12 season

mark and moff are artists and auteurs, this isn’t a 12-episodes-per-season writer’s room scenario where things go wrong because you’ve lost thread of the characters and have run out of ideas, this is two geek superfans sitting down together and scripting out 90-minute movies and intricate story arcs over the course of three years? “just look at what happened to [any other show that went downhill after season X]” is not relevant here

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I guess I'm a little confused. Of course I want Timeless to get a second season, but is this #RenewTimeless campaign actually needed? If you compare Timeless to Supernatural, Eric Kripke's other series, it's ratings are waaay better. If Supernatural can get 12 seasons with it's ratings, why are we worried about Timeless when it has better ratings? I know they're on different networks, but ratings are ratings at the end of the day.

Ratings are ratings, except when they’re on different networks. Then it’s apples to oranges, my dear.

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