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About Keith and Leadership.

I’m honestly so tired of seeing all the “Keith is a horrible leader. He should never become the black paladin because he’s reckless and he sucks!” on my dash… especially those that use the rescue scene in Season 1 Episode 1 as an example. 

Funny enough, if you stop and really really pay attention to this entire scene, you will realize that it actually highlights a lot of Keith’s traits that would make him a successful leader for Team Voltron (or any team, for that matter):

→  Despite it not being in his initial plan, Keith was able to think, act, and then successfully lead a group of people he didn’t even know in a strategic manner despite the obstacles and limitations that unexpectedly arose.

→  He was able to maintain his cool while in a pinch, even while everybody else was freaking out and screaming at him about everything. As someone who works very closely with the military and leads a team of people in combating casualties when they occur, I can attest that remaining calm in the face of chaos is an invaluable leadership skill. If the leader is calm, the rest of the team will more likely be able to calm down and focus on the task at hand.

→  He was able to direct this panicking group of people to take action in order to execute his plan (such as guiding Hunk to use his weight to help them steer the overloaded hover bike), which from personal experience I can tell you is not easy.

→  He was able to make split-second, confident decisions at just the right time in order to further their escape. I can’t emphasize enough how making solid decisions in a pinch can truly be the difference between success and failure, even between life and death. That being said…

→  He understood that risks were necessary if the team as a whole was to have a chance at success. Sure, people are complaining about how he drove himself and the others off the edge of a cliff, but it was all part of a plan he was able to develop on the fly. If you recall, not a single one of them got hurt.

→ Also tied to the bullet above, Keith was confident in his own skills to know he could execute said plan. He was confident enough to tell the others among their terrified screams to trust him.

In the end, Keith was able to rescue Shiro and lead everyone else to safety with no casualties on their end.

Some examples from later in the series also display other excellent leadership qualities that Keith possesses:

→  He is a team player. He understands that they all need to work together in order to achieve their common goal, and he also understands that personal desires must sometimes be sacrificed in favor of what is right for the greater good.

→  He recognizes others’ efforts and lets them know that they are noticed and appreciated, like when he tells Hunk how invaluable his efforts were during their mission to retrieve scaultrite from the belly of the Weblum.

→  The team’s current leader appears to know him better than anyone else (and definitely knows him better than we know Keith due to the very limited information we have on his past), and strongly believes that Keith is capable of leading the group. 

Do none of these things count for anything? Because honestly, Keith sounds like an excellent albeit unwilling leader to me.

P.S. This is not a post claiming that Keith should be the Black Paladin, it is simply a post to prove that all those who say he has zero leadership skills are wrong.


1. Favorite Pokemon type?
2. First starter you ever had?
3. If you could chose any town to live in from all the regions, which would it be?
4. Name a favorite Pokemon from each type.
5. Pokemon you dislike the most?
6. Favorite legendary?
7. Which generation/ region is most special to you?
8.Name a favorite Pokemon from each of the generations.
9. Favorite eeveelution?
10. What future eeveelution type do you hope for?
11. Favorite gym leader?
12. Favorite “roaming” Pokemon?
13. What do you think the next generation of game should be called?
14. Prettiest Pokemon?
15. If you could have any 6 Pokemon in your party, what would they be?
16. Which game is your most favorite?
17. Which game is your least favorite?
18. If you could create a new Pokemon type, what would it be?
19. Name your favorite thing about each game generation.
20. Favorite hold item and why?
21. Favorite TM?
22. Favorite HM?
23. Favorite Pokeball?
24. Which professor is your favorite?
25. Ask me anything Pokemon related.

i couldn’t sleep so i made a guzma / team skull playlist

dead! // my chemical romance // teddy picker // arctic monkeys // colours // grouplove // 27 // fall out boy // i’m a mess // frank iero and the patience // riot van // arctic monkeys // dread in my heart // mother mother // our lady of sorrows // my chemical romance // give me novacaine // green day // november spawned a monster // morrissey // happy // mother mother // loose lips // kimya dawson // weighted // frnkiero andthe cellabration

[imagine] waking up next to hiphop unit

This boy would probably wake up before you and start mumbling/rapping nonsensical sentences. Something along the lines like, “My jagi is asleep, sleeping in my sheets… Let’s check the weather for Seoul, Korea, today’s forecast is-” and you’d mumble for him to stop but he’d just turn over and smile brightly at you like “Today’s news: my jagi is grumpy and tired” And you can’t help but smile at him because who could be mad at jeon wonwoo?? He’d continue singing sentences to different song tunes until you wake up a bit more. 

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Business as Usual

Ok! So I did a little thing based off @timdrakeothy’s AU (that I’ve been calling the Reverse Batman AU) where Bruce is included in the AU and is a smol bb dealing with all these crazy vigilantes. Also tagging @audreycritter for her brilliant contributions to the AU and me borrowing her idea of Jason’s origin (which I’ll find after posting and link here). Anyway, tiny Bruce trying to boss around “"his”“ team is very entertaining for me.

“You’ve probably wondered why I’ve gathered you all here today,” 12 year old Bruce Wayne announces in that resolute, self-assured way that only a child can be. The team of tired vigilantes exchanged amused glances before going back to patching each other up after a rough patrol. They didn’t mean to end up in the boy billionaire’s orbit but one by one, they’d been drawn in first by Damian’s one man war against crime and stayed because of Bruce’s stubborn resolve to save the world. He financed all of their equipment and Batal had been using the cave system beneath Wayne Manor as his base of operations for the past five years since he’d left the League of Assassins and become Bruce’s “bodyguard”. If the kid wanted to think he was in charge, no one was going to stop him. Besides, it was pretty cute.

“Yeah Boss, we have been wondering.” Jason responded sarcastically but the fondness in his tone was evident. He hadn’t expected to be unofficially taken in by a rich kid he’d been trying to rob nor become a partner to the legendary Batal but he was happy here with these crazy nutjobs. Bruce either didn’t notice or ignored Jay’s flippant tone for he pulled himself up onto one of the operating tables so that he could look each of his team in the eye. Those tables were supposed to be for emergency surgery but they mostly ended up being high chairs for their fearless leader.

“With Alfred visiting family in England for the week, it’s up to me to maintain order around here. And I’m worried about how this team is being run. Your hearts are all in the right place but I’m afraid there are some things I can’t let continue.” Bruce says with all the seriousness of a reluctant businessman about to fire someone. Damian most certainly does not look amused as he crosses his arms and stares down at the boy he saved almost five years before.

“And that would be?” He asks as Brown leans around his muscular arm to beam down at Bruce, probably because she deems his pout to be another ‘Kodak moment’ as she puts it.

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Speak Softly, Love (1)

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“Speak softly, love so no on hears us but the sky, the vows of love we make will live until we die…”

Note:The song Speak Softly, Love by Andy Williams (yes this is the song from The Godfather) greatly inspired this story, hence the story title. I’m not telling you to listen to it, but listen to it ;)

Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Member: Sehun



You twirled the glass of wine that was on the table in front of you, sighing as you gazed at the dance floor. Your father has always liked to have these glamorous parties, or events, as he liked to call them, that attracted the rich and sometimes a few well known singers that were made successful by your father himself. A lot of illegal gambling secretly went on during nights like these, meaning more money coming in for him which is probably why your father enjoyed holding these things so much.

Being the daughter of the Don, leader of the Mafia, had its perks and some downfalls as well. Number one would probably be attending this. As much as you didn’t enjoy being here, you did it for your father. He, for some reason liked it when you sat in on these. It must have been since your mother died that he became like this, but you would never know since you never asked. 

You were his pride and joy, he’d always say. You and the Mafia were all he had and he treasured both with his life. 

A familiar figure began approaching you, your heart began to beat a little faster at the sight of the young man approaching you. 

It was Sehun.

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[imagine] jealous hiphop unit

He’d take you to the dorm to meet his members, but once you step foot into the dorm, he immediately regrets it, because the boys are all over you. He stands in front of you protectively, threatening the members with a fist and a stern glare. “Get any closer to my jagi and you’ll wake up underwater,” he threatens. “Stop talking about SHINEE with Soonyoung-ah, talk about how cute your oppa is~” he’d say in a high-pitched voice - making it hard to believe this grown child was the leader of 12 other boys and 21 years old. He’d be pouty and begging for your attention once the members wander off, giving you some degree of privacy. You’d be sitting between his legs and watching a drama when a member strolls into the living room, wanting to ask you something, but they’d turn and walk off in the other direction once they see Seungcheol glowering at them.

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How to Tell BTS Apart:

Requested by @viva-la-fanatic-domains

**This post was made April 24th, 2016, with edits made later**

[WARNING LONG POST] Okay here we go!

BTS. aka Bangtan Boys. aka Bulletproof Boyscouts. aka 방탄소년단 (bang-tan-so-nyeon-dan)

As of the moment I am writing this post BTS has had 6 main comebacks, with each having a follow up track (except for two) (Basically what that means is they dropped an album 6 times with an MV for the title track on the album, and then later they dropped another MV for a different track on that album. BTS is known for doing this follow up thing but it isn’t common, other groups don’t really do that) along with a few in between… thingys that I will also include ^_^ and they are about to comeback again May 2nd! Here is all of them in order:

DEBUT: June 11th, 2013 – No More Dream

[Left to Right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: July 16th, 2013 – We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2

[Left to Right: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

1ST COMEBACK: September 10, 2013 – N.O

[L to R: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

**No follow up track for N.O**

2ND COMEBACK: February 11th, 2014 – Boy In Luv

[L to R: Jin, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: April 6th, 2014 – Just One Day

[L to R: Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, V, Rap Monster, J-Hope]

3RD COMEBACK: August 19th, 2014 – Danger

[L to R: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Rap Monster, Jimin, J-Hope]

FOLLOW UP: October 21, 2014 – War of Hormone

[L to R: Suga, Jin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jimin, V, J-Hope]

REPACKAGE: November 20th, 2014 – Miss Right/Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) ft. Thanh

Note: This was a “repackaged” album. (meaning they re-released the Danger album but with a different scheme to it and a couple new tracks added on) Miss Right was the main track, but it didn’t get an MV. But the Danger Remix did for some reason.

[L to R: Jimin, Jin, Suga, Jungkook, Rap Monster, V, J-Hope] (the guy at the piano is Thanh the featuring artist - not a member)

4TH COMEBACK: April 29th, 2015 – I Need U

[L to R: J-Hope, V, Jimin, Rap Monster, Suga, Jungkook, Jin]

FOLLOW UP: June 23rd, 2015 – Dope

[L to R: Rap Monster, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, Jin, J-Hope]

SHORT FILM: October 1st, 2015 - On Stage : Prologue

Note: This is not actually a comeback or a follow up, or even an MV, but I felt the need to include it because the I Need U MV, this little in between thing, and the next MV, and their most recent comeback are all one storyline. “The Youth Trilogy”

[L to R: Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope (behind), V, Rap Monster]

5TH COMEBACK: November 29th, 2015 – Run

[L to R: J-Hope, Jimin, Rap Monster, Jungkook, Jin, V, Suga]

**No follow up track to Run**

PRE-RELEASE: April 19th, 2016 – Epilogue: Young Forever

Note: We don’t really know what this is. Apparently it’s a teaser for their comeback, but it’s like also a full MV??? And also it says Epilogue which makes it seem like it’s like the Prologue??? Dunno. They just dropped it out of the blue. No warning.

NEXT COMEBACK: May 2nd, 2016 –  Fire + Save Me

Note: This comeback had 2 MVs. Save Me came a little bit after Fire, but it’s not a follow up track, they promoted them at the same time.

[L to R: TOP - Rap Monster, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga / BOTTOM - Jungkook, Jin, V]

Boom. All the stuff. It’s a lot.

They have a few other things labelled as MVs but they’re either unofficial or pre-debut stuff so I didn’t include them c:


**I’m only including a recent photo of each**

Rap Monster: Real Name: Namjoon. Sep. 12, 1994. Leader. Rapper. 

Yo like we literally didn’t get to see his eyes uncovered from those freaking sunglasses until like LITERALLY 8 MONTHS after they debuted. Their company had him do that or smthn idEk. Hair has most frequently been bleach blonde, but it was this black fro-hawk thing when they debuted man i don’t know why they thought that was a good idea….. the literal Dance Master go look it up ;)

Jin: Real Name: Seokjin. Dec. 4th, 1992. Vocalist. Visual. (aka the handsomest)

Nicknamed Princess Jin by the fans, he’s the prettiest. Don’t question it he just… IS. okay. He most recently went blonde and slayed the hearts of many. Otherwise he has always been some shade of brown and that one time he went like a dark auburn red. hot damn. (Just One Day era) He’s got lips for days, like are they even real? i didn’t know lips could be that plump but apparently god bestowed us this gift that is Jin’s lips. ya can’t really see them in this photo but they’re there i swear. google it. have no shame. you won’t regret. 

Suga: Real Name: Yoongi. March 9th, 1993. Rapper. 

If you google “wealthy housewife” pics of Suga come up. he got memed. it’s a long story. he has a really gummy smile that is so adorable. He’s had been one of the more colorful hair one of the bunch for a while now. it’s been black, brown, red, pink, bleach blonde, mint green, now silver. have fun keeping track lol

J-Hope: Real Name: Hoseok. Feb. 19th, 1994. Dancer. Rapper.

Usually screaming. I’m not exaggerating. His catchphrase is “I’m Your Hope” (in english, yelling) Skinny and always flailing. Actual unicorn. Dunno what else to tell you, eventually when watching a BTS video something loud and bizarre will happen and you’ll be like ohhh so that’s j-hope….

Jimin: Real Name: Jimin. Oct. 13th, 1995. Vocalist. Dancer.

Squishy face c: not so squishy body D: it’s stressful. don’t let the shirtless pics fool you, he’s a fluff ball. Has the nicest ass of the group. Certifiably accurate. Also he’s obsessed with Jungkook and Jungkook is just not having it. Makes for quite the entertaining shit to watch. Told the fans he wasn’t going to have dark hair for a while. Was obviously lying. (see above) 

V: Real Name: Taehyung. Dec. 30th, 1995. Vocalist. 

V is weird. Like literally the fans call him an alien. We don’t really “get” him. Like he’s from another plant or something, he’s always doing strange things for no reason. Put him together with screamo a couple members up and you get a COMPLETE wtf fest. Another one with a lot of different colored hair. TBH Tae is H O T. and like I think he knows it too >_>

JUNGKOOK: Real Name: Jungkook. Sep. 1st, 1997. Vocalist. Maknae. (meaning the youngest)

Is super freaking hot. Also barely legal. How dare. Sometimes he’s an adorable fluff ball and other times he is way too dangerous for this world. But mostly a fluff ball. It’s not fair. Has literally never had hair lighter than the pic above. Went reddish once. (Just One Day era) but that’s the most exciting it’s gotten. Can be identified as the one always bullying and insulting his dear older members. And acting way older than his age.

So there you go! That’s BTS. They’re all crazy and we are too have fun~~

Insidious (1)

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Part 2 | Part 3

Requested by: Anon

Request:  Can I request something like Prisoner but with Kai? And can you make him scarier than how baekhyun’s character was in the beginning? Thanks love your writing!

Member: Kai/Jongin

Genre: Mafia!AU / Angst

Warnings: Language / Violence

Summary: Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’re discovered by no other than Kai, one of the Mafia’s most feared men. He then takes you in as a precaution so that he can keep a close eye on you, or is that his only intention?


Letting out a breath, I relaxed for a moment, successfully entering the mansion, I felt that it things would be a little bit easier from here on.

Hearing voices down the end of the large passageway, I ran towards the first open door I had seen, closing it softly behind me. I cursed myself for letting my guard down so quickly while I sat on the floor of what turned out to be a bathroom.

I had no time to relax. I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near this place but I had no choice. Today was the only time I could have come here.

I was taken by a street gang two weeks ago. My brother was always involved with the wrong type of people and it got him in big trouble. They have him and now they wanted me to do some dirty work for them otherwise they would kill him and then me afterwards.

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Chiaki’s instagram(2017/03/31) & Chiaki『美食音』Bijyo Diary(2017/03/31) 

  I will never forget that I spent a very wonderful 12 years 

leader Uno chan Nissy Datcha shuta shinjiro  Family, friends Staff members And fans everyone Thank you for supporting AAA Chiaki Ito for 12 years I am filled with all my heartfelt gratitude March 31, 2017 AAA Chiaki Ito # AAA # Nishijima Takahiro # uno misako # Urata Naoya # Hidaka mitsuhiro # Ito chiaki # atae Shinjiro # Sueyoshi Shuuta # The miracle of meeting # Thank you very much #thankyou

The British child brides: Muslim mosque leaders agree to marry girl of 12... so long as parents don't tell anyone
In an undercover investigation, two imams said they would be prepared to officiate at the wedding of an underage girl to a man in his twenties, despite fears the pair would later have sex.

@distressed-fryup yes, they are trying to make these things normal, here. 

Prisoner (Baekhyun Scenario) Part 1/3

Part Two | Part Three

Requested By @byunshim

Request: Can i request a Mafia!AU scenario with BaekhyunxReader? Can the plot be centered around an untamed but SERIOUS Baek Hyun who changes for a kidnapped victim? They were holding you as leverage or something… and you are forced to work for Baekhyun… making him breakfast, cleaning up after his late nights with girls…. and eventually, he falls in love with you… but you are scared of him. He has to prove his sincerity to you. LOTS OF ANGST & maybe slight (M)? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Genre: Angst / Mentions of smut

Member: Baekhyun (with appearances of EXO)

‘Wait here until you’re given orders to do otherwise,’ said the man, whose name I think was Chen, told me in a cold voice as he shoved me into a room. I stumbled over my feet and found balance against one of the walls. I heard the door slam shut behind me and took in my surroundings. I was in a living room of a house. I didn’t know who it belonged to, except that he was part of the Mafia, the same group that’s holding me hostage.

I was kidnapped two days ago, left tied to a chair in a dirty cellar until they decided what they wanted to do with me. Apparently I’m meant to look after the owner of this house. Basically do everything he asks me to do. A maid, if you ask me.

I got strict orders to do whatever he wishes, keep my nose out of his business, and not to leave the house under any circumstances. The reason I’m in this mess is all because of my brother mixing with the wrong group of people, and being abandoned by the same group. He holds information that the Mafia need, but he has been missing since, and until he gets back and gives the Mafia the information that they want, I’m stuck here.

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The face you make when you’re the leader of 12 other people, your wife adopted a grown ass man as his son is and is also cheating on you with the local pastor who messed up the Pretty U choreography, one of your members thinks it’s hip to refer to a girl as “ice ice baby” and is a walking meme, you gotta support the career of someone who is turning into the male Beyonce that Korea doesn’t need or want, and you gotta do it all while smiling and dancing.

Kris: Wedding Night

A/N:I LOVE KRIS SOOO MUCH AND NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT, but you do not know the struggle I went through having to write about Kris, but I tried my best to make it worthy of your time to read. I hope you like it (:



Requested By: Parkdonghwa
I hope this at least met your expectations.
And I know you said, they’ve never done,  so I made you a virgin and Kris a non-virgin (Sorry if you wanted them the both be virgins, I tried it out but it didn’t seem fit and it bothered me a bit, so please forgive but I hope you still enjoy this.)


“You may now kiss the bride,” you heard the Priest say, then the both of you immediately embraced and his lips connected yours with no hesitation. The audience in the church room roared in cheer.


The driver stopped in front of a big mansion. Kris opened the door for you. He took your hand, helping you out. You both thanked your ajusshi driver as he drove to the parking lot to switch out his car. You watched his car drive off. You smiled and turned around to meet your boyfriend turned husband.

“Oppa~” you hummed. Kris swooped down, before you knew it, he had you in his arms bridal style. “I love you _____-ah baby,” he leaned down pressing his lips on yours. “I love you too,” you replied, wrapping your arms around his neck. No doubt, it was the happiest day of your life, the day you never expected until the day you met Kris.

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Angor Hive dilemma

Sorry for the wait but I got a question for you guys. Do you want the next fic to be one where the Hive establishes a nest somewhere under Arcadia or a fic where a handful of the Angor’s hunt Strickler and Otto down on a train?

The first gives a bit of world building based around what’s underneath Arcadia Oaks. It also explores the idea that despite the being a hive mind each Angor is developing a distinct personality. Also delves into the idea that the leader #12, known as Rogna, produces more shards to aid in the creation of more Angors.

The second explores what happened to Strickler after leaving Trollmarket. The Hive, carrying the grudge against him that the original left to them, have been scouring Europe taking out Janus Order members by the dozen looking for him. The sudden decrease in the changeling population forces Strickler and Otto to have to meet on a train, figuring that what they think is an Angor impersonator wouldn’t dare attack a train. They’re wrong and have to get off a speeding locomotive full of pixie-d humans while dodging 6 Angor’s whose hate for Strickler is etched into their minds from their original. Very tense, very cat and mouse.

Both delve into the personalities of some of the Angors.

Saviour - Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Requested by anon

Request: I loved your Prisoner story!! It was so well done! Could you do something similar for Jongdae? Like maybe he’s one of the other leaders and everyone in their area knows who he is, especially the girl at local store whose boss he’s always tasked with intimidating for protection money? Like he’s well known for being ruthless in his intimidation tactics, but he has a super soft spot for her?

Genre: Mafia!AU, Angst, Fluff-ish

Warnings: Language, Mild-Violence

Member: Chen/Jongdae

From a very young age I knew that everybody in this world are different from each other, they each have different views as you, lead different lifestyles and they all had some sort of purpose in this life. I mostly kept to myself, and I’m always weary of other people. It’s hard to really trust people when the Mafia have control of basically everything in every city in this country.

You have to watch your back and be able to protect yourself. That’s what I do, I’ve learned to not associate myself with many people. I’ve seen a lot of bad things in my lifetime, which taught me a lot in how to survive in this cruel world.

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All named female Clan leaders of Warriors canon versus all named male leaders.

Tigerflower here. Inspired by a recent response of yours on the Leafstar thing, I looked named female Clan leaders of Warriors canon versus all named male leaders:

Hello, Tigerflower! Thank you so much for compiling this list; it’s a truly powerful visual to how disproportionate the leadership is.


♀ :: Maplestar, Leafstar

♂ :: Skystar, Birchstar, Beechstar, Mothpelt, Dewstar, Hawkstar, Robinstar, Rowanstar, Darkstar, Fennelstar, Flystar, Cloudstar, Buzzardstar, Spiderstar


♀ :: Doestar, Bluestar

♂ :: Thunderstar, Owlstar, Whitestar, Finchstar, Lionstar, Vinestar, Morningstar, Redstar, Oakstar, Pinestar, Sunstar, Firestar, Bramblestar


♀ :: Windstar, Featherstar, Heatherstar

♂ :: Gorsestar, Duststar, Stonestar, Hazelstar, Dovestar, Fallowstar, Birchstar, Rabbitstar, Swiftstar, Tallstar, Onestar


♀ :: Darkstar, Ivystar, Willowstar, Birchstar, Leopardstar, Mistystar

♂ :: Riverstar, Emberstar, Splashheart, Troutstar, Reedstar, Talonstar, Volestar, Hailstar, Crookedstar


♀ :: Shadowstar, Hollystar, Brindlestar, Lilystar, Brightwhisker, Flowerstar, Dawnstar

♂ :: Blizzardstar, Snowstar, Ripplestar, Marshscar, Yellowstar, Sedgestar, Houndstar, Cedarstar, Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Blackstar, Rowanstar

Altogether, 20 out of 84 total leaders are female. That’s 20 female leaders for every 64 male leaders, or 10 for every 32.

Presented without comment.

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