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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword-Official Trailer

Starring Charlie Hunnam (SOA,Pacific Rim) and Directed by Guy Ritchie

Due in theaters on May 12,2017


February 20,2017

name Oppenheimer Blue and. At 14.62ct, diamond as the largest Fancy Vivid blue diamond ever offered at auction.

The Oppenheimer Blue became the world’s most expensive jewel sold at auction when it went under the hammer for $57.7 million at Christie’s Geneva in May.
12 April 2016

my sister looked over at this and she just said “Well, I’m glad you like drawing”.


Sam tells Daisy about all of the fan fiction and shippers talking about Quake on the internet in this sneak peek from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4x12 “Hot Potato Soup.”

I want to know why Charlie moved to sit next to Dee while Dennis went to get the bike. During the whole process, he’s sitting between Dennis and Mac:

But Dennis goes to get the bike, presumably back at Paddy’s, or at least not at the arbitrator’s office. So he’s probably gone for, let’s say 45 minutes- 1 hour, leaving the others there. When he comes back, everyone is in the same spot, except Charlie:

There’s still the empty chair where Dennis was. I totally get that it worked for blocking to film, but what is the character’s reasoning? Smoking buddies having a secret discussion? The others discussing Mac out of earshot?