• Nick: Do you know what I do when I train with my friend, Mckenzi? I just drop him with gossip. So I'm like "Oh my god! Do you know what Sarah did???" And he's like "What?!?!" And you can waste like 12 minutes of gym time on just pure goss. And then you don't have to do as many reps.
  • Riz Ahmed: You're not really getting the idea of this gym thing, don't you?

Rewatching Antipasto before bed and I’m 12 minutes in and already Hannibal has made a terrible cannibal pun thirty seconds after meeting scarf dad, insisted eating a human leg isn’t cannibalism, had an Italian academia rap battle equivalent with professor Sogliato, and patted himself on the back for killing “hardly anyone” since arriving in Florence like… a few days previous probably?

@Hannibal why are you like this.

Fresh Ink - Tom Holland x Reader

Pairing: Tattoo artist!Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: The reader goes in for their first tattoo and hits it off with their tattoo artist.

Warnings: Needles?? I mean it is a tattooย 

A/N: The cute little anecdote is actually a true story about yours truly.

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