12 pairings before new year

Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful
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12 Pairings before New Year. Pairing no. 1: Mark x Anthony

Dancing lights, mindless chatter, and the smell of cigarettes and alcohol, this was going to be his typical Friday nights until he moves on from yet another failed relationship.

Normally Mark Lauvene, law student and star player of the University’s soccer team, would spend his Friday nights with Anne, his girlfriend but shit happened. Shit always happens and now he’s alone on a bar, drinking the night away.

He hardly remembered how many times he asked for a refill. He just kept on drinking and drinking. Despite this, he was still a bit sober. The song that was played by the poor excuse of a band is still familiar to him. He still knew where he is and he still felt the pain. It still fucking hurts.

The other customers clapped as the band ended their last song. Mark sighed in relief because he couldn’t tolerate the band any longer.

Gulping the last few drops of scotch, he watched the manager of the bar go on stage and announced a new band performing tonight. He groaned and turned his back from the stage to order another glass.

As the waiter poured more scotch, a song began to play. As the melodious words escaped the singer’s lips, Mark turned around, captivated by it. From what he could deduce with his nearly drunk mind, the man singing on stage was as old as him, probably one of those part timers who needed extra money to get through college.

There was something different about this one though. Mark was fixed on the singing figure in front of him, the way he swayed his hips with the rhythm of the song, the way he danced around the stage and how his voice sounded as if it didn’t come from someone of this earth. It was entirely perfect.

One song after the other, Mark stared at him and began forgetting everything, his academic related stress, his scotch gone warm, and even his recent break up with Anne. There was one thing on his mind: Who is that singer?

“This will be our last song for tonight.” The singer announced and in an instant Mark felt disappointed. He wanted it to last; he thought that it would last.

The song started with the spot light on a band member who began playing the cello in a mesmerizing fashion. When he stopped, everything went dark. Then a blue spot light turned on and was focused on the singer. Soft music began to play, an orchestra of the cello being plucked and the violin being played. The man began to sing in a way Mark found mysterious and captivating. It was almost a whisper but he was still singing.

The chorus came and the singer belted out the lyrics “Leave me unholy, dirty and beautiful” and in that instant a whole lot of string instruments began to play. Mark swore it was an otherworldly experience, to watch that man sing.

As the song reached its peak, the singer was now whispering the lyrics as the band members fervently played their respective instruments. A chorus of cello, violin and guitar filled the room.

The last note was sung and played leaving the bar silent for a few seconds before the customers erupted in applause. The singer had a huge sheepish smile on his face as he bowed in front of them.

When he left the stage Mark was sitting on the bar stool, dumbfounded by the performance. By this time reality caught up with him and he began to remember why he was there but something was hanging at the back of his mind.

He had to find out that it was that captivated him so. The one who made him forget about Anne for a few minutes. 

12 Pairings Before New Year!

Since I’ve reached my next hundred followers before the year ended I decided to do a little something for you guys. 

I will pick 12 pairings, ships or OTPs (call it what you like) and post a graphic edit/gifset/story about a certain pairing. I will post one pairing per hour starting tomorrow at 12 noon leading to New Year (12 am) where I will post my OTP of OTPs. 

The pairings are from different fandoms so I hope you guys appreciate this little act of gratitude for following me. I will not list down the pairings so it’ll be a surprise.