12 dudes

Thoughts on this episode:
  • I was laughing so hard at Inappropriate Hunter Dude spazzing out at Sam and the twins side-eyeing the hell out of him.  “Oh my god, Karen, you can’t just ask someone if he was possessed by Lucifer!”
  • It was nice to see there are still a few smart, scary, kick-ass demons around.
  • Interesting to hear Billie echo what Dean used to say all the time, but hasn’t in ages now: What’s dead should stay dead.  And to see him not really argue the point, just look to Mary to see what she’d say and do.

ETA: Oh man, I hope Sam and Jody never get together.  The whole Universe would like, die.

when there is a cAS CENTriC EpiSODe !!!

Straight White Boy Problem #982

Was chilling in Kyles room last night with 12 other dudes (dave, TJ, chris, matt, hayden, peter, kevin, Mike, alex, mark, Jesse and Kyle) and we were drinking beers and watching American Pie you know just being dudes. then peter got a little too drunk and started asking people if they were “Team Tissues” or “Team Washcloth” and the discussion got really heated and I learned too much about my friends mastubatory habits and Kyle said he beats off in the shower and we are like dammit kyle we use that shower too FUCK

12x07 coda

Cas is seven shots down before Dean realizes how skillfully he’s knocking them back. And sure, saying it’s been a rough evening is an understatement, but not even Crowley is going at the alcohol at the pace Cas is, and the angel is showing no signs of slowing. Dean grabs his own beer with a sign and scoots closer to the angel.

“I know your angel mojo takes the edge off these,” he gestures to the empty glasses, “But maybe it’s worth slowing down? I’ve got the feeling these aren’t new to you.”

In response, Cas downs an eighth shot and slams it down.

“What’s up?’ Dean tries to keep his tone even.

Cas turned his blue eyes, now rimmed ever so slightly with red, to direct the full extent of the scowl he was wearing on Dean. "You left me. With him,” he growls lowly. In the wake of Dean’s stunned silence, Cas takes another shot.

The sad thing is, Dean isn’t even sure if Cas is angry about Lucifer or about Crowley, but the guilt curls in his stomach all the same. He’s been trying so hard to make things feel normal after Mom left, going out of his way to bicker with Sam and throw himself into cases, just like the old days, that he’s completely forgotten Cas.


“You say Lucifer is all our responsibility…you say I’m your brother…” Cas isn’t even looking at Dean anymore, just staring into the empty shot glasses, “Then you leave me with the King of Hell. Or you leave me to die,” his lip trembles, “Whatever’s most convenient.”

Dean opens his mouth, presumably to say it isn’t true, but something else catches his focus. It’s the way Cas is silhouetted against the neon lights of the bar, the way the decorations along the back wall spread just so…for a split second, Cas looks like an angel again, wings and all.

And that’s when it hits Dean that Lucifer fell too. How did Lucifer respond to falling? To abandonment? By wreaking havoc. Destroying countless lives for fun. But Cas, well, Cas was just as abandoned. Just as broken. And yet all Cas had ever done was fight for humanity. For Dean. Even when he turned his back on him.


Cas’ rough voice pulls Dean back into reality and he blinks to see Cas’ blue eyes staring worriedly back. Worried about Dean. Even now, after everything. Dean shakes his head gently, noticing only then that his jaw was agape. He closes his mouth quickly.

“Sorry, man, I, uh…” Dean sighs. I don’t deserve you, is what he’s realizing now, in this moment, staring down what very well might be the most pure being in all of creation, wondering what on earth he was going to say to make amends, “I messed up. I know I did. But you’re not going to be alone with him any more.”

There’s a sharp inhale of breath. "What?”

Dean resists his initial urge to tease. Cas had been through so much, he didn’t need Dean at his throat too. “You’re not staying with him,” he says, “You’re right. I’ve been an ass. So the least I can do is make it up to you with my shitty company. And Sam’s. If you want.”

It’s not all Dean wants to say. Not by a long shot. But it’s all he feels worthy to say. At least for the time being. And when Cas smiles and sets down his shot glass, Dean can’t help but feel like he’s finally done something right tonight.

"Can I also get a leather jacket?”

“We’ll see.”

“If you don’t get me one, I’ll just have to borrow yours,” Cas shoots back, but his eyes are soft and the edge is gone from his voice.

Dean laughs. Cas smiles in return. And there’s something about that smile that makes Dean think they might actually have a fighting chance with Lucifer. (Not to mention he’s got the feeling that Cas is going to look damn good in his jacket.)

anonymous asked:

AM I missing something? How does Charlie's plot have 2 meanings?

I’m gonna preface this by saying I can’t be held responsible for the things I put liveblogging. It’s mostly just a joke and my overreacting, but at the beginning when Charlie and Dennis are talking about/comparing traumas.

Dennis: [Mike] has sex with one disgusting bird…

Charlie: Yeah, yeah

Dennis: That’s not trauma. That’s not real trauma

Charlie:  It’s not even that bad

I get that the point was really talking about “real” trauma and issues, but just the phrasing and timing makes it sound like Charlie is agreeing with the sex with Dee part like ‘yeah yeah, been there’ then continuing with ‘Dee and/or the sex wasn’t bad.’ He’s agreeing with Dennis and playing it off so casually, then seems surprised when Dennis says Charlie’s experienced trauma. It seems like one of those things when two characters are talking about different things, but their conversation fits together anyway, then they’re surprised & confused to learn they weren’t on the same topic. 

If that makes sense. I feel like Dennis does in Charlie Rules the World, when his British accent flops. “In my head, I had it so good”

How to summon Johnny Seo

Me: suh dude

Johnny: *falls to the floor from absolutely nowhere* *rolls onto his stomach in order to get up* *tries to get up but ends up doing 20 push-ups instead* *tries to get up from that but ends up doing mountain climbers* * eventually gets up but starts to do burpess* *stops but then he does jumping jacks* *stops with those and then wipes the sweat off of his brow with his Cool Story Bro muscle tank* *finally gets his stuff together* *stands with a height of 6'12*

Johnny: Dude suh

like tbh im just not at all interested in people who get all personally offended at the very concept for really unfounded reasons? like hell yeah there are shitty things that exist w/i those communities but 99% of the crit i hear from non-othkn people is just. snooty ableism? like Who Cares My Dude they aint hurtin no one.

it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to

my D&D party, that is. clockwise from the big dude at 12:00 we have; Garbage, our soul stitched paladin, Vape (oh, I know.), our high elf monk, Sneaky Steve, our dwarf rogue, Daevalur, my wood elf cleric, and Z, our pixie ranger.

not pictured, the ghost of Ulysses, our half-elf bard who moved to paris  died in a terrible accident. pictured- Ulysses’ prized banjo, strapped to Garbage.

Of all the prompts I was given for these two, I’m writing the naughtiest. So forgive me if I spam u with the nerds, it’s just the wave of insp that comes to me

my mum was moping the floors n told my sis to let me know that the floor was wet n she was like ya sure. i legit came out of my room had a full on convo w her n she didnt even mention it n i went down stairs n as soon a stepped off the last stair i fell straight on my ass. 


story time