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But... Science and religion haven't coexisted for all time... If religion didn't exist, we'd be miles ahead of where we are today. There is no denying that religion, specifically the major ones, have been detrimental to human advancement. And since the major religions take up the biggest chunk of the human population and have done the most damage, I don't think it's unfair to refer to them generally when talking about religion.

“the major ones” which major ones? and it is unfair because you’re talking about western civilization almost exclusively where damage has been done by imperialists who used christianity as justification. 

coexist doesn’t mean “get along” it means to exist side by side. religion and science have done that for all of human history. 

again, you say religion but you mean christianity. it’s a theme at this point. 

and never mind the fact that religion is the likely reason why we started to create buildings out of stone 12,000 years ago, which is what gave human development its best start. humans are always at our best when we come together for a common goal. religion has drawn people together for thousands of years, and it will do so for thousands more. 

the western world is not the world. you can’t make judgments on the entire planet and all of humanity based on your limited experiences in the western world. 

i’ll repeat myself from last night, you’re blaming religion when you ought to be blaming people. people commit actions, not words on a page. 

Shower Thoughts

-You’re sitting around listening to music and you mutter “are you nasty” as you work on some stuff.
-Tyler, Mark, and Ethan overhear it. Between the three of them, one of them knows what it is but refuses to tell the others.
-Mark and Ethan google the phrase to see what it’s from, while Tyler says “it’s not really a big deal. Why’re you acting like the world’s gonna en if you don’t figure it out?”
-A week later as Tyler had forgotten about it and moved on with his life, he’s greeted by Ethan saying Mark needs him.
-That’s how the three of them ended up in front of you, all wearing the same outfit:

-You didn’t know why or how or what or when or anything, but it didn’t stop you from chortling for the next three days, and every time you heard the phrase “are you nasty?” from then on out.

(literally called shower thoughts bc this is what i imagined in the shower as i was listening to this song. BTW that is the first image you find on google when you google ‘are you nasty’)

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hey could you please do something with tyler dating a really shy person?

I sure can!! Please enjoy😊😊💕💕


- Doing his best to have you come out of your shell without making you uncomfortable

- Giving you much affection to make sure your okay with everything

- Holding your hand during conversations with people you don’t know

- Not making you say anything as he knows how you feel

- The most supportive little bean to you and you love it

- Being proud of you when you finally come out of your shell

- You’re still super shy in public but not with Ty

- #SupportiveTy payed off

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Hello! Can you do a HC where the team builds a pillow fort, and it escalates into two factions, each team building up and up, with more and more complex fort building action and hillarity, where they compete for the best one?

I sure can!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- It was just for fun, but Tyler made it into a competition

- Boy’s VS Girl’s

- You sabotaging the other teams fort by distracting them

- Of course the girls take the lead due to this and the boys won’t that stand

- Throwing things into your area

- Having Chica run over as a distraction

- Time is called

- They both look like an equal mess, so it’s up to Chica


- She doesn’t, therefore you guys win

- Bragging rights for all eternity