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M!A:Dre now is pregnant. Congratulations.

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I’m having too much of SOMEthing in my diet, I’ll find an excuse for this reply somewhere, Anony.

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By the way, can you do all the boys for number 29 please? Thanks!

29: How they express love~


  • He likes to do small things for you. Like packing your lunch for you or making sure you actually do that math assignment that you keep trying to put off. He’ll do any chores of yours that need to be done if you don’t have time.
  • He also likes helping you do things, so if you need help with anything you can definitely count on him. That includes cleaning, cooking, shopping, anything you ask for. He’s constantly giving you advice in bad situations which is really helpful cause the guy knows what he’s talking about.
  • He isn’t a huge cuddler or anything so don’t expect him to want to snuggle up all the time. So to make up for it he shows small acts of affection, like kissing your forehead as he walks by, placing his hand on your lower back when he’s next to you, holding your hand, etc.
  • He’s very organized so if your life is a mess he can get it together for you. So for example, in school he always makes sure to get an extra copy of any assignment because he knows you lose them all the time. He looks at for you a lot.


  • Castiel as we all know constantly teases you. But it’s different from how he teases other people, it’s all very light-hearted and he likes to see your reactions.
  • He has a hard time expressing his love with words so when he wants to tell you how much he cares about you, he’ll just come up behind from behind and pull you into his arms, suddenly getting very quiet and he’ll just stay like that for the longest time, not saying anything.
  • He likes to buy you things that he knows you’ll have good use for, like a new phone charger because maybe your old one stopped working, or new makeup brushes if you’re into that stuff. He’s not one for the sentimental lovey-dovey gifts but he’ll occasionally bring you flowers when he’s feeling a bit more romantic.
  • He’s always making sure you’re okay wherever you are. I think I said before in a previous headcanon that if you go somewhere without him, he texts you to make sure you got there safely and if you don’t answer he blows your phone up with texts and calls until you respond/answer.


  • He’s a very handsy lover. Not in a sexual way, he just likes to be touching you in some way. He’ll have his hands on your waist while he’s standing behind you, holding your hand, or gently placing his hands on your shoulders. He also likes to stroke your cheek with his thumb and kiss your forehead.
  • He’s not very shy with his words at all, so when he says something he has no hesitation. He likes to tell you how much he appreciates you all the time. Even the simplest things you do for him make him so happy. “You’re absolutely amazing, love.” He also likes doing things for you or helping you, like cleaning with you and stuff.

  • He also likes to spoil you. He’s such a romantic and a sweetheart and a gentleman and just ughhh. He’ll take you out and do all the door holding gentleman stuff, he’ll buy you something when he sees you looking or talking about it, he’s always buying you food. He’s the kind of boyfriend who would come to your house at 12:00 AM with Taco Bell just because you’re having cravings, along with a rose just because.


  • He’ll tell you he loves you all the time, he has no shame about it.
  • “Hey babe guess what?”
  • “What?”
  • “I love you!”
  • He kinda brags about you to anyone who will listen tbh
  • He likes to kiss your cheeks, like multiple kisses at a time. You’ll just be sitting down, doing your own thing when he sneaks up behind you and just attacks your face with kisses. He doesn’t care if it annoys you either, he loves doing it. He’s very cute and cuddly at times.
  • He’s not good with being all emotional with his words so instead, he’ll write them down in really cheesy love letters to you. He’ll sneak them in your locker, or in your bag, and sometimes he’ll have a little gift to go along with it, like a mini teddy bear. The bear will be holding the letter.


  • Kentin isn’t afraid to tell you how much he loves you but he’s very embarrassed about it. Like he’ll be telling you how beautiful and great you are but he just can’t keep eye contact.
  • He loves to spoil you with affection. Hugs, cuddles, kisses, everything. He can seem a bit clingy but like I said, he’s a bit shy with words so he shows you with actions instead.
  • He puts you first before anything. He’s always looking out for your wellbeing and you can totally rely on him for like, anything. He’s always going the extra mile for you and he’d literally do anything to keep you happy.
  • He likes to take post-it notes and write all the things he loves about you, then stick them onto random places throughout your house or in your locker. “I love how your hair gets really messy in the mornings.” “I love how embarrassed you get when you burp.” He’s not into the basic stuff like looks, he likes the quirky things about you and he lets you know.
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Gordon Ramsay Pick-up lines

Warning: Cringy so be prepared 

Originally posted by slainte71

1.) Are you a chicken, because I’d stuff you any day.

2,) You may be a fucking donkey, but I’d still tap that ass.

3.) I’d like to chimi chuck your changa. 

4.) Fuck off. No, fuck me. 

5.) I don’t eat raw food, but sometimes you gotta start with the raw bits before it gets juicy. 

6.) Me-N-U sounds better than this disgrace of a menu. 

7.) Why open a fine wine when I can just open you? 

8.) You may be an idiot sandwich, but 10/10 would still smash. 

9.) Your buns are better than these hot ones. 

10.) I don’t like fast food, but I’d love to go In-N-Out you. 

11.) I’m in the mood for some Mexican, but I prefer to eat your taco. 

12.) You know what they say about pineapple, right? ;) IT DOES NOT GO ON FUCKING PIZZA.

13.) I pray every night that I don’t get food poisoning after eating you. 

14.) Can I pop open your oven? 

cancer crew- they come home early

these are meant to be funny, folks //


Ian had been gone out to get dinner, which was just a 12 Value Pack from Taco Bell and some beers. So you knew that he wasn’t going to be gone too awfully long. You changed into your pajamas, a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap, and were now spread out on the couch reading an e-book. A specific book, however. Fifty Shades Of Grey to be exact. 

You were enjoying the fuck out of it, reading really fast as immersed yourself into it’s pages. You weren’t about the BDSM life, at least you never tried anything like it, but reading about folks who lived it, fake or not, it intrigued you. It wasn’t like you were getting off on it- just appreciating well written literature. 

You were way to into the book to hear the door open, in fact, you’d of just thought you imagined a whip cracking, vividly picturing the scenes in the book to make it come to life. Pun intended. As you bit your nails reading a heated scene, you felt breathing down your neck. You still thought that you were imagining things.  

“oh that’s fucking gay.” Ian said, scaring the living daylights out of you and causing you to throw your phone in the air. He laughed. 

“Not fucking funny, you cunt!” You said, putting your hand to your heart as you gained composure. 

“You’re the one reading about BDSM in your spare time. How bout Mr. Carter will see you now?” He winked jokingly. You rolled your eyes. “bastard. tell anyone and I’ll have your head.” 

“You’ll give me head?” He asked, knowing exactly what you said, but wanting to tease you a little more. 

“You know what I said!” You yelled, huffing, a blush still on your face.


Joji was at the post office getting some packages he had ordered, and some he had.. recieved. After a couple minutes, you heard your phone go off, and a text could be read aloud. 

Joji: Traffic Jam. Gonna stab myself.

You smirked, you had been waiting for this moment. You walked into the bedroom the two of you shared, picking through the drawers and pulling out a certain article of clothing. The pink suit. Smirking to yourself as you took off your tanktop and leggings, you tried to get yourself not to do it- but you wanted too. You really wanted too. Slipping on the suit, zipping it up and covering your hair and chin with it’s pink material, you felt like a god. 

In the mirror, you saw your reflection and immediately started cackling, laughing until you coughed. “Imposter.” You whispered, before started to hum the tune of STFU, moving your pelvis front and back. When you heard the door open in your apartment, you started to freak out. Fuck, Fuck! Quickly you made for the zipper, but it was jammed. Just fucking perfect. The squeak of your bedroom door made you squeak back, not wanting to turn around to face your boyfriend. 

“Y/N?” He called out, before covering his mouth to restrain laughs. ‘What the fuck is going on?” He chuckled, you figured now you had to turn around. And when you did, the hysterical look on Joji’s face made you go as pink as the suit. “I can explain…” You began.  

You didn’t have too, Joji knew exactly what was going on here. He shook his head at you. “Well, at least you’re my favorite pink cunt. Not sure about the other folks.” He said sarcastically. Honestly- he enjoyed how tight the suit was on you. Not to mention- it was fucking hilarious.


You knew that your boyfriend was gone out for a day, he was going grocery shopping for the two of you. You would of went, however, last night, you had told him you wanted show off your awesome pasta cooking skills. Knowing Max would be sidetracked by toy sections and potential video props, you decided to take the cooking slow. You were wearing an oversized white t-shirt, and Max’s pokemon boxers.

You were now playing some music through the loud speakers in the living room, loud enough to be heard lyric by lyric from the kitchen, which was beginning to get steamy from pasta boiling. You had your music on shuffle, so anything that played you were bond to vibe out to it. Your hips twisted with the beats of drums, singing along with the words, when there were actual words. 

However, when ‘Still Into You?’ by Paramore began to play, you suddenly felt like you were a headline act in a concert festival. Grabbing a ladle, you put one foot on the counter as the chorus blasted. 

“I should be over all the butterflies~” You yelled, you didn’t care if you sang good or not, you were in the comfort of your own home, by yourself. “I’m into you, I’m into you!” You shouted, now at the top of your lungs. You were going to start headbanging- or some kind of form of edgy shit, but when you brought your head up the first time, standing in the archway of the kitchen, was your boyfriend- Max. You screamed. 

“Max!” You shouted, putting your foot down, leaning against the counter now. “I uh-” You noticed that the smirk on his face had been there for a while now, and there were tears from where he had been laughing. You knew he had seen too much. You blushed like mad. 

“Glad to see how much you like..cooking?” He chuckled, setting the grocery bags on the counter. He couldn’t say you were untruthful, the food was smelling great- but he didn’t think Hayley Williams was a part of the recipe. “Are those my boxers?” He questioned, that goofy smile growing wider. You nodded. 

“Mention this at any point in the future and I’ll hang myself from the ceiling fan.” You replied, watching as he walked over to your corner of the kitchen. He kissed your forehead with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’m ‘still into you’.” 

You wanted to smack him. 

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First I just want to say congratulations on the engagement. Second Revali is jerk and did you ever have a bad taco bell experience?

I once asked my Dad to buy me one of those “party boxes” that had 12 soft tacos in it because I’d forgotten to eat all day, then proceeded to consume every single taco using a mix of Medium, Hot, and Fire sauces.

We saved on our heating bill that month because we spent the following day with the system powered entirely from my farts.

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Has Saeran had his first kiss yet? ;))

Saeran: Of course I have.

Saeyoung: Wait, WHAT?! When did that happen?!

Saeran: Does it really matter? It has nothing to do with you anyway.

Saeyoung: No, no, no! It has everything to do with me!! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this before!

Saeran: Calm down. It’s not that big of a deal.

Saeyoung: //sniffles My lil bro…already had his first kiss…he’s growing up so fast!

Saeran: I’m in my twenties, you fucking moron! I’m already grown up!

Saeyoung: Nooo!! How could I have let this happen?! Who is she? Or he? Tell me!

Saeran: Hell no! Stay out of my business!

Saeyoung: Saeran Saeran Saeran Saeran Saeran!!

Saeran: Leave me alone, you creep!

Height: 5'2’’ / Highest weight: 190/ Current Weight: 140/ Total lbs lost: 50!

My highest weight of 190 happened after I lost my dad suddenly to a heart attack my freshman year of college and looked to food for emotional comfort. It slowly crept up on me over a few years of avoiding the scale, wearing stretchy pants, and thinking that if I didn’t admit i was unhealthy, it wasn’t true. There was a time where I could finish a whole entire party pack by myself (12 tacos). 

The first 25 lbs took about 2 years because I wasn’t really focused on myself or my health but stopped binging. I knew my habits were unhealthy but I wasn’t ready to commit to a life of fitness and healthy eating. I lost 15 lbs just by cutting out my extra dinners and watching portion size. 

Since January 2016, (8 months) I’ve dropped 25 lbs, 4% body fat, 9 inches off my waist and 6 inches off my hips! unfortunately I don’t have measurements or before pictures from my highest weight. I wish I did because i’d love to see the progress. Since January, I’ve been regularly working out and eating mostly clean. I watch portions and try to stay active. One of the biggest changes is that i’ve learned to love cooking and finding new recipes. Cooking at home has helped me save calories and money. I’ve also been working with a personal trainer. 

I wouldn’t say they are not before and after photos but simply “progress” photos because a fitness journey and healthy eating should never end! It takes more than just working our and eating clean for a couple months. You need to make it a lifestyle, not a phase. I have come so far but still have a long journey ahead of me! It's important to fuel your body with lots of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, and get around 8 hours of sleep per night. You need to love and take care of your body and it will love and take care of you back. :)

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i know my view of romance is completely twisted, but angsty self-loathing and obsession and hearthache and a melding of love and hatred is what romance is to me. the rest is just so much fluff, and that's why i love watching utena.

Apparently I feel romance every time I eat an entire taco bell 12 pack

cool things that i like

(in no particular order)

1. constellations
2. rainy days
4. records
5. hot tea
6. hair dye
8. thunder storms (kinda)
9. band tees
10. oversized sweaters
11. tacos
12. nooooodles
13. food in general
14. books you can’t put down
15. really good music
16. fuzzy socks
17. white fluffy comforters
18. sleeping in
19. fairy lights
20. you