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In Asylumtale,Frisk x Sans is cannon? (I ship it :3)

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umm, I mean I am a Frans fan (don’t judge me, that pairing is cute as hell!) but I didn’t actually wanted it in the comic. Frisk here is just a fucking kid, they are like 12-13 years old. but when they are older, I think it’s … okay??? (again, don’t judge, I know I’m disgusting, but anyone who ships the skeles with someone, are just as insane as me … don’t judge) but if you want, live your dreams! if you want to ship them: JUST DO IT! (insert Shia LaBeouf move)

don’t let me stop you! at least I won’t judge you, I thought of this thing too, but wanted to stay with pure thoughts for the thing … heh


I Miss Flame Wars

In case you don’t know the term a “flame war” is a kind of really hostile debate where the parties call each other’s mom names and suggest that they perform anatomically impossible acts upon themselves. Think the YouTube comment section. Now, I was first introduced to flame wars back in the 80s on BBSs over a 2400 baud modem. If you remember those days and are a guy you probably had a feathered haircut, owned a “Members Only” jacket and popped the collar on your Polo shirt.

I digress. A flame war could be on any subject. Seriously. I could be as mundane a discussion over the merits of a particular dog breed. Then the tension would gradually ratchet up until the gloves were taken off and anything goes. Now, in those early days of the BBS and later Usenet if you just started ranting and raving you would be brushed off as a 12-year-old on the computer after his bedtime. No, in the glory days you had to have STYLE. You needed to be condescending, dismissive and sarcastic. You also had to actually debate the issue and tell your opponent to “read a book” and “get out of your mother’s basement”.

I actually enjoyed this as juvenile as it was. It was fun. It was like PvP in real life. Most of the guys, and it was always guys in those days, were pretty smart. In those days not every 10-year-old had a computer. Before the web, you had to have a little sophistication to use the computer unless you wanted to be stuck in AOL land. Anyway, it was all in good fun at least most of the time. 

I have occasionally gone incognito and gotten into it with the guys over at Reddit. I’d take a really unpopular position and see what I could stir up. You know to go into an evolution thread and post something like “there are no transitional fossils so evolution is false” or “evolution is only a theory”. I also used to get into it with the atheists not because I have anything against atheism but because they were notoriously thin-skinned and spoiling for a fight.

Childish. Fun, but definitely childish.

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stop encouraging young girls to have eating disorders what the fuck is the matter with you. disgusting

i’m not. i gave the 12 year old girl a weight that was well in the healthy range. i try to give people a reasonable goal weight thats still slightly underweight. otherwise they’ll go to someone else & get a lower gw & try for that.

fuck off.


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


please watch this video

And to anyone for whom this is hitting close to home, I love you and I’m thinking of you.

Y’all I watched a video of Dylan O’Brien legit running away and straight up escaping his bodyguards just so he can meet his fans who had been waiting all day for him and his entire PR team is literally screaming for him to stop and turn around but he just completely ignores them and keeps going until every single person gets an autograph and a picture and he did it all with like the most laid back and genuinely sweet and patient attitude and then I remembered how they let him out of shooting the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf because he had a near death accident but he moved his entire schedule around just so he could come back anyway and finish what he started and it all just makes me seriously question if my whole writing career is just a subconscious ploy to find a way to meet this man and make him fall in love with me because who else in the entire world has ever 

  • Critiques I respect: YOI doesn’t deserve the title of best animation because the animation was flawed and inconsistent and still frames don’t equate to animation. Also, having a scene that depicts an abused child experiencing love and care for the first time, in my opinion, is a more heartwarming scene than a kiss. Overall, I believe that the listings were biased, but it’s all for fun anyway, so there shouldn’t be any hard feelings about it.
  • Critiques I DON’T respect: Yuri on Ice doesn’t deserve any award because it’s an overrated anime that’s only yaoi bait for fujoshi. It’s a shit anime and I don’t get why people hype it so much. The only reason why it’s popular was because it was gay and that’s it.