12 years old

what i say: I’m fine 

what i mean: if the falsettos revival opened on October 27th and closed on January 8th AND there were 8 shows per week, that equates to 104 shows, take out holidays and that probably rounds down to roughly 95 shows. Assuming Anthony Rosenthal was never sick and performed in every single show AND bearing in mind he didn’t need a chaperone for the production as he was on stage the majority of the time, that adds up to roughly 190 hours of stage time in less than 3 months. In those 3 months there was not one large scale bad review of Rosenthal (who’s 12 btw)’s performance. This means that at the age of 12 years old Anthony has proven to be just as stage ready as his trained counterparts and is already building a career for himself, what was I doing at the age of 12 you ask? Probably breaking a limb trying to balance on a fence post. This ALSO provides yet another member of the falsettos cast (and show in general) who was ROBBED of a tony. He!!! Wasn’t!!! Even!!! Nominated!!! I propose we redo the 2017 Tonys only this time we should have A) JUSTICE FOR FALSETTOS and B) A KIDS NOMINATION AWARD BECAUSE OH MY GOD SO MANY TALENTED KIDS ARE BEING BLATANTLY OVERLOOKED AT THE TONYS AND IM DONE WITH IT

Okay I mean everyone acts like Priyanka Maheswaran is an overprotective helicopter mom for not wanting her 12 year old daughter to learn swordfighting and go up against a bunch of functionally immortal rock aliens in combat but if I found out all that stuff along with the fact that some pasty lanky ass shellfish lady was teaching my daughter that her life meant nothing and she should sacrifice everything for a 14 year old boy I’d storm down to the temple and kick Pearl’s ass myself


“A) We met at a high school football game, and Zac introduced us, he’d been wanting us to meet. But she was like, y’know she’s a trendsetter, right? She’s very fashionable, we love the way she looks, we love it! But, at the time she was doing DIY stuff. […] She took fishnet pantyhose and had it draped around her. […] That’s maybe not that weird now, but in our little Christian private school realm, I was really confused. But, she was awesome.” - Taylor York on meeting Hayley Williams 15 years ago.


Guess what I’ve been re-reading~

Ok so I’ve seen tons of fantastic super epic detailed PJO fanart, but I always thought that PJO would make an amazing goofy cartoon with self-conscious humor and crazy monsters of the week (and serious moments ofc) akin to Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, etc. So character design doodles for that, I guess?

s/o for the crappy generic “ancient looking” font for existing


Clearly that website is mistaken. She always was and always will be number 1.