12 mile run


What a beautiful day for the first day of spring training (not). With the wind chill it was about 8 degrees - can’t say I missed the freezing runs. But the first day of training always feels like a huge family reunion. I’m so happy to get back into my Saturday morning routine. 

I was so tempted to run with the 10:30s today. This felt really easy and I wanted to pick up the speed so badly. I need to remember though that these long runs are not about pace but covering the distance. My energy and speed need to be saved for hills and track days. It may feel torturous during these shorter runs but learning to run slow will be key when the mileage picks up. I learned the hard way that pushing myself for a fast 12-mile long run doesn’t mean a fast 13.1 on race day. Plus it always makes me feel extra badass to have enough energy to sprint up the huge hill right at the end our our run.

I went out for a 12 mile training run today. I was apprehensive- I ate stuff I don’t usually eat yesterday in Boston, didn’t hydrate, and didn’t have pasta for dinner last night… I’m superstitious about that stuff. At mile 4 the snow started. It wasn’t supposed to until tonight but I like snow so I was smiling about it. By mile 5 my eyelashes were coated in snow/ice. But at mile 6 I saw I was on track to PR a half marathon… how could I resist? My Gu was frozen and tasted like a treat, too 😋 I tried to remember this was a “long slow distance” run. But I finally broke 2 hours- long deserved. My first ever half, I had trained to be under 2 hours but after stopping to puke that didn’t work out. My halves since have been part of marathon training (and during treatment times) so, slower. But this was too, I’m just finally stronger 💪🏃 13.1 💥 PR

anonymous asked:

Hey Chris! Do you use Gu for long runs? If not, how do you keep yourself fueled? I'm currently training for a marathon and notice a HUGE difference in my performance for 12+ mile runs when I use Gu. They're so processed though and I'm not sure how good they are for me haha. Just curious if you bring other food on runs, or if you feel like you don't need to and just eat when you get home!

Hey anon! I don’t run that much distance on a regular basis so I really never bring food with me on runs. I would reach out to the beautiful @annienotana who runs more distance and can maybe help you further :) I don’t think it’s bad to have those Gu gels though for when you run those distances!!!

Running makes my life so much better!!!!!!!
Today I did about 6.25 miles in an hour: not fast but I’m still feeling a bit wheezy running (asthma?). In any case it was over 60 degrees out, daffodils everywhere, little purple Daisies. I’m sure that by the time the tulips and poppies are blooming and the cherry blossoms are exploding by the river I’ll be doing 12 miles runs by the esplanade.

I went on a 7 mile run this afternoon. 09:40 minutes per mile which historically has been on the slower side. Still, I am please at quickly I can bounce back after months of no running. I am trying increase my mileage by a mile a week. (2 weeks ago= 6 mile runs, this week= 7 miles, so 8 next week). It was pouring and so windy well I ran so by the time I was done I was a sodden and muddy mess. And of course it is now sunny outside. 
It’s funny I really don’t get a runners high from my typical runs. But I feel a more stabilizing effect within 24-36 hours. I am more likely to feel euphoric if I do an absurdly difficult pilates workout. If I want the same effect from running. I have to push myself…like a lot. We are talking 12-15 mile runs. Or fast 5ks. The fasted mile I ever ran was something like 07:34 back in November of 2015. 

Anyway, for what it’s worth: Usain Bolt (whose name is quite apropos) who cleaned the fuck up at the Olympics is best sprinter in the world. Me and my dad watched him obsessively because he is UNREAL. He looks like a windmill when runs with his arms just…so so powerful. Here’s the kicker: Usain Bolt has never run a full mile in his life. I was speechless when my dad told me that.

Okay, but I’ve been strung up on the headcannon for a while now.
Merlin making Eggsy go through the entire recruitment process again - because, as he says, “All kingsman have passed, you’re not breaking that rule” and they needed a few new recruits to replace the headless ones, so they just chuck Eggsy in there.

Eggsy going through the whole thing, like the water tanks, with this relaxed kinda, no shit attitude. The water starts rising and he strolls over through the water to the glass and watches the others reaction, watches some girl he met go back for the actress with a smirk and casually smashing the glass when nobody tries.

Eggsy refusing to choose a pup - insisting he gets JB. Eggsy completing the 12 mile dog run early and just talking to Roxy and Merlin at the end.

Eggsy laying on the train tracks rambling on about how this really ought to be the first test, throwing in a quick “are we even going to question my loyalty? Cause if so, fuck you and all that.” And Harry smirking at him afterwards.

Eggsy picking up the gun and shooting it at JB without even looking, then leaning back and asking Merlin how his last mission went.

Eggsy spending his free time with his mentor making out with Harry too much.

Loads of the other recruits accusing Eggsy of sleeping his way into his role and he’s like “Nah mate, I started sleeping with him AFTER I saved the world, not before.”

It’s time for Weekly Wins, a look at what made last week a great one!

1 & 2. MM & I attended the beautiful wedding of Shira & Josh at The Plaza, one of the most gorgeous spots in NYC; Mazel Tov you two!

3. And we also got to celebrate the engagement of our other friends with a sweet view of NYC. And while I’m at it, let me just go ahead and congratulate all THREE newly engaged couples from last week, Aaron & Ariel, Lianna & Josh, Megan & Steve- congrats to everyone!

4. Woke up extra early on Saturday to get my long run in before the weekend craziness began. It felt good to get it out of the way so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend and as hard as it is to get up at 7am on a Saturday, it was worth it. My run was a squiggly 9-mile run through Central Park followed up a 3 miler on the West Side Highway (with Shira to keep me company for those final 3!). I kept a pretty steady and not too fast pace but am thinking I could step it up a notch on the next one.

5. And finally, I’m looking forward to heading up to Maine with friends this weekend for a super relaxing weekend (except for my 13-mile run that I’ll have to fit in somewhere). Looking forward to more time out of the city and hanging by the lake!

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 174)

1. In North America, Europe and Central America, you can buy your own island for just $100,000 USD!

2. Nikola Tesla, towards the end of his life, became extremely attached to a white female pigeon. The bird had a broken leg and wing, and Tesla spent over $2000 USD to fix it, including building a device that could comfortably support the bird to allow its bones to heal.

3. Armenian finswimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan was not only a 17-time world champion, was finishing a 12-mile run when he heard a bus crash into the water. He dove down 33 ft, and rescued 20 people, 1 at a time. Oh, and 10 years later he ran into a burning hospital to save more people.

4. during prohibition, solid grape concentrate was sold with the warning message, “After dissolving the brick in a gallon of water, do not place the liquid in a jug away in the cupboard for twenty days, because then it would turn into wine.”

5 .Masturbating more than 21 times a month can actually decrease your chance for…

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i just want to run fast and be able to train without worrying about my knees and run far and run on trails and run free and run 12 miles on a sunday morning and do a track workout on a cool wednesday evening and i never really got much of this opportunity and i’m nostaligic and desperate and longing for something that i never really got the chance to have and i think that’s the worst part

harry is in in love with eggsy’s smile- 

he loves it when he’s watching the security footage of eggsy stealing the car, the way he throws his head back as he races away recklessly, the red and blue lights flashing across his face. 

he loves it when he finishes first in the 12 mile run during training, how his chest is heaving and he looks exhausted but is still beaming up at Harry, in search of praise- “I did it Harry! ‘n that fucker Charlie can eat it!”. 

he loves it when he’s just pulled the most ridiculous pun and almost kept a straight face, but when Merlin’s eyebrow twitches in disgust, his mask cracks and he’s doubled over from laughing. 

he loves it when eggsy’s holding daisy in his lap gingerly and reading her a bedtime story, voice soft, looking down at her with pride when she can read a word for herself. 

he loves it when eggsy thinks he’s not looking but he can see it in the rear view mirror of the car, as eggsy stares at him with pure admiration. 

and he most certaintly loves it when he sees it while looking down and watching eggsy suck him off, a smug smirk on his face and a devious look in his eyes. 

I started 2016 with a 12 mile run early this morning and it made me realize how blessed I am to be able to start another year doing what I love. To all the runners out there, I hope this year blesses you with many miles of happiness and success. To all the runners who are injured, I hope this year treats you well and you are able to get back out there for amazing & great comebacks. 2016 better watch out, because us runners are coming.

No Pants Friday!

I realize I am breaking yesterday’s promise but instead of a graphic t-shirt, I’ve got on one of my favorite dresses. Originally, I was supposed to go to the Nats-O’s game tonight so I wanted to wear something in the Nationals’ colors (don’t worry, I have my hat too). Now, of course, we’re going tomorrow instead (thank God, because I’m running 12 miles before work tomorrow morning and staying out in Baltimore late was not going to jive with me).

After yesterday’s dead run of seven miles, today’s six started off much the same but actually improved over the course of the run! I’m not going to post the splits but I think I averaged 8:45-9 minute miles for just over six miles. After slogging through the first two miles, the last four felt easier than yesterday which made me feel like less of a failure. Not sure how 12 tomorrow morning is going to go though….

I touched on it yesterday but I really am somewhat proud that I’m surviving Hansons’ so far. When I tried a run streak a few years back I ended up hurting myself so I was really worried about how many days and miles I would be running. Previous plans have also had me peak at 40 miles per week whereas I’ve been hitting 35-41 mpw the past four weeks already.

I think I like it though. I mean, I don’t love how my calves constantly feel beaten up and sort of swollen. And the chafing. And I’m sure my skinny jeans won’t be welcoming me back in the fall. But generally, yeah. I’m sort of liking the tight routine of the plan. 

Other notes!

Getting more sleep last night was thwarted because I decided to start Orange is the New Black. I’m obviously hooked. But God do I wish I had slept instead.

I miss reading. Clearly, starting OITNB was a terrible idea because I really want to read more. I used to read constantly and now days and weeks can go by without me reading anything. I think it’s partly due to not finding anything that has reeled me in like books used to. 

I need to cut down on the sweets again. I made cookies and biscotti a couple of weeks ago and now it’s part of my daily ritual to eat those. 

Um, I totally spaced on bRUNch for this weekend. But I want to make it happen in July! Anybody have times/ideas?

Pig Wk 16 Sunday

Another morning spent at a swim meet, but I learned my lesson this time. I was dropped off at the house while the fam went out to eat lunch so I could get in my 12 miles at “long” run pace. According to the Hansons tables, a 2:45 goal marathon equates to 6:53/mi for these.

This was a cold one. 6F with -10F windchill. I wore an extra layer pretty much everywhere and brought handwarmers for my gloves. For the first 4 miles or so, I was thinking it wasn’t too bad. I even had pulled my mask down below my mouth because it was hard to breathe. But whoa when I finally started heading west I knew why the windchill was so brutal.

You’ll see below that I was pretty fast at the beginning. Probably because of that wind at my back. Settled into a pace a little faster than what I needed for a very successful run all things considered. Yesterday’s heartburn run was 10 miles in 1:21:13 and today was 12 miles in 1:21:16. Funny how different a run can feel from one day to the next.

Just a bit frosty out there

A very productive March leading into the tail end of my Boston Marathon training. This month has seen 3 weeks of improved diet, a new adult 8K PR (28:39), and no missed runs.

The thing that jumps out at me is my average pace. That’s pretty sweet for as many miles as I logged. The other thing I notice is the cluster of 10-12 mile runs. Almost every run at the end of the Hansons plan is double-digit these days.