12 year olds be like

I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan but I have to give them credit for one thing, when time came for the movies they hired real life 11 year olds and stuck with them, there was no hiring older teenagers or 20 somethings to play kids, nope, they were kids.

Imagine other films had done that, like Percy Jackson for example, in the first book he’s 12 years old, but in the movie he’s played by Logan Lerman (who was 18 at the time)

um here’s a what a 12 year old Percy would have really looked like 

can we stop casting 20 and 30 year olds to play teenagers and 18 year olds to play middle schoolers? (both Annebeth and Glover were played by people in their 20s) kids deserve heroes as much (and maybe more) than any one, heroes who you know, look like them. 

Y’all I watched a video of Dylan O’Brien legit running away and straight up escaping his bodyguards just so he can meet his fans who had been waiting all day for him and his entire PR team is literally screaming for him to stop and turn around but he just completely ignores them and keeps going until every single person gets an autograph and a picture and he did it all with like the most laid back and genuinely sweet and patient attitude and then I remembered how they let him out of shooting the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf because he had a near death accident but he moved his entire schedule around just so he could come back anyway and finish what he started and it all just makes me seriously question if my whole writing career is just a subconscious ploy to find a way to meet this man and make him fall in love with me because who else in the entire world has ever 

  • Critiques I respect: YOI doesn’t deserve the title of best animation because the animation was flawed and inconsistent and still frames don’t equate to animation. Also, having a scene that depicts an abused child experiencing love and care for the first time, in my opinion, is a more heartwarming scene than a kiss. Overall, I believe that the listings were biased, but it’s all for fun anyway, so there shouldn’t be any hard feelings about it.
  • Critiques I DON’T respect: Yuri on Ice doesn’t deserve any award because it’s an overrated anime that’s only yaoi bait for fujoshi. It’s a shit anime and I don’t get why people hype it so much. The only reason why it’s popular was because it was gay and that’s it.

#But can we talk about the genuine nervousness that you can see Alec displaying? #How he wants to make this so good he doesn’t want to mess up #He doesn’t want Magnus to think he comes second or isn’t important he wants him to know that he’s so important in such a short time #And he’s always been shy and quiet and he doesn’t have the experience his siblings have #But by the angel he wants to do so good make the man in front of him so happy # Alec Gideon Lightwood is acting like a straight up 12 year old with butterflies in his stomach and its the cutest thing in the world 

listening to the donor bonus episodes is such an enlightening experience like

how i expected the boys to meet: 

none of them know each other beforehand, maybe magnus and merle did a couple jobs as a duo before they pick up taako, nothing known of dark histories

how it happened:

taako: ok you caught me im the famous cooking wizard. i killed like a lot of people on accident and im kinda messed up about it

magnus: oh cool, im a fan of your show! you should come adventuring with me

merle: hey

magnus and taako: he’s not with us