12 stones




Able to perform a specified action well and powerfully, able to withstand great force or pressure.

“Choose Your Blade”, for Ryan Haywood; a Fake AH Crew playlist.

i. “Choose Your Blade” – House of Heroes ii. “Human” – Manafest iii. “Dead Bite” – Hollywood Undead iv. “Time of Dying” – Three Days Grace v. “Psycho” – 12 Stones vi. “Save Yourself” – My Darkest Days vii. “Collapsing” – Demon Hunter viii. “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – Set It Off ix. “Satellite” – Rise Against x. “Fall, Goliath, Fall” – Project 86 xi. “Dig Down” – Muse xii. “Last Resort” – Papa Roach xiii. “Breath” – Breaking Benjamin xiv. “Demons” – Imagine Dragons xv. “Wasting Away” – Decyfer Down

Spotify playlist available HERE.

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The English language

Ethan: English is weird. Telling someone “You are sh*t” and “You ain’t sh*t” are both insults

Mark: “You are not sh*t” is reassurance

Amy: But “You are not the sh*t” is also an insult

Kathryn: And “You are the sh*t” is a compliment

Tyler: Guys, it’s 3 am




Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling.

“I Can’t Quit”, for Jeremy Dooley; a Fake AH Crew Playlist.

i. “I Can’t Quit” – Capital Kings ii. “Bangarang” – Skrillex iii. “I Will Not Bow” – Breaking Benjamin iv. “Game On” – Disciple v. “Running With Giants” – Thousand Foot Krutch vi. “’Till I Collapse” – Eminem vii. “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” – The Offspring viii. “Stand Defiant” – For Today      ix. “Enemy” – 12 Stones x. “Knock Knock” – Mac Miller xi. “Carnivore” – Starset xii. “Out My Way” – House of Heroes xiii. “HARD LOVE” – NEEDTOBREATHE xiv. “Revolution” – The Score xv. “Lion” – Hollywood Undead

Spotify playlist available HERE.

Find the rest HERE – Check back Fridays for a new playlist!

Shower Thoughts

-You’re sitting around listening to music and you mutter “are you nasty” as you work on some stuff.
-Tyler, Mark, and Ethan overhear it. Between the three of them, one of them knows what it is but refuses to tell the others.
-Mark and Ethan google the phrase to see what it’s from, while Tyler says “it’s not really a big deal. Why’re you acting like the world’s gonna en if you don’t figure it out?”
-A week later as Tyler had forgotten about it and moved on with his life, he’s greeted by Ethan saying Mark needs him.
-That’s how the three of them ended up in front of you, all wearing the same outfit:

-You didn’t know why or how or what or when or anything, but it didn’t stop you from chortling for the next three days, and every time you heard the phrase “are you nasty?” from then on out.

(literally called shower thoughts bc this is what i imagined in the shower as i was listening to this song. BTW that is the first image you find on google when you google ‘are you nasty’)

The Song of this year’s Lol tournament is amazing! I got so inspired by this song that I made a Voltron Cover in the same spirit as the League of legend’s one!

I also made a ♪ Playlist ♫ , tracklist here :

“Lions” - Skillet
“It Has Begun” - Starset
“This is war” - 30 second to mars
“We are one”- 12 stones
“Unstoppable” - The Score
“Soldier” - Otherwise
“World Collides” - 2015 League of legend championship (Ft. Nicki Taylor)
"Kids in the Dark” - All Time Low
“Same Old War” - Our Last Night  
“Not Gonna Die” - Skillet 
“Time Of Dying” - Three Days Grace
“Legend Never Die” -  2017 League of legend championship (Ft. Against The Current)