Transforming Thoughts  =        Changing Behaviors

Its a good day, and I’m livin’ the life I love, and lovin’ the life I live! And however you may be feeling, whatever today’s difficulties may be, sober or not, we can make it better.  You haven’t had your best day yet!

Heard this in a 12-Step meeting recently.  Try it on…..

                                               The Pettiness Prayer

Keep us, O God, from pettiness, Let us be large in thought and word and deed;

Let us be finished with fault-finding, and leave off self-centeredness;

May we throw away all arrogance, and meet each other face to face, without self-pity and without prejudice; 

May we always be patient, never hasty in judgment and always tolerant;

Teach us to put into action our better impulses, straightforwardly and unafraid;

Let us take time for all things, Help us to be calm, serene and gentle;

Grant us to understand that it is the little things in life that create differences,

But in the big things we are alike;

And may we strive to teach and to know the great common heart of us all;

And, Oh God, let us not forget to be kind…..

Make it a great day!


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