12 to 18 months

Hey let’s take a quick trip down Memory lane, shall we?

Mad World: 3 year dev cycle

Bayonetta: 2.5 year dev cycle

Vanquish: 3 year dev cycle

Metal Gear Rising: 18 month dev cycle

Bayonetta 2: 2 year dev cycle

Wonderful 101: 2 year dev cycle

Korra and Transformers: 12-18 month dev cycle

Ninja Turtles: 8-12 month dev cycle

Nier Automata: 2 year dev cycle


I’m sure that doesn’t matter, I’m sure it doesn’t matter at all.

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If it's Gillian holding out, why do you think it'd be? :o

Let`s not pretend that Peter Morgan isn`t the elephant in the room, shall we? ;) And while he may play some part in her wanting to be in London, Gillian has made it clear that no one is more important to her than her children. Her children live in London. The idea of going off to work 12-to-18-hour days in Vancouver for six months is hardly something I can see her entertaining. And it`s not like she *needs* the work. She is getting lots of more stimulating roles in film and TV that don`t require the time TXF does…and who knows what`s brewing. 

The fact is that Gillian has been quite consistent in her messaging since they got the first script for S10 - that this would be the end, NO MORE. Chris squandered his chance with all his bullshit and cliffhanger. Never forget that HE is one who left us in this position…not Gillian. 

Shenzhou-11 departs space station, prepares for reentry.

After more than 30 days at the miniature space lab, Shenzhou-11 undocked from Tiangong-2 at 11:21pm EST. Chen Dong and Jing Haipeng are scheduled to reenter and land in China around 12:33am EST Friday, November 18.

Over the course of their month-long stay, the two taikonauts performed experiments on the human body, agriculture - including the growing and cultivation of lettuce - and the deployment of a ‘companion satellite’, Banxing-2. 

Tiangong-2 will not be visited by another human mission, but April 2017 will see the first flight of the automated Tianzhou-1 resupply freighter dock to the station. This will test out the spacecraft’s systems ahead of entering operational service to the future Chinese Space Station.

North and South Nodes of the Moon

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are placements that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of our birth. The idea behind these two opposing Nodes of the Moon is that when we are born there are facets of our persona that are more developed (the South Node) and aspects that are less developed (the North Node). These two Nodes are represented by two opposing signs as these poles directly oppose each other. The North and South Node signs change every 18 months and a full cycle of the 12 signs occurs every 18 years.

South Node: Zodiac hometown

The South Node represents the more developed areas of your character that come naturally to you; your comfort zone. These characteristics and behaviours bring you a sense of comfort, familiarity and belonging.

North Node: Pushing the boundaries

The North Node (also called the Ascending Node) represents the areas of your persona that are less developed, these are the qualities that we may need to work on in order to find our inner balance. The North Node provides us with new experiences and challenges. Consciously striving to reduce the imbalance of our North Node can provide us with an increased happiness and fulfilment that we can lack if we count too much on the qualities of our South Node.

Often the South Node is seen as ‘negative’ and the North as ‘positive’ and many believe you should move away from the South Node in favour of the qualities the North Node offers us, others believe that the South Node presents a desire that can only be truly fulfilled through the energies and qualities of the North Node.

South Aries/North Libra: Your Aries South Node brings competitiveness, aggression and an egocentric mind. You want to win and often try to do this through playing dirty, however, you should play to your Libra North Node and embrace the power of compromising and cooperating. You benefit the most from negotiations and working with others than you do from aggressive battles to get what you want.

South Taurus/North Scorpio: South Node in Taurus leads to you being stubborn, materialistic and against change. Release your attachment to luxury and accept your Scorpio North Node and with it the appreciation to the immaterial qualities that Scorpios so value, such as knowledge, intimacy and trust. Through releasing control you will find the happiness and stability you crave.

South Gemini/North Sagittarius: The South Node in Gemini means that you tend to catch yourself gossiping, lying and fixating on details. Release your tendency to overthink, focus on details and second-guess yourself in favour of the bigger picture. Rather than exhausting yourself gossiping devote your energy to wider beliefs, adventure and honesty. 

South Cancer/North Capricorn: Your Cancer South Node makes you nurturing, empathetic and caring. You can often spend more time focusing on the emotions and problems of others rather than you own. You need to allow yourself to step back and allow others to overcome their own problem and focus on yourself for a while. Embrace a less direct method of supporting others and allow them to come to you for help. Help others but do not forget to also help yourself.

South Leo/North Aquarius: The South in Leo focuses greatly on them selves, they crave glory, recognition and respect. Play to your North Node in Aquarius and focus more on connecting with others and sharing your passion to inspire rather than dominate. Your appreciation for praise means you are good at offering praise to others. Get more involved in groups in order to find your team spirit and involve yourself in humanitarian causes.

South Virgo/North Pisces: Your South Node in Virgo brings out a perfectionism in you that can cause great anxiety when things don’t go as you planned. This can lead to you being rigid and disliking not having a sense of order. Embracing your North Node in Pisces, which represents spirituality and intuition, can allow you more creative freedom and allows you to see that things do not always need to follow your strict plan in order to be perfect.

South Libra/North Aries: Your Libra South Node means that you are often compromising and putting others before yourself; being the peacekeeper. The Libra craves relationships but these cannot be functional until they embrace their Aries North Node and learn to think about themselves; embrace your identity, prioritize your own goals and be comfortable being alone.

South Scorpio/North Taurus: Your North Node in Taurus represents an independence that you should strive towards. Reject your longing of fulfilment and empowerment from your relationships with those around you and instead focus on finding your own self worth, values and priorities. Once you have this sense of self actualization you will find your relationships with others will only benefit from it.

South Sagittarius/North Gemini: Your South Node in Sagittarius leaves you with a longing for more, a fixation on the future and a sense of wanderlust. Play to the strengths of your North Node in Gemini and focus more on the importance of the moment, listening to other’s ideas and connecting more deeply with them. Take things one and a time and don’t overload yourself with your need for more.

South Capricorn/North Cancer: The South Node in Capricorn can lead to you being detached from your emotions, focusing more on the outward signs of success and working hard to achieve those. However, you should focus more on your emotional achievements as, if you forget to, you can end up feeling unsatisfied and discontent despite all you seem to have to those around you.

South Aquarius/North Leo: The South Node in Aquarius represents the need to be liked and, therefore, allowing the energy of the group to carry you rather than your own. You should stop trying to find a sense of belonging through people-pleasing and instead allow you North Node in Leo to shine through, stop trying to blend in and express yourself and you will find that the right group of friends will find you soon enough.

South Pisces/North Virgo: The South Node in Pisces brings with it a wish for spirituality and creativity, however, ironically, in order to achieve this you need to stop viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses and focus more on details and facts. Only then will you reach your true spiritual and psychic potential.

I’m hitting so many milestones lately:
- December 2016 marks 1 year since I came out as trans
-January 2017 marks 2 years since I came out as bisexual
- January 6th marks 3 months working at my job
-I’m also hitting the ripe age of 18 in October 2017
What else is gonna happen this year that I’ll look back on with fond eyes for years to come???

Get to know the blogger ~

I was tagged by @maisietheyellowlab​! Thank you! <3

Picture of yourself (or if you aren’t comfortable with that, a picture of one of your animals):

Age: 18 years 7 months and 12 days

Blog @armasthekooiker

Pet community associations: imma dogblr

My animals: Armas the Pup + my sister’s cats Tiikeri & Pantteri (the whole family takes care of the cats but my sis kinda owns them.)

Most popular post you’ve made: The picture where Armas has a rainbow on his face! :D

How did you get into keeping the type of animal your blog is focused on? I thought about making a blog for my dog Tara bc she was my favourite thing to take pictures of, but then things happened. As soon as we started thinking abt getting a new puppy I decided to make a blog. And here I am!

What inspired you to start your blog? I wanted to keep a record of Armas’s life so others could also enjoy all the puppy things. Blog is also a nice way to save my favourite memories with Armas!

Favourite animal or dream animal you’d like to one day keep? If I could choose any kind of animal, I would love to live with a wolf! Or a fox! Or why not a lion or a tiger?? Or some fabulous parrots?? I would be the coolest person ever. A bit more realistic dream animal would be a border collie, australian shepherd, kelpie, koolie or something. I’m really into herding dogs.

How do you feel about the pet community you are a part of? I LOVE IT! There are so many lovely people and I have learned so many interesting things! You’re all my friends, no matter what!

Anything you’d like to communicate to your pet community? I love you!! Have a good day/night!!

Are you comfortable with followers asking pet care questions? Yeah, I am, but I want you to know that am just a kid lolol.

Any interests outside of your pet community? Dinosaurs, birds, art, music and horror movies!!

What do you do outside of Tumblr? I take care of the pup, go to school, spend time with my friends, draw, sleep, sleep and sleep.

Any other info you’d like to give? (Maybe what you studied in school, what you’d like to one day do, or something else?) This is my last year in high school, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life after that. I would love to work with dogs or animals in general!

Random fact about the victims

Rachel Joy Scott: 6468 days

17 years, 8 months, 16 days

Daniel Lee Rohrbough: 5528 days

15 years, 1 month, 19 days

Kyle Albert Velasquez: 6195

16 years, 11 months, 16 days

Steve Robert Curnow: 5349 days 

14 years, 7 months, 24 days

Cassie Rene Bernall: 6375 days

17 years, 5 months, 15 days

Isaiah Eamon Shoels:  6834 days 

18 years, 8 months, 17 days

Matt Joseph Kechter: 5905 

16 years, 2 months, 2 days

Lauren Dawn Townsend: 6668 days 

18 years, 3 months, 4 days

John Robert Tomlin: 6076 

16 years, 7 months, 20 days

Kelly Ann Fleming: 5949

16 years, 3 months, 15 days

Daniel Conner Mauser: 5779

15 years, 9 months, 27 days

Corey Tyler DePooter: 6258 days

17 years, 1 month, 18 days

Eric David Harris: 6586 days 

18 years, 12 days

Dylan Bennet Klebold: 6431 days 

17 years, 7 months, 10 days

William Dave Sanders: 17,348 days 

47 years, 5 months, 30 days


Week one of the holidays are down and its been busy..
Running, strawberry picking, blueberry picking, spending time with friends and family, finding flatmates, eating and eating and a bit of cleaning the house too.

We have found someone keen to move in, I just need to get the flatmates to meet her. She’s keen to move in on thelomg weekend too soooo in 21 days which means we move out soon. It is so nuts to think that we will be moving out soon and back into our parents.

She doesn’t want our bed and drawers so we need to fully empty our room and not sure what to do with it. Do u think they will be okay in the shed for 12 - 18 months? I don’t knowwwwww, I don’t want to pay $40 a week for a storage container either

I also smashed my goal of 120km this month and even though I lost count I know it’s over 130k.

I went on a run today and thought of some goals. If I get a chance tonight I will share them but for now we are going to clean our cars and I’ll meet a friend in town.

Happy new year :)

Secret Sibling ~N.M.~

Summary: you’re Nates secret little sister


“What do you mean no one knows I exist Nathan?”

I was calling my brother Nate Maloley. I was 3 years younger than him. I had just moved out to Cali to pursue my fashion and modeling career. I wanted to visit Nate and finally meet his friends.

“I haven’t told anyone about you” he says more like a question.

“Yes but why?”

“I just figured it would be too complicated to explain.” He says sighing.

When I was a baby, before Nate could remember anything, I was given up for adoption. Our parents loved me but money was tight and they already had 3 kids. Stew was barely 18 months. I understood. But when I was 12 my parents got me back, because I was abused in foster care and they found out. I was pretty quiet so I didn’t have to many friends. People barely knew I existed. I know all of Nates friends names but they don’t know me.

Me and Nate were kind of close but not as close as me and stew. We’re actually living together but he’s on tour right now.

“I get it Nate. I would’ve just appreciated if you atleast let them know I exist. And explain fast because I’m coming over. I miss you” I say walking to my room.

“Fine. I miss you too y/n. I’ll text you my address. Reminder all the boys are here and if they say or do any-”

“Nate. I’m fine. I appreciate the protectiveness but I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.”

“I just don’t want you hurt”

“I know. Well let me get ready. Love you bye”

I change from my shorts to some jeans and tshirt. I put on basic makeup and leave my hair down. Who cares how crazy it looks.

I call a uber reminding myself that I need a car.

I arrive at a fairly large house that Nate told me he shares with the boys.

I text Nate that I’m here and he tells me to just walk in.

I take a deep breath and open the front door. I see boys on the couch and in the kitchen. I shut the door and everyone’s heads turn towards me.

“Who the hell-”

“Y/N” Nate screams my name and runs for me. God I missed this kid. He picked me up and hugged me tighter than I’ve been held.

Did I mention I haven’t seen Nate in 3 years.

“I’ve missed you so much Nathan. You’re never leaving me again. Ever.” I say wrapping my arms around him.

“Agreed little one”

He sets me down and just starts talking to me. Asking me how I’m getting settled in, if I made any friends, how’s work. We talk until I remember his friends.

“Oh hi guys. Okay let me see” I say first I point to Johnson. “You’re Jack J, you’re G, You’re Swazz and you’re Sammy. And Nate I don’t know that one” I say turning to Nate.

“Alright um. You guys. This is my little sister y/n. Y/n, Johnson, Gilinsky, Sammy, John or Swazz and Dillon.” Nate says as he points to everyone.

“Nice to meet you guys finally” I say sticking my tongue at Nate.

“Sister? Really. I don’t believe you. Nate I’ve known forever. How do you hide a sister. What about when we were little and we played with stew. Where was she?” Swazz says confused.

I look over at Nate and his head is down and he looks upset. His eyes are watery and I can’t see him like this.

“Um. I preferred to stay in the shadows. I moved in with my cousins when I was born but then Nate begged for a little sister so my parents got me back and I moved back in with them when I was 12 and I wasn’t a fan of people. So I stayed at home and hung out with stew and Nate till he moved” I say coming up with a tiny lie so Nate wouldn’t feel bad and the boys wouldn’t pity me.

Nates head shot up at me and he slightly smiled. I grabbed his arm and squeezed.

“Wow. That’s cool I guess. It’s nice to meet you. Since you’re Nates blood I’m assuming you smoke” Dillon says

“No she don’t” Nate says standing up straight.

“Um no I don’t usually. I do drink though”

“No you don’t. You’re barely 18”

“Nate. You’ve been drinking for as long as I can remember. You’re barely 21”

“Yeah but you don’t drink. You can have a coke.”

“Just mix me something. Not too strong” I say to Dillon then look at Nate.

“Nathan. Please chill on the protectiveness. I’m an adult. If I have a problem I swear I’ll come to you.”


“Swear.” I say as we do our little handshake.

I follow the boys into the living room and while Nates not looking I roll a joint.

“Thought you didn’t smoke?” Dillon said not even looking at me.

“What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him” I say smirking.

Developmental Milestones


From Birth-12 months of age

1 month–they can lift up their head

2 month–they can smile in response to faces

4-6 months–form a bond with caregiver, and can recognize familiar faces

6 months–develops stranger anxiety, they can sit up, roll over, and they can pass toys from one hand to the other 

8 months–They crawl

9 months–they develop object permanence (they know objects that are hidden are still there), separation anxiety develops

10 months–they can stand, and develop pincer grasp 

12 months–they can point at objects 

12-18 months–they can walk without assistance

Certain reflexes will disappear as they get older:

3 months: Moro reflex disappears (Moro reflex: when they are startled, they extend their arms and legs)

4 months: Rooting reflex disappears (when you stroke the side of a baby’s cheek, they look for nipple) 

6 months: Palmar reflex disappears (infant reflexively grasp fingers placed in its hand)

12 months: Babinski reflex disappears (in response to brushing the sole of the baby’s foot, the big toe dorsiflexes) 

Pooh is 17 months old!!!

1 year 5 months!!

Man is her personality coming out. So naughty lately & very sassy. She’s independently stubborn & cautiously curious about everything.

She is in 12 /18 month clothes & size 4 shoes.
She loves all animals.
She’s been all about papa lately!!! (Mama’s been getting lots of mama time)
Tempe tantrums are coming out more.
She learned the word no, along with shaking her head and hand.
She loves her musical purple dog violet.
She’s running
Loves to dance & shake her booty
Still her happy go lucky
She’s talking a lot!!
She’s starting to eat much more.
LOVES EGGS!!!!!!!!
She says “cheese” when we take a photo
Loves to be worn while mama cooks.
She loves feeding the cats their food.
Screams if you try to take her out of the tub.

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"we were doing it with someone who is at such a great point in his life, who is starting out on his own". Yes, that's our boy! "Starting out on his own", but don't worry, 1D will be back in only 6 more months, ya know, cuz that'll be 18 months of hiatus. So Harry only has 6 months left, right? right? RIGHT?? [why is there an echo in here? omg, i'm laughing so hard right now]

morons: 6 month hiatus!

harry: *signs new pr and management*

morons: i mean 12 month hiatus!

harry: *does his first movie*

morons: i mean 18 month hiatus!

harry: *signs a 3 album solo contract*

morons: i mean-

Unsolicited Advice

Although I am not “active” on Tumblr anymore - I watch you all soar, transform, and triumph. I check in daily. I may be a silent observer, but I see you, I applaud you, I admire you.

Nearing three years post op Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, I am old news. A broken record of disordered eating and exercise addiction. Stagnant. A participant of non-consensual maintenance. I don’t feel like I have much to contribute.

Tonight, like most nights, I’m awake. Staring at my ceiling. Ruminating thoughts fighting slumber.

This is on my mind:

Looking back on the past three years, my biggest weight loss surgery mistake, my deepest regret is the emphasis I placed on the "honeymoon period.” The notion that the bulk of my success would only be achieved in the first 12-18 months following surgery put me on mission with a vengeance. All or nothing. Tunnel vision. No room for living. No room for moderation. I followed my diet to a T. I exercised consistently. I put all of my effort and passion into winning this race. My hobbies fell to the wayside. I lost myself. I sacrificed everything, but I never reached that illusive goal weight. I was a mere six pounds shy. I never recovered and I’m left with an internal clock that is wound too tight. Constantly ticking. A driving force of anxiety.

Sometimes I weigh 184 pounds, sometimes I weigh 200. Regardless of where I fall on the spectrum my body fat percentage is in the normal range, my resting heart rate is classified “Athlete” and I have the most goddamn beautiful quads. This should be the validation I need to consider myself a success, but it’s not. When I reflect on my journey as a whole I don’t exclaim “I lost 179 pounds!” Instead my mind says “Why can’t you lose those last 14-30 pounds?”    

Using beratement as motivation is a dangerous, dangerous thing. This tactic was ultimately more destructive than the prior habits that initiated my weight loss journey. You may reach the numeric and physical goals you set for yourself, but you run the risk of never feeling satisfied. Your success will never be enough.      

I am a firm believer in “You Do You,” but sometimes I slip and fall prey to human nature and assert my opinions where they don’t belong. This is one of those times. 

So here it is. I am unapologetically giving you my unsolicited advice:

Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. For every ounce of pressure you put on yourself to succeed, double those efforts to love yourself. You are kind. You are worthy. Show yourself the grace and compassion you extend to others.

Home (Ashton)

{ when your long-term boyfriend comes home after a deployment in afghanistan } 


18 months. 

That’s how long you had to be alone. Ashton said it would all pass by quickly, but as his homecoming date got closer, the days got longer. The countdown on your phone was something you stared at ever since the day he left. Everyday, you constantly watched homecoming videos of soldiers reuniting with their families on YouTube, knowing that was going to be you soon. It was one of the things that kept you sane.

The thought of seeing him again was enough to bring tears of joy to your eyes. You knew he wanted to serve his country like his father. He worked his ass off in order to get here. The smile on his face when you would talk to him from 8,000 miles away indicated that he loved doing this, and that was enough to make you happy.

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Neptune is retrograde in Pisces for the next 6 months, from June 12 until November 18, 2015. With Pisces resting comfortably in the Neptune cove, the ultimate oceanic experience accompanies and drenches the inner world highlighted during retrograde.
Neptune rx can produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people
~ Illusions– whether created for you by others or by yourself– begin to melt away, creative thoughts, imagination and reception take shape. This is a period of increased awareness, a divine saturation with spiritual galaxies and artwork,  The kaleidoscope of the inner universe projects into outer consciousness and turns the world into liquid waves. The split in the horizon bleeds into turquoise and indigo, and its impossible to tell where form stops and symphony begins. What you seek is Neptune seeking you.

The urgency for drugs, alcohol, sexual intimacy and any channel that obliterates reality increases and difficult, internal truths become hard to deny. All the falsities and deceit Neptune has let you sweep under the fog is revealed by the light of retrograde. Rather than laying back and spinning fantasy, we are more inclined to etch internal illustration into the real world and promote manifesting dreams into reality. The 13 moons floating through the florid Neptune cloud generates streams of empathy, compassion and divine love. Neptune dedicates this period to healing the oppressed, impoverished and suicidal.

Neptune is the socialist, and collective human matters are bought to the forefront during this period. Asylum seekers, environmental destruction and poverty become pressing international motivators and impossible to ignore for much longer. The realisation of the starving third world child being one of your own children, and even more, a part of yourself gives rising concern to the welfare of the collective as a whole. This is what is really important, the universal, the ocean, the oneness; and the smallness of ego, greed and corruption dissolves at Neptune’s touch.

Maybe the Neptune saint will appear in a cloud of intoxicant fog. Neptune retrograde is like an enchantress weaving a spell from within where all we see or think we see is that of a dream within a dream.