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Why the signs are still single

Aries: they can frighten and not always put people at ease.

Taurus: With them, food passes before love.

Gemini: People do not take them seriously.

Cancer: they are too defensive and too isolated.

Leo: they’re looking for someone who would love them more than they love themselves and it’s hard to find.

Virgo: they are shy and sometimes leave false impressions.

Libra: they flirt too much with everyone.

Scorpio: they intimidate people too much.

Sagittarius: Too much player, which does not always please in love.

Capricorn: they don’t smile enough and sometime scare people.

Aquarius: they seem unapproachable.

Pisces: they don’t always know how to behave and laugh too much when they should not.



Tbh I don’t think Mabel would be such a problem when it comes to bath time, Dipper on the other hand…

how they dare make Gaston a kind, not really pushy person who just wants to win girl’s heart. He doesn’t mock Belle for reading. He actually tries to understand her unlikely to the others. A character who went to war and now suffers from PTSD. Who just wants to live a peacful, happy life with a wife by his side. How they fucking dare do that and not expect that I would fall from him,


Folded Clothes for The Sims 4

Hey, happy new year !

Again, sorry for the lack of news, I don’t play with my Sims a lot lately. But I’m fine, newt week, I move in my new appartment, and you can’t imagine how exited I am. I have to buy almost all the furniture, it’s like building a starter house in the sims, with my budget :o

So ! I created these folded clothes long ago, but at first, I wanted to include them in a bigger set. But it’s a bit hard to find the motivation to create furniture when you already work on 3D stuff all the day. :p

  • Two items are included : a single folded clothes, and a stack of three.
  • You can stack them. If you want to create a column of clothes, you can do it !
  • Each item has 20 different colors options.
  • Polycount : 258 for the single one, 546 for the stack.
  • Price in game : 12§ for the single one, 36§ for the stack.

Download : SimFileShare

And if you like my creations, feel free to make a donation ! ;)

And if want to edit one of my custom content and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


I guess the hardest thing is having so much love for you and it somehow not being returned. I develop crushes all the time, but that is just misdirected need for you. You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo

i’ve honestly lost all hope in gay rep that’s not in a show mainly centered on the gay experience. every single show sidelines their gay characters. shows that i love and shows that are critically acclaimed and shows that i would recommend for everyone to watch. im unconvinced there’s rep for gay people out there that doesn’t push off their storylines and scenes for the token few minutes of Gay Time as a small subplot of the show. it’s just incredibly disheartening and i want things to keep getting better but it’s so clear that so many shows string along their gay fans to keep a consistent fan base going while being careful not to make their show “too gay” to alienate their mainstream audience.

The Ultimate Slytherin Quilt

It’s done.  Actually, it’s been done for weeks, it’s just too big (100″ x 116″) to take a picture of in my house, so we did it tonight in my husband’s photography studio.  

The sky behind the manor is snow-dyed by hand by yours truly.  I drew and then pieced the manor and the grounds using Cynthia England’s Picture Piecing technique.  I also used that technique for the peacock’s body, and then I couched eyelash yarn for the tail (over and over and over), as well as creating flounces for the dimensional feathers (look closely!  It’s 3D!).  The bottom M, crossed wands, vines, and ivy, I drew and then appliqued.  The crest feathers of the peacock as well as the Malfoy M are embellished with Swarovski HotFix crystals.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice; they never really photograph right…but they sparkle plenty.  I like to think of them as understated bling.

I designed the blocks for the piecing in the big borders with EQ5 quilting software and yes, I had to design every single one, 12″ x 12″, 12″ x 15″ and 12″ x 18.”  The software mostly make the geometry of a quilt like this easy.  The corner blocks are called Hunter’s Star, for those of you who are not quilters, the pieces for which were cut on an Accuquilt GO!Baby.  I drafted the Edwardian script for the four Slytherin traits, cut out each, and appliqued them on using silver metallic thread (Superior–expensive, but worth every penny) using a 90/14 topstitch needle (huge needle, huge eye).  

I drafted the Old English letters for the banner, cut each of those, and appliqued them on, after I had hand dip-dyed the ends of each piece to get the illusion of depth (also used black and gray pieces in the banner to enhance that as well).  The snake was also done with the picture piecing technique and has 1,200 pieces in it.  Lastly, I quilted the entire thing on a HandiQuilter Infinity 26.  I rented time on a machine 90 minutes from my house and she was nice enough to let me close up on the last night, at 2:30 in the morning.  I got home at 4 and saw 3 opossums, 2 deer, and a raccoon on what I can only describe as a dicey ride back.

The name of the quilt?  “Bad Faith.”  It’s going to be shown next week in our local show.  I hope to show it nationally, of course, but for now it’s in our own Guild Show.  After I show it, I’m not sure what its fate will be.  More pics:


Shot to the heart and they’re to blame. Not that we’re complaining, are we? :D

As I’ve mentioned before in this post, I’ve been working on Voltron keychains among other things! At that time, I haven’t been able to show you a preview but here you go!

The pre-orders for the Voltron Dorky Gunner keychains will be announced in a few days. At the moment, I’m planning to sell these both as a set of seven (Paladins + Allura and Coran) and individually. The regular price for singles is 12 USD while the set is 60 USD but the pre-order price is discounted. It will be 10 USD for singles and 50 USD for set. 

As for the shipping fee, I’ll be offering standard Malaysia Pos (price range 4-14 USD depending on location) and Malaysia EMS (faster delivery, price range 25-34 USD depending on location).

In the next few days, I’ll be posting a detailed FaQ for you guys that will include not only the final pricing but also a breakdown of the shipping costs, sample images, and other things. So if you have any other question please feel free to shoot them via chat or ask box! Your feedback is most welcome!



Thank you!