if u have 12 minutes to spare and want to terrify/mentally scar yourself i highly recommend watching this CGI commercial diving safety video from the 90s

This is what i did

Reserve Crunches 55
Step up on a chair 55
Push-ups 22
Squats 35
Bird dog 50
Push-Up & Rotation 12
Plank 245sec (4 minutes and 5 seconds)
Jumping Jack 40
Wall Push-Up 17
Mountain Climber 60
Abdominal Crunches 40
Side Lunges 60
Alternating Lunges 20
Straight-Arm Plank 150sec (2 minutes 30 sec)


Ps: I didnt do it like that. It was from the 7-Minute app. Those were like 5 workouts and i counted them together.

You see that poster beside Yuuri’s bed? Imagine Yuuri talking to that every night before he goes to sleep.

Yuuri: Viktor, why are you so handsome?
Viktor, why are you so perfect?
I really wish you were here, Viktor.
I love you.
I know that it’s still early there, but… Good night, Viktor.

The Gang Turns Black Soundtrack

hey guys i picked out all the songs from last night’s episode and ripped them into mp3s!! everything is named and sorted for itunes (there were no official titles so i kinda guessed), so all it needs now is album art!


Okay so, about a month ago I posted about running for the first time in a while and how I was able to make it a full half mile before stopping and making a 12 minute mile.

So, tonight, I ran again. And seriously–I’m still not totally sure what happened. But I ran over THREE MILES IN THIRTY MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING ONCE. I think it was a combination of being 5 lbs lighter, upping my kickboxing classes, some serious mental shit, and the perfect combo of sports bras. TBH, I hate running because I wear a 34H and it’s not easy to keep these bad boys strapped down without seriously constricting my breathing. But after tonight, I LOVE IT. I feel like I beat running. I feel so fucking proud, I can’t even begin to describe how proud I am right now. Look out for many more running posts. I’m going tomorrow night again, and aiming for five miles. :)