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yo! i have finally finished getting my shit together lmao, so you can now watch

every moment of andrew rannells on hbo’s girls, without having to watch hbo’s girls

whether you don’t want to watch the show at all, or just want to rewatch his parts specifically, i have you covered with some handy compilation videos!!

i was gonna put them on youtube, then they were blocked, then i tried again and idek if they’re working anymore, but i gave up on youtube and headed over to google drive, so you can now find the first five seasons of andrew rannells compilations RIGHT HERE


Originally posted by girlshbo

some warnings for the videos:

  • blanket warning for course language and sexual references
  • sex scenes (season 2, around 7-9mins; season 5, around 12:10-12:50)
  • other nudity (season 4, briefly around 8:25; season 5, around 7:00-7:35)

let me know if anything goes wrong with the videos (but with the ~20-30 hours i’ve put into actually getting them online, they’d better work i swear…..)

К тебе...

Когда впервые ловят с сигаретами, 
Рыдает мать, ругается отец,
Кричит, трясёт ремнём, грозит запретами,
Ты чувствуешь, тебе пришёл…

Когда совсем немного до экзаменов,
Когда ещё неделя и конец,
А у тебя завал и плохо с памятью,
Ты чувствуешь, тебе пришёл….

Когда сдавать проект, а он несделанный,
И даже если ты отличный спец,
Уже давно большой, солидный, смелый, но
Ты чувствуешь, тебе пришёл…

Когда залез в долги, процент невыгодный,
И всё в кредит до платья и колец,
Вдруг понимаешь, что ошибся с выбором,
Ты чувствуешь, тебе пришёл…

Когда концы с концами сводишь с муками,
А из еды остался огурец.
Забытый всеми: и детьми, и внуками, 
Ты чувствуешь, тебе пришёл…

Когда перед тобой столпилась очередь
На пересадку донорских сердец,
А ты старик, ты не дождёшься точно, и
Ты чувствуешь, тебе пришёл…

О, как прекрасен этот миг открытия!
Ты не останешься один в беде!
С тобой разделит страшное событие
Пиздец, пиздец, пиздец, пиздец, пиздец! 

1, 2, 3

hoje eu vi a tua foto com ela,
você parece feliz.

4, 5, 6

sua barba tá menor e o seu cabelo devidamente aparado
e eu sempre te achei mais lindo do outro modo
mas também te achei lindo ali.

7, 8, 9

lembrei das tuas manias, teorias e monólogos
e de como eu te ensinei a não me amar
porque amor não é algo que se ensine.

10, 11, 12

fazem 12 meses que não dissemos adeus mas partimos
e hoje eu vi a tua foto com ela e voltei a te achar lindo, mas lindo com ela.
porque o nosso fim serviu de recomeço para você finalmente amar alguém
e eu finalmente sentir paz.

By the time they come looking, I may no longer be the person they’re looking for 9/12/2016 - 10/12/2016

I had a long train trip, so I got doodling and thought I’d try my hand at an ensemble piece. Therefore, here we are: My attempt at the whole of Keith’s FMitS family. Thank you @the-wenzel for bearing with me with much patience whilst I hijack their story for drawing fun. ;)

Pencil, pen, digital colours, and that terrible sketchbook.

Weekly Spotlights, The Schedule

*Edit to include the lovely graphic @lipstickandwhiskey made for this project*

Guys! Here it is! It’s the schedule for Spotlights! WHAT?! There’s so many and I’m so excited for this! Y'all have blown me out of the water with all the nominations, I could not be more pleased! I will be contacting each blogger the week before I post their spotlight to do the interview (simple questions over chat, nothing that will take oodles of your time don’t worry.) So don’t stress, if you’re on the list you don’t need to do anything, I’ll contact you. I’ll keep adding to the schedule as I get more nominations, and you’ll notice a couple weeks are skipped. I have some vacations coming up, as well as the week of my birthday and Christmas. But for the most part, I plan on every week unless something comes up. 

 xoxo, me 

PS I’ve updated the schedule. I realized I had like seven mutuals that I know well all in a row…so I split them all up and shuffled everything. 

@supernaturallymarvelous -05/28 
@angryschnauzer -06/04
@sleepywinchester -06/11
@super-nap-cen-tural -06/18
@onetwothreefuckmeplease -06/25
@lipstickandwhiskey -07/02
@skybinx-blog -07/09
@waywardlullabies -07/16
@abbirae99 -07/23
@jared-padaloveme -07/30
@callmesweetheartifyoumeanit -08/06 
@ravengirl94 -08/20
@impala-dreamer -08/27
@salvachester -09/03
@papi-chulo-bucky -09/10
@luci-in-trenchcoats -09/17
@when-the-day–met-the-night -09/24
@iwantthedean -10/01
@jotink78 -10/08
@sis-tafics -10/15
@trexrambling -10/22
@writingthingsisdifficult -11/05
@idreamofhazel -11/12
@imagining-supernatural -11/19
@emilywritesaboutdean -11/26
@hannahindie -12/03
@winchesterswoonathon -12/10
@winchesterenthusiast -12/31
@beccaanne814-blog -01/07
@justfangstvdto -01/14
@deanssweetheart23 -01/21
@katymacsupernatural -01/28
@cleverdame -02/04
@vintagevalentinexx -02/11
@mamaredd123 -02/18
@because-imma-lady-assface -02/25
@kittenofdoomage -03/04
@winchesterprincessbride -03/11
@roxy-davenport -03/18

1st day

Hi, guys. Let’s do the 1st day of working out. But first things first:

1. I always do abs and arms. 

2. I run 3 times per week (max). But if you guys run twice a week, that’s really good, too.

3. Don’t ever do more than you can. Respect your limits. If there’s something here you can’t do, don’t do it. Better take it slow and progress each and every day, than actually pull a muscle or something else and have to stop everything. That goes for running, too.

4. I follow the Darebee’s workout programmes. So, if you want to complement this a bit more, you can go to their website and get some really good ones. I fully recommend using their resources. And it’s all free.

Okay, now, for the 1st day.

It looks scary, but we’re not doing everything. I only do a line per day, so I can do abs every day and mix it with arms. So, today, I did the second line: leg raises, flutter kicks and hollow hold. You can do as many sets as you’d like, as long as you do at least 3.

Remember to take your time and not rush it. Take a 30 seconds rest between sets and a 2 minute rest between exercises.

For arms:

Use the weights you feel comfortable with. You should be able to do the exercises without extreme effort. That means, you should have a little trouble finishing the exercises (like, you arms are sore during the last set), but not so much that will hurt you. If you don’t feel a bit sore after it, you’re not doing it hard enough. But it’s just a bit sore. Don’t go using weights heavier than you should. Start light and go heavier bit by bit until you find the right weight.

Now, I mix the exercises up so I don’t feel too tired too soon. I also add some more exercises, so to get the results I want. So, what I did today was, in order:

. 5 sets of 20 leg raises
. 4 sets of arnold press (12-10-8-8)
. 5 sets of 20 flutter kicks
. 4 sets of push-ups (12-12-10-10)
. 5 sets of 20 seconds hollow hold
. 4 sets of lateral raises (7-7-6-5-)
. 4 sets of crunches *
. 4 sets of tricep extensions (6-5-5-4)
. 4 sets of V-ups (10-10-8-6)
. 4 sets of bench presses (12-10-10-8) **
. 4 sets of bicep curls (12-10-10-8)

* The 4 sets of crunches go as following:
     . 20 crunches
     . 10 side crunches (per side)
     . 20 sit ups

** You don’t need an actual bench press to do it. Just use the weights as if you were on a bench press.

After all that workout, it’s running day. I’ll tell you what I did, but each person has their own rhythm, so don’t force it. Go as slow as you need and a bit faster each time. 

But remember to run at least 30 min. That’s how long you need for it to actually do its effects.

I did:

. 15 min at 8.5
. 5 min at 6.0
. 5 min at 8.0
. 8 min at 5.5 (until I completed 4km)

Well, this is it for today. It seems like a lot, but it’s not. You should take between an hour to 2 hours to complete this. And this is a full workout, so even if you do this only 2-3 times a week, you already get a full workout.

If you guys have any questions, fell free to PM me. 

And don’t forget: don’t ever force it. Go as light or as slow as you need and then slowly find your own rhythm. Be safe, first and foremost. 

Infatuation (pt3)

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“I flash my friends a pleading look, and they just stare at me with bewilderment, clearly questioning my actions as much as I was. I quickly plop myself down in the seat beside Taehyung, trying to ignore the curious looks I was getting from his teammates.

“Everyone, this is Y/n.” ”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 3196

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Spring Prep.Workout

First time I separated my leg routine. Calves are done 3 x a week with abs. I am separating my leg routine for 100% concentration.! My weakest link! Goal…. Bring up the legs for total CLASSIC destruction!

Day 1: Back

  • Deadlifts     4 x 10/8/8/Failure
  • Bent-Over     Rows 4 x 12/10/10/8 (2 underhand/2 overhand grip)
  • Wide     Grip Lat Pulldowns or Wide Grip Assisted Pullups 4 x 12-15 (Superset)
  • Straight     Arm Pulldowns 4 x 12-15
  • Dumbbell     Rows 4 x 15/12/10/10
  • Machine     Rows 3 x 20
  • Hyper     Extensions 2 x Failure

Day 2: Chest/Biceps

  • Incline     Dumbell Bench Press 5 x 15/15/12/12/10
  • Smith     Machine Bench Press 4 x 12/10/8/8
  • Incline     Dumbell Fly’s 3 x 15/12/12
  • Cable     Fly’s 3 x 15-12 (Superset)
  • Push     Ups 3 x Failure
  • Barbell     Curls 3 x 15 (Superset)
  • Reverse     Barbell Curls 3 x Failure
  • Machine     Preacher Curls 3 x 10-12 (Drop Sets on 2nd and 3rd) (Superset)
  • Hammer     Curls 2 x 10-8

Day 3: Hamstrings/Glutes

  • Lying     Leg Curls 4 x 15
  • Straight     Legged Deadlifts 4 x 15-20
  • Standing     Leg Curls 2 x 4-5 (Run the Rack/Drop Sets)
  • Reverse     Hack Squat 4 x 15-20
  • Single     Legged Glute Pushdowns or Glute Kickbacks 3 x 12-15

Day 4 Shoulders/Triceps

  • Dumbbell     Lateral Raises 3 x 15
  • Dumbbell     Shoulder Press (Superset) 3 x 12
  • Barbell     Front Raise 3 x 12
  • Single     Arm Cable (Rear Delts) 4 x 20/15/12/12
  • Upright     Rows (Superset) 3 x 15/12/12
  • Rope     Face Pulls 3 x 15/12/12
  • Machine     Lateral Raises 3 x 15
  • Bench     Dips (Superset) 4 x 12-15
  • EZ-Bar     Skull Crushers 4 x 12-15
  • Reverse     Grip Barbell Skull Crushers 4 x 8-10
  • Single     Arm Cable Kickbacks 3 x 12/10/8

Day 5: Quads

  • Leg     Extensions 3 x 15
  • Squats     2 x 8 (Heavy Sets) 6 x 10-12 (Lighter Sets)
  • Leg     Press 4 x 40/30/20/10
  • Leg     Extensions (Superset) 4 x 15
  • Standing     Lunges 4 x 6-8

anonymous asked:

i'm p sure all of the other episodes with dean and cas COMBINED are less 'destiel' than 12x12

Ehhhh… I can make a pretty strong argument for a lot of other episodes too… 12.10 for example, or 12.19 (which was a rather blatant parallel for 8.17 from a different angle, and the standard-bearer for most destiel episode for a long time…), or 6.20 which was the tipping point for quite a number of shippers. Or 7.17. I mean, heck. 11.11 and 11.21 were pretty damn destiel-ish and Cas was possessed by Lucifer at the time.

plus 12.23… (stabs self in heart, it’s easier)

So… I think other arguments can be made

The Twelve Days of Christmas Masterlist

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Originally posted by forever-winter-wonderland

Day 1 of 12 Wreaths + Fuzzy Socks

Day 2 of 12 Patterned Pajamas + Cold Days

Day 3 of 12 Scarves + Christmas Cookies

Day 4 of 12 Christmas Lights + Hot Chocolate

Day 5 of 12 Snowmen + Reindeer

Day 6 of 12 Decorating + Sweaters

Day 7 of 12 Stockings + Candy

Day 8 of 12 Gift Exchange + Eggnog

Day 9 of 12 Family + Dinner

Day 10 of 12  Snowstorm + Secret Santa

Day 11 of 12 Baking + Christmas Eve

Day 12 of 12 Surprise + Christmas

Bungou Stray Dogs Book 1: Dazai Osamu’s Entrance Exam [Chapter 3 Part 7-9]


so, first of all, chapter 3 part 5 didn’t have any tags, so some of you who were looking for the translations through the tags might’ve missed it. I deleted the re-post of ch 3 pt 5 already~ I didn’t know why I didn’t add tags, maybe I forgot? Maybe I was in a rush? I don’t really remember… anyways, I added the tags now!

Also, there were supposed to be TWO updates! ch 3 pt 7-9 and pt 10-12 were supposed to be separate. But in the archive I used to share docs between @vanillue and I, it was titled 7-12 so I didn’t bother checking twice when I uploaded, here’s the missing part between 6 and 10! I also renamed ch 3 pt 7-12 to 10-12!!!

I hope this clears out any confusion >< 

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Porque las mujeres como yo,
que no saben querer,
que nunca se han sentido queridas,
como se merecen,
mentimos todo el tiempo.
“Yo te quiero solo a ti.”
“Soy sólo tuya.”
“No hay nadie más que tú.”
Palabras vacías,
sin una absoluta letra de verdad.
Una noche con uno.
Lo abraza, lo quiere, lo desea,
lo mima, lo ama.
Le hace sentir que tiene poder sobre ella.
Nunca lo tuvo, nunca lo tendrá.
Otra noche con otro,
lo vuelve loco y
se va.
Tal vez vuelva.
Pero, ni se te ocurra pensar
que no ha probado otros labios
antes de regresar.
Las mujeres como yo somos así.
Sin sentimientos.
Porque somos las que más sentimos,
si los tenemos.
Porque somos las que más lloran,
si algo les llegara a importar.
Y aquello se va.
Cuántas veces se nos fue el amor.
Cuántas veces nos hemos roto.
Los corazones cansados no quieren
Las mujeres como yo,
no debemos
fidelidad a nadie más
que a nosotras mismas.
Ya nadie volverá a lastimarnos.
Nos prometemos.
Así empezamos a dañar a los demás.
Así nos dañamos a nosotras mismas.
Esperando a alguien que nos salve.
Que nos vuelva a enseñar la verdad.
Que nos vuelva a mirar como si fuéramos
niñas inocentes.
Que aunque sepan todas nuestras mentiras
las perdonen y nos liberen de ellas.
En nombre de todas esas mujeres,
os pido perdón.
Es algo que no se puede parar.
Autodestrucción, le llaman.
—  12:47am 7-10-166