12 fret


 More guitar shopping from this week:

  1. Extremely pretty PRS semihollow
  2. Custom Shop ES-335 VOS
  3. Les Paul Supreme (I think…)
  4. Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster
  5. Cherry Casino!  Don’t see many of these…
  6. Gorgeous Martin 00-28V
  7. 2015 Fender American Vintage Jaguar
  8. ditto
  9. ditto.  So expensive for no apparent reason.  :\ 
The last ounce of will drains out of me, and I just can't keep my head 
up any longer. I wilt in Raffe's arms. My head dangles, my eyes are open but unfocused, my breathing imperceptible. Just like a dead body.
"NO!" Raffe grips me as if he could bind my soul to my body.

“@zanecarney:” cc @avrillavigne 👸💋| I last headlined Japan during @johnmayer’s #BornandRaised // #ParadiseValley World Tour, on the flight day into Tokyo 🗼
Needless to say, I’m incredibly stoked to have been asked back by a wonderful Japanese promoter, and am excited to be playing not only Tokyo, but Asakusa and Yokohama, as well! 🎌
Special thanks to #QueenLavigne herself, @avrillavigne, for helping me make this quirky little video to spread the news, especially knowing that she’s essentially royalty in Asia and wanted to help me spread the word on these shows 👫#BFFFFFFFS
Tag your friends in the comments below/grab your tickets at the link in my Instagram bio (or at zanecarney.com) and I’ll be seeing you in June, Japan 😎
…………📆ZC JAPAN TOUR 2017 📆…………
🗼 June 3rd | TOKYO | Good Heavens Night 1️⃣ (tix close to sell out already, somehow…)
🍱 June 4th | TOKYO | Good Heavens Night 2️⃣ (tix also close to sell out already, again, somehow?!)
🎎 June 6th | ASAKUSA | Gold Sounds
🎏 June 8th | YOKOHAMA | 7th Avenue
#hiJapan #watashiwaZanedes#zanecarney #headlining #tour #Japan#2017
🎸: @taylorguitars 812 12 Fret Steel String Acoustic
cc @avrillavigne 👸💋| 私が最後に日本を見出したのは、@johnmayer#BornandRaised // #ParadiseValley World Tour の間でした。
言うまでもなく、すばらしい日本人プロモーターが私に日本に戻ってくるように頼んだことに非常に感謝しています。今度は東京だけでなく、浅草と横浜を演奏することに興奮しています! 🎌
また、#QueenLavigne 自身、@avrillavigne に感謝したいと思います。私はこの面白い小さな動画でニュースを広めることができました。特に、彼女が基本的にアジアのロイヤルティーであることを知っています。起こっている👫#BFFFFFFFS
…………📆ZC JAPAN TOUR 2017 📆…………
🗼 6月3日 | 東京 | Good Heavens Night 1️⃣(チケットはすでに売り切れに近づいています。どういうわけか…)
🍱 6月4日 | 東京 | Good Heavens Night 2️⃣(チケットはもうすでに売り切れに近いです、何とか!)
🎎 6月6日 | 浅草 | ゴールドサウンド
🎏 6月8日 | 横浜 | 7番街
🎸: @taylorguitars 812 12 Fret Steel String Acoustic


Last shots for this weeks Tuesday Night Guitar Shopping.  Still at Long & McQuade Burlington (Toronto) Canada:

  1. I love 2-tone sunburst on a Tele!  Also…I don’t know what’s happening on the Strat but I love it!
  2. Heading out of town towards Burlington on the QEW (which is the main highway between Toronto and Niagara Falls.  BTW, QEW stands for “Queen Elizabeth Way” and not many people know this, but it is NOT named after the current British Queen…but her mother, aka the “Queen Mum”.  In 1939, on the eve of WWII, King George VI and the queen toured Canada.  This highway had just been completed so they named it after the Queen Mum to commemorate her visit.  Also, this highway included the very first “cloverleaf” interchange ever in all of history!  Ok…back to guitars…  ;)
  3. Gretsch George Harrison Signature DuoJet.
  4. OK, here’s a used Strat, but I don’t know what it is!  By the serial I can see it was made in the USA in 2012.  It has a large “CBS” headstock, but a four bolt neck and no “bullet” truss rod, so it can’t be a reissue of a 1970s Strat.  BUT it also has a roller nut.  So I am totally at a loss to tell you what this model is.  Maybe the roller nut was a later upgrade?  We will probably never know…  :D
  5. Pricey but gorgeous Martin 00-28V.
  6. Pricey but gorgeous Custom Shop Les Paul HOLLOW!  I LOVE THIS!  now I just need to gather the required dosh… :\
  7. The new is ES-195. I find it very intriguing…
  8. Solid body ES-335?  C'est impossible, non?  NON!  Here is an ES-335 “S”!
  9. There’s that white SG again…
  10. I’m not really into Ibanez, but this one is so cool.

Bastin Guitar Neck

from Matt Bastin:


The Bastin guitar neck is intended for use with bodies designed to mate with a 25.5" scale, 4-bolt, 21-fret neck as found on a standard Fender Stratocaster. A 5/8" pocket depth is required. The neck heel is rounded and therefore this overall configuration has the highest inclusion rate for FMIC and FMIC derivative guitar bodies. Non-FMIC bodies, or FMIC bodies that use a shorter scale, 22 fret neck (without overhang), or 3-bolt neck joint may not be compatible without modification to one or more components. The issues of scale (intonation) and fit are very nuanced once outside of these criteria. If in doubt, please ask.


Single T-6061 Aluminum Billet - Fully CNC Machined

Scale Length: 25.5"
Fretboard Radius: 12"
Frets: 21 / Stainless Steel
Nut Width: 1.675"
Nut Material: Aluminum
Thickness at 1st: 0.705"
Thickness at 12th: 0.741"

Tuners: Sperzel Locking Tuners w/ Graduated Post Height

Total Weight: 3.15lbs


(1) Bastin Guitar Bolt-On Neck, fully assembled and finished (Sperzel tuners included)

(1) chrome 4-bolt neck plate

(4) 10-24 x 1.5" stainless steel machine screws

(1) black oxide drill bit (for upsizing through-holes in body)

(1) small sheet 0.005" stainless steel shim stock (for shimming neck pocket sidewalls if necessary)

(2) 0.016", (2) 0.020", (2) 0.030" stainless steel round shims (for added neck angle on offsets / trem guitars)

(1) set D'Addario EXL115 strings

(1) serving Mother’s Polish

(2) microfiber polishing rags


Each hand-cut aluminum nut will be fashioned to accommodate the following maximum string gauges.

e - 0.013"
b - 0.016"
g - 0.020"
d - 0.032"
a - 0.042"
E - 0.050"

Necks will ship with a set of D'Addario EXL115 medium gauge strings; this is the set I use when setting up the necks and other Bastin Guitars. Heavier strings will fit, but any adjustments to the nut slots (to allow for heavier strings, custom sets, or eliminate buzz) should be made by a qualified luthier.

I also make sure to leave the action at the nut just a little high. Again, a qualified luthier is your best bet for adjusting the setup to your preference, but you may not even notice.

If you want one set up “lefty” just let me know!



Jacky Talks about Falling in reverse (interview 2016 by FRET 12)

-When did you know you would be leaving Falling In Reverse, and how did you make the decision?

I made the decision within a few days of leaving. I didn’t feel fully able to express everything outside of the time to solo in which I was appointed. Although, I understand lead guitar is not a common characteristic of the genre, which made me love my role in the band. I have a need to write songs and create. My mind becomes extremely overactive in a compositional context, to the point where I am unable to sleep most nights. This became a little too much while on tour and not being able to let it all out. It was a strange duality of living a musical dream but wanting to be more expressive. I have a fire in me to achieve all the things I need to achieve in life before I’m unable to. It was this fire that led me to head to the USA and join FIR in the first place. Now it’s telling me to do this.

-How did you inform the band, and was it a tough decision to make?

We were in Mexico after a show and we just talked about everything. It was a very tough decision to make. Knowing what you are walking away from and not knowing what the future holds would be daunting for a lot of people. But I’ve never been one to weigh up the pros and cons of any situation. I just do what I feel.

-What were your feelings upon leaving?

I was sad because I love the band so much and love touring with them. I love everyone down to each individual crew member. I was in the band for a 5th of my life. You do have that Friday feeling when you come off tour knowing you can be with your family. But I was also excited because now I can let out a lot of caged up inspiration and have the time to do so.


As Samuel Taylor Coleridge once opined in the celebrated poem “Rime of the Ancient Guitar Player”:

Guitars guitars everywhere, and nor any amp to play!

Note: his second name was Taylor.  Other than being a major opium addict and reasonably good poet, he was also one hell of an acoustic guitar designer/builder!  

To business: 12th Fret, Toronto:

  1. 1976 Gibson Explorer
  2. 50s or 60s Martin dreadnought on the left.  A few back is an amazing “Kalamazoo” 12 fret guitar, made by Gibson in the 1930s
  3. I know very little about EBMM. but I must say I really dig the Armada design.
  4. For some reason there seems to be a news truck exploding out the side of the City TV studios in downtown Toronto!
  5. If I had more cash and was able to try out a bunch of different guitars without having to prioritize, I would LOVE to get my hands on a Larrivée RS4.  I usually dislike when companies who build the best acoustic guitars try and put out an electric.  They always try to be all distinctive and whatnot, and the results, from a purely aesthetic point of view (IMO of course) tend to be disastrous!  Take a look at a Taylor T3/T5, or any Ovation electric (I’d make an exception for a 1960s Martin electric, but not because I like its design but becasue it’s such an oddball it’s actually cool!), but I really like the RS2/4 - they made an electric guitar that actually LOOKS like an electric guitar!  Sadly, though it will probably never come to fruition as I have a LOT more to get to on my prioritized guitar-acquisition list before I get to “RS4”…  :\



What flavour is it?  

It’s a bird, innit? It’s a bloody sea bird . .. it’s not any bloody flavour. Albatross!