This SPAS sounds utterly badass.


Shotgun Modifications Part II. Condor Buttcuff. It is basically just a Velcro platform which you can attach a Velcro shotshell holder. I replaced my old one because it did not have a strap going around the bottom of the stock, so it would slip down the stock while shooting. I ultimately went with this one because of its versatility, and simplicity.


Top 8 Shotguns Ever! (by HurtLockerHill)


Shotgun modifications… I have switched to a different type of shell holder, the one in the picture was too long, and impeded with working the action. I have also moved the light to a 45 degree angle because that was where I could operate it the most efficiently. I still have a new butcuff  coming, and I want to put a double shell holder behind the ejection port for speed reloads/ slug changeovers. I will most likely replace that light with a different one. I would like to try and find the same light that I have mounted on my AR, because I absolutely love that light.