12 may 2011

Chapter 14


“Mommy, who are all these people?” I heard a little girls voice, I looked up to see Avery holding her hand. She had to be at least four or five years old, she was a little cutie. I’m just confused onto why Avery wants us to have this dinner, like why is it important that we are here? Wait, did the little girl call her mommy?

I’m too high for this right now.

“Ava, that’ll be told in a while. Sit down.” Avery instructed, smiling down at her daughter. “Hey guys, sorry that I showed up a little later, had to get Ava ready.” She apologized to us.

“Nah, you good.” I spoke, licking over my lips. To say the least, Avery is still beautiful, she matured a lot though. I’m glad she got rid of that bright red hair of hers from high school, but she was still gorgeous then. “So wassup, why are we here?” I asked, leaning in my seat a bit.

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Comfortably Numb - Roger Waters and David Gilmour reunited on stage at London O2 Arena 12 May 2011 (by stumayhew)

Thor - april/may 2011

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Avengers - may 2012

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Thor: The Dark World - november 2013

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Avengers: Age of Ultron - may 2015

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Thor: Ragnarok - november 2017