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  • someone: it's february 14th, you know what that means!
  • me: two weeks until i get to listen to the re-recorded version of juno steel and the case of the murderous mask, the first episode of the penumbra podcast, by sophie kaner and kevin vibert, to whom i owe my life,
Bliss (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 700 (Sorry it’s so short and mostly dialogue!)

Genre: Fluff

Request/Summary: “{(MODERN AU)}] Can I pwease have a tjeffs x reader where Thomas is doing a lot of work and the reader tries to get him to sleep. I know there isn’t much to go on, but I would like 11, 9, 35, 52, 58, 69,90, 100. These are just to help, so you don’t have to include them all. TY” 

- @winniepoohffg

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: None…

A/N- Historical Jefferson was an evil dick, I write Jefferson regarding the character from the play. 

He’s not supposed to be wearing a onesie in this, I just love the gif. Also, I like.. kind of… proofread? I’m a little out of it today…

“It’s late, why don’t you come to bed.” You said, slipping through the door and pushing back Thomas’ curls and kissed his forehead.

“Ever heard of knocking?” He asked, clearly suppressing an aggressive tone. You cleared your throat and pushed some papers to the side to sit down on his desk. He continued to type quickly, furrowing his brow as he came across something confusing or troubling in his work.

“Hey,” You said, trying to get already some of his attention.

“Hey.” He responded absently.

“You okay? You don’t look it.” You queried softly.

“Well gee thanks.” He chuckled.

“I didn’t mean it like-” You denied.

“I know. I’m fine.” He assured you. You rested your hand on top of his, bringing his typing to a slow stop. He slowly looked up at you.

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  • me: just because overwatch is free this weekend doesn't mean I'm going to pull all nighters playing it while I can I'm finally doing well with my sleep schedule
  • also me: why is it so hard to find a capture the flag group it's only 5:15 am on a Monday