. I’m glad you came here today.

Aiba:Enjoy it ne~

Nino: Yes!