12 days of marvel


Title: Secret Santa (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Tony schemes up a plan to set Steve and the reader up with each other for their Secret Santa gifts; leaving them with a Christmas Eve that they will never forget.

Word Count: 1740

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: Wow this has just taken my heart and RIPPED IT TO SHREDS. I loved writing it so so SO much. Happy day 10, I can hardly believe it! Hope you enjoy!

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12 Days of Deadpool, #2

Deadpool x Reader, dirty dancing. 


You meet Wade at Tony Stark’s Christmas Party.

“Holy fuck,” you peered away from Nat, eyes glued to the man who strolled  into the party. “Nat, is that-”

“Wade Wilson,” she muttered under her breath with a low smile.


“Yeah, he’s pretty close to Peter. So Tony begrudgingly invited Wade to his Christmas party,” Nat took a sip of her drink.

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A Christmas Miracle

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Twelve Days of Fanfic: Day One

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: “ Surprising Petey with some electronic that he really wanted that he couldn’t afford (or find in the dumpster) for Christmas and cute holiday cuddles by the tree?”

Warnings: None

A/N: I made the electronic device a Turing machine, I hope you don’t mind! I love Alan Turing’s work so much. He was an amazing man and did some awesome stuff like invent the premise for modern day computers… (I said earlier he had broken the Enigma- but I’ve learned it was actually the Polish who did it! Their names were Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski, and they deserve the credit! Sorry about that)

A little bit of info for those that don’t know: A Turing machine is a machine that basically changes and manipulates symbols on a roll of tape, or paper, according to some set rules. There’s no specific type of machine. They’re pretty cool, though! 

Also, the little easter egg at the end of this fic… hehe… just a little headcanon of mine lol

Your breath puffed out in a cloud before you, the crisp, winter New York air stinging your lungs with every breath. You clutched a green paper-wrapped box in your hands, your gloved fingers holding onto it tightly. The corners bit into the palm of your hand, the paper of the package crinkling softly.

You ran a thumb over the box, feeling excitement rise in your chest. It was the night before Christmas, and you had managed to get something that Peter had been looking for for months. You had found it in a box at the back of the thrift store down the street from your own apartment, resting on top of a mound of random CDs and books like it had been waiting just for you.

As you approached Peter’s apartment building, a couple stray flakes of snow fluttered through the air. One caught you on the tip of the nose, the small flake melting into a tiny drop of water. You jogged the last few steps through the front door, relaxing gratefully when you met the heated air inside. You began the journey up the long flight of stairs to his apartment, making sure to keep the box steady in front of you.

You finally made it to his apartment, managing to knock rapidly with one hand. May answered the door, smiling widely when she saw you.

“Y/N! Come on in,” she said, standing back to allow you to step in. You fit the box past her, setting it down on the kitchen counter with a huff of relief.

“That’s a pretty big box,” May commented, shutting the door and striding into the kitchen.

You nodded. “It’s for Peter.”

At the sound of his name, your boyfriend appeared in the kitchen, his usual earbuds tucked in his ears. He grinned when he saw you, pulling the ear buds out and pulling you into a big hug.

“Hey!” He said, tucking his face into your shoulder.

“Hey, Peter,” you smiled. Peter pulled away, noticing the green box on the counter.

“What’s that?” he asked, raising his eyebrows questioningly.

“I guess you’ll have to see in a moment,” you said teasingly, picking up the box and carrying into his living room. The room was mainly lit by a christmas tree, the red and white lights illuminating the room in a soft mixed glow. You plopped down on the couch, the box on the coffee table in front of you. Peter sat next to you, reaching for the present hesitantly.

“May I open it?” he asked, his hands hovering just above the wrapping paper.

You nodded, pulling your hat and gloves off meanwhile. Peter dug his fingers under the edge of the taped paper, pulling it off carefully. You scooted to the edge of the couch, watching eagerly for Peter’s reaction when he saw what was inside.

He pulled the green paper off to reveal a plain brown box, the flaps folded to keep them down. He pulled them apart, his eyes widening when he saw the contents.

“No way,” he breathed, giving you a surprised look. His mouth hung open, his eyes bright. You just urged him onward. He reached into the box, pulling out the contraption.

“A Turing machine,” he whispered reverently, holding it out in front of him. The base was a little scuffed and the tape was old and yellowed, but to you and him it looked like the most beautiful thing ever.

“I’ve been looking for one of these. They’re normally so hard to find,” Peter said. He ran a careful finger down the edge and the roll of tape. “Where did you get it?”

You shrugged. “I found it at the thrift store. I wasn’t expecting to find it, but there it was.”

“It’s amazing, thank you,” Peter said, setting it down carefully. He put an arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his warm side. You burrowed into him, sighing contentedly. The warm light from the tree lit up Peter’s face, the star at the very top shining brightly.

“I still can’t believe you found a Turing machine,” Peter said, still grinning widely.

“It’s a Christmas miracle, I guess,” you answered, pressing a small kiss to his flushed cheek. But what the two of you hadn’t noticed were the tiny, carved initials at the very bottom.

T. Stark -1985

12 days of Kissmas.

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Plot Summary: Bucky’s promised for the next 12 days until Christmas to surprise you with a different kiss each day. 

Day 1|Day 2| Day 3|Day 4|Day 5|Day 6 |Day 7 |Day 8|Day 9|Day 10|Day 11|Day 12

 ‘This song is ridiculous’ Bucky scoffed.
You rolled your eyes as ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ sang out in the background
‘Get with the times old man, didn’t you have anything like this in the 40’s?’
Bucky replied ‘We were in the middle of World War II; this whole Christmas thing wasn’t like now, we had to ration, we didn’t buy gifts; we made stuff – these days it’s over the top’
You frowned ‘Y’know you’re a right Grinch when you want to be’
Bucky chuckled, he didn’t see the enthusiasm for expensive, exaggerated Christmases and he wasn’t up to date with everything in the modern world – but he sure knew what a Grinch was.
‘Maybe you’d like this song – 12 days of Christmas?’ You suggested, as you put the track on.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Bucky laughed ‘Great! So now we’ve gone from one expensive Christmas to 12 days of filling my house with pointless garbage’
You groaned in frustration
‘So what do you want it to be?! 12 days of lets be miserable and make out with random girls in bars?’
‘How about 12 days of Kissmas instead?’ Bucky smirked, teasing you.
’12 days of what now?’ You spluttered, choking on the water in your glass.

‘From now until Christmas Day, I’ll give you a different kiss each day’
‘I’d rather choke on Stark’s homemade wine quicker Barnes’
Bucky’s laughter vibrated through the sofa ‘Looks like you’re already doing a grand job on that water. But hear me out doll, 12 days and not a single present in sight, just appreciating what you’ve got already’

Your eyes narrowed.
‘How does this benefit you?’
Bucky smirked, glancing sideways at you. ‘I get to kiss you every day and avoid this Christmas bullshit – it’s a win-win situation for me’
You looked away from Bucky starting to rant ‘I don’t believe that for one second; I mean how can you not like Christmas, cold weather, hot drinks, movies and cuddling under blankets, it’s not all about presents. I mean unless-‘

Bucky kissed your cheek.

You could feel the heat in your cheeks, shock setting in your nerves.
‘W-w-what the hell Barnes?’

Bucky grinned, singing ‘The first day of kissmas, my true love gave to me, a smacker right on the cheek!’

You let out a giggle at his song – you had no idea what you had let yourself in for, for the next 11 days.
But it was going to be eventful.

Someone Else

On the eighth day of fanfics steves–starsandstripes gave to me…

Characters: (Y/N), Bucky, Tony (mentioned)

Pairings: (Y/N) x Bucky

Summary: (Y/N) get’s drunk at Tony’s holiday party, and admits a little too much to Bucky

Warnings: Language, drunkenness, fluff

Word Count: 746

Author’s Note: Bucky lovers, this one’s for you guys :)

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You scanned the room, taking another swig of your drink. You sighed, looking at all the cheery faces of Tony’s holiday partygoers. You wished you could be as happy as them. You slammed your drink down on the bar, burying your face in your hands.

“You okay?” A voice asked, sitting in the stool next to you. You looked up, Bucky’s blurred figure looking down at you concerned.

“Oh, just super,” you slurred, gulping down more of your drink.

“Hmm, what a shame. I was hoping you were hating this party as much as me. Figured we could suffer together,” he smiled, a twinkle in his eyes.

“I would, but I’m too busy getting drunk,” you hiccuped, shaking your cocktail glass in his direction.

“Mind telling me why?”

“Because I’m a shitty person,” you muttered sadly, cutting yourself off with yet another drink. You finished off the glass, immediately asking the bartender for another. He went to grab more liquor, but Bucky shook his head, sliding your glass away from you. You didn’t notice.

“You are not a shitty person. Why would you even say that?” Bucky questioned, pulling out his wallet to tip the bartender.

“Because… I keep finding these great guys and then… I just can’t help but turn them away.”

“Well… why do you think they leave?”

“They don’t. I leave them because-” even in your drunken state you stopped yourself before you could go any further. Not with him, you can’t say it to him.

“Because what?…”

Oh, pshhhhh it’s only Bucky you can tell him. It’s not like he’ll say anything.

“Because, I like someone else,” you answered. Immediately, you slammed your hand against your mouth remembering why you couldn’t tell anyone, especially Bucky. Oh god noooooo, Bucky IS the someone else.

“…wh-who is this s-someone else?” Bucky stuttered, his heart fluttering so hard in his chest he thought he might explode.

“It’s umm… you know uh, …” you rambled, hopelessly trying to find a way out, “You, uh, you don’t know him.” Bucky felt his heart get caught in his throat.

“Really? Because for a minute there I thought you were going to say me…” he countered, desperately trying not to lose hope that what he had dreamed might actually be true.

You sighed, knowing that there was no getting out now. Goodbye friendship, I’ll miss you. “Alright… just, I want you to know that I don’t ever want to stop being your friend. It’s just… it’s just that lately…” you paused, not knowing how to confess. Bucky just nodded, giving you the okay to continue.

You took a deep breath, closing your eyes. “Lately, I can’t stop thinking about you. I see you, and I talk with you, and I just know. I know that I feel something. And no matter how many guys I’ve gone out with just to try to forget about you, you’re still the first person I think of when I wake up, and the first person I think of when I go to sleep. For goodness’ sake, I don’t even stop thinking of you then. And, I know we’re best friends, and I know you don’t feel the same wa-”

You were interrupted by something that even in your wildest dreams you couldn’t have imagined; Bucky grabbed hold of your cheeks, slamming his lips against yours. You were beyond shocked. This is all just a dream. I’m gonna close my eyes, and when I open them I’ll be back in my bed.

You closed your eyes.

When you opened them again, Bucky was right in front of you, his forehead pressed against your own.

“…okay I know I caught you off guard, but if you’re not gonna kiss me you could at least say something,” he whispered, his face breaking into a huge smile. You blushed, a matching smile spreading across your face. You laughed, shaking your head in disbelief, then kissing him once more. You two kissed until you were out of breath, and yet even then you felt like it had ended all too quickly.

“So… what do we do now?” you asked him, brushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.

“For starters, I’ll do what I should’ve done a long time ago… (Y/N), would you go to dinner with me tomorrow night?” he said, a stupid grin still on his face.

You giggled at how cute and formal he had become. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


Title: Holiday Break-In (Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The reader decides to ‘break in’ to their boyfriend’s place while he’s out to decorate for Christmas, something he wouldn’t have time to do.

Word Count: 1143

A/N: YAY FOR PIETRO! I love him with all my heart. Wand also made an appearance in this! I hope you enjoy!

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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #10

Spideypool x Reader

Peter and Wade give you two amazing Christmas gifts. 

#1, #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9

It was Christmas morning and you were resting on the couch in your apartment; nursing a warm cup of coffee. Your eyes watched in delight as wrapping paper flew in the air, as Wade ripped opened his gift from you

“Holy son of a preacher man!” Wade looked up at you, “You can’t tell but I have a huge boner right now.”

You laughed, “Now you can sharpen the twins, it’s suppose to be one of the best ones out here.”

“Thanks, sweet buns,” Wade placed the katana sharpening kit down and  stood up from the floor. He made his way to you on the couch and kissed you on the forehead.

“Baby boy, let’s go get the stuff,” Wade motioned for Peter to follow him into the second bedroom you used as an office.

Peter placed his new camera lens down and smiled at you, “Close your eyes.”

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Christmas in New York City

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Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas


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“Has anyone seen (Y/N)?” Steve asks, walking into the common room.  The assembled Avengers shrug in response, engrossed in the movie playing on the TV.

“Up on the roof,” Nat says.  Steve nods and thanks her before heading to the elevator.  The ride up to the roof is short and when the doors open, he can’t help but smile.

You’re standing in the middle of the roof, bundled up in layers of scarves and puffy jackets.  You’re staring out at the New York skyline, taking in the twinkling lights and snow-covered buildings.

“Enjoying the view?” Steve asks.  You turn around and smile happily, your cheeks and nose bright pink from the cold.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” you respond breathlessly.  “What’s up, Steve?”

“You left off your signature on your last mission report,” Steve says, offering you a tablet and stylus.  You nod and do your best to sign your name, even though your hands are shaking slightly from the cold.

“Thanks,” you say.  “Guess I’d better come back inside with you.”  You follow Steve back into the elevator, enjoying the warmth of being inside.  You gradually begin peeling of the layers you’re wearing.  “You’re so lucky you can’t get cold.”

“It’s not even that chilly,” Steve protests.

“Easy for you to say,” you reply, unzipping yet another jacket.  “You’re from here.  You’re used to this kind of weather.”

“That’s right, you’re not from New York,” Steve remembers.  “So, is this-”

“My first Christmas in New York?” you finish.  “Yep.  And it doesn’t really snow where I’m from, so…”

“So what have you done so far?” Steve asks.  “What have you gone to see?”  

“Nothing,” you admit.  “I’ve been a little busy.”

“What are you doing tonight?” Steve asks.

“Locking myself in my room and turning the heat on and hiding under a mountain of blankets,” you reply.  

“Wrong,” Steve grins.

Half an hour later, you’re rebundled up and heading south on the subway to Brooklyn.  

“What was Christmas like?” you ask.  “Back before the war?”

“Cold,” Steve says.  “That was back before, so I just stayed inside, trying not to catch something I couldn’t beat.”

“Oh,” you say.  “So you don’t exactly have the best Christmas memories then?”

“My mom, and later Bucky, they did their best to keep things festive,“ Steve says.  “If I was really lucky, I’d get some new newspapers to help insulate myself.  Maybe even half a loaf of bread.”  

Your eyes widen.  Steve glances over at you and bursts into laughter.  

“I’m kidding,” he says.  “We did okay.  Not great, but okay.”

“You are the worst,” you say, and you follow him off the train once it reaches your stop.

“I pulled that routine on Tony, my first Christmas with the Avengers,” Steve smirks.  “Felt so bad for me, he went a little overboard with the gifts.”

“When did you tell him?”

“Still haven’t,” Steve grins and you shake your head.

“You only get away with this type of stuff because you’re Captain America,” you say.  “Everyone just automatically believes everything you say.”

“You think I don’t know that?” Steve laughs and you playfully shove him.  

“So why are we in Brooklyn?” you ask.

“You just have to see it,” Steve says.  “We’re almost there.”

“Almost wher-”  You stop short as you turn the corner.  All you can see are lights.  

Every house on the block is covered in lights, displays and decorations.  The light illuminates the street, just an explosion of brightness.  Your smile slides across your face as you turn to Steve.

“This is incredible,” you gasp.  

“Nat brought me here last year,” Steve says.  “They decorate like this every year.”  

“You know me too well,” you smile.  You place a light kiss on his cheek.  “Thank you for bringing me here.”

Steve smiles, wrapping his arm around your waist and pressing his lips to your forehead.  You take his hand and the two of you head off down the street into the lights.

Sebastian Stan - Christmas Proposal

Day 12 of my 12 days of Christmas series. You can find the other 11 days on my 12 Days of Christmas Master List. Enjoy!

It’s Christmas Day and just like you have for the past four years, you celebrate it with Sebastian and both of your families. This year, Sebastian has a very special present for you, along with a very important question. 

Sebastian x Reader

Warning: Like, one swear word

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12 days of Kissmas #2

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Plot Summary: Bucky’s promised for the next 12 days until Christmas to surprise you with a different kiss each day.
Day 1|Day 2| Day 3|Day 4|Day 5|Day 6 |Day 7 |Day 8|Day 9|Day 10|Day 11|Day 12

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two turtle doves.

‘So this is just a grab and run mission?’ You asked, leaning back in your chair, legs stretched out on to the table.

‘Pretty much’ Steve replied, shuffling the paperwork together on the table.

‘It’s almost Christmas, inconsiderate bastards’ You murmured.

Steve chuckled at your remark.
‘I don’t think the HYDRA base considered your love for Christmas in this game plan, anyways it’s like 11 days away, it’s no where near!’

You smirked ‘My previous statement still stands – inconsiderate bas-‘

Steve held his hands up in a surrendered stance, laughing ‘Okay! Okay! Chill! We head out in a few hours, get your stuff together’

You were bent over tying up the laces on your boots.
‘Well, well, looks like my Christmas came early’ A voice said, behind you.
You looked through the gap between your legs to see Bucky there.
You groaned.
‘You can’t make noises like that doll, otherwise we’re going to end up in a different position’ Bucky smirked.
You straightened yourself up, facing him. ‘What do you want Barnes?’
‘Steve said you were leaving in a bit, he said you seemed on edge in briefing’
‘I’m always on edge – I live in the Avenger’s tower and 99% of the time the missions I’m on, I don’t have a clue whether I’m coming home’ You admitted, a lump stuck in your throat.
Bucky pulled you closer by your wrist ‘Hey…’ he whispered. ‘You’re coming home – you gotta’
‘Why?’ You asked.
Bucky smiled down at you ‘One, someone has to annoy the living crap out of me, Sam isn’t cutting it these days, secondly, Christmas. You’ve done my damn head in with it – so you need to come back and lastly? This.’ He kissed your forehead.

‘Barnes, what the fu-?!’
Bucky covered your mouth lightly with his hand and sang
‘On the second day of kissmas, my true love gave to me, a good luck forehead peck and a smacker right on the cheek!’

You started laughing ‘You’re still going with the 12 days of Kissmas huh?’

‘I told you I would – didn’t I? Look after yourself doll’ Bucky said, as he started to walk away.

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Friends with the Witch

On the tenth day of fanfics steves–starsandstripes gave to me…

Characters: (Y/N), Steve, Wanda, Tony

Pairings: (Y/N) x Steve

Summary: Wanda helps you and Steve out

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1165

Author’s Note: I wish I could be friends with Wanda, that would be so fun OML

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*In Tony’s Kitchen at Stark Tower*

Steve watched as (Y/N) talked with Wanda in the living room of Stark Tower. Steve sipped his coffee, unaware that he had been staring for far longer than he should have.

“My god man, stare any longer and she’ll start to feel you burning holes in the back of her head!” Tony exclaimed with an exasperated sigh as he fixed himself a cup of coffee. The sudden outburst had caused Steve to snap out of it. “Just do it already, Spangles,” Tony said, taking a seat next to Steve at the breakfast bar.

“Do what?” Steve asked, reaching for a newspaper, browsing it nonchalantly.

“Ask (Y/N) out.” Steve choked slightly on his coffee.

“Ex-excuse me??” he said between coughs.

“Oh please Cap, it’s so blatantly obvious how much you like her. So much so that everytime I’m near you I nearly get sick to my stomach. Do it, or I will,” Tony threatened casually.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Steve said, glaring over his newspaper at him.

“Hmm, so sure about that? Would you risk it? I don’t see you as one to gamble Rogers. Ask her out, or I just might do it myself,” Tony finished, leaving the room, and the conversation, tense.

*In the living room*

“Do they still think you and I are just talking?” you asked Wanda quietly.

“Let me check,” she replied, moving her hands, which were hidden by the back of the couch, using her powers to read their minds. “They are talking about you. They don’t pay us any attention.”

“Did he say anything about me?” you blushed. Wanda had known for a long time that you had a crush on Steve, ever since she decided it would be fun to read everyone’s minds during their first encounter with the Maximoff twins.

“Tony told Steve to ask you out. Steve choked, pretending that he didn’t know what Tony was talking about. Steve is a horrible liar, so Tony saw right through that,” Wanda said, still tapping into their conversation. You nodded, laughing a little at just how true it was. Steve is the worst at lying, he’s too much of a good, honest man. “Now Steve has essentially admitted to liking you.”

“Really?!” you whisper-cheered. You had known, with Wanda’s help, that Steve felt the same, but you could never fully believe it. You were too afraid that she would be wrong and that your hope would be crushed.

“Yes. Now Tony has threatened to ask you out himself,” Wanda continued.

“What?!” you shouted in disbelief. Covering your mouth, you looked over to the two, praying that they hadn’t heard you yell. Fortunately, they were too deep in discussion to notice.

“Yes, but it’s not true. Tony doesn’t like you, he’s just saying that to get Steve to ask you and stop being a pansy about it.”

“Hey!” you exclaimed, smacking her playfully.

“Oh, you know it’s true. Because of Steve’s past he knows nothing about girls. It’s okay, this is why I help you two. If I don’t, no one will ever make a move. You’re a pansy too,” she giggled.

You were about to argue with her, even though she had a point, when Tony got up. You looked over there, seeing Steve reading his newspaper once more. He appeared angry and frustrated.

“Why’s he so mad?” you wondered out loud.

“Tony threatened to ask you out, Steve said he wouldn’t, and then Tony said Steve may not want to risk it.”

“Ah, makes sense now.”

Wanda gasped, still reading Steve’s mind.

“What?! What’d you see?”

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Title: The Clauses (sister of Tony! Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Summary: Tony puts his own sister up with her least favorite person to dress up as the Clauses and pass out candy. It’s the holidays; they simply can’t say no.

Word Count: 1386

A/N: Uh, I love this so much? I loooove imagines where the reader is tony’s sister.AND UH Bucky I love him so much wow. I hope you enjoy this, happy day 6! Cannot believe we’re halfway through!

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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #3

Deadpool x Reader, fluff

Wade decides to give you some early Christmas gifts.

#1, #2

“What’s  going on?” you questioned Wade, who sat on the couch with three presents on his lap.

He smiled up at you, “Early Christmas gifts, come here sweet buns.”

You grinned and rushed to the couch, “Whoa, is that Deadpool gift wrapping paper?”

Wade nodded, “Fuck yeah it is! Didn’t you see the merchandise website Weasel set up?”

“No!” you laughed in disbelief. “Okay, so which one should I open first?”

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - Mistletoe

Day two of my 12 days of Christmas fic series! Hope you enjoy!

You’re feeling a little lonely this Christmas, it seems like everywhere you turn there are happy couples and families enjoying the holidays. Unbeknownst to you, Steve feels the same way, alone. Your friends can clearly see that you have feelings for each other and try to convince you both to ask the other out. Tony throws his annual Christmas party and he is more determined than ever to get the two of you to admit your feelings for one another. So, he fills the rest of the team in on his plan and they agree. It was guaranteed to be an interesting night.

Steve x Fem!Reader

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12 days of Kissmas #7

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Plot Summary: Bucky’s promised for the next 12 days until Christmas to surprise you with a different kiss each day.
Day 1|Day 2| Day 3|Day 4|Day 5|Day 6 |Day 7 |Day 8|Day 9|Day 10|Day 11|Day 12

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, seven swans a swimming.

‘What are you doing?’ Bucky asked, looking up as you climbed a ridiculously large tree.

Not looking back, continuing upwards you replied ‘I want to watch the sunset!’

‘And you couldn’t have done that on the roof of the Avengers Tower?’ 
‘Sometimes you gotta go out and grab life’ you said, just as your foot slightly slipped on a branch, making you gasp loudly.

Bucky had been watching below, seeing your foot slip made him panic. 

'I’m coming up Doll’ 
'Thought you didn’t want to watch the sunset?’ You shot back.
Bucky shook his head, grinning. 'I just said the Avengers Tower could offer the same thing - anyways, if I don’t stay you’re probably going to fall and break something’
You huffed, pulling yourself up another branch 'the only thing that will be getting broken Barnes, is that jaw with your smart ass remarks’ 
You peered down to see Bucky beginning to climb up the tree to meet you.

You climbed up a bit further until you saw the perfect place to stand. 
Using another branch to grasp, you looked out at the sky, a mixture of reds, oranges and yellows colliding together across the sky. 
'It’s a work of art’ you whispered to yourself, when you felt a hand wrap around your waist.
'you’re not wrong doll’ Bucky said, resting his chin on your shoulder. 
'Glad to hear you can finally appreciate natural beauty Barnes’ still not taking your eyes off the skyline.
'Always do Doll’ he replied, not taking his eyes off you; but you were unaware of his gaze.

Bucky peppered kisses along your shoulder.
You smiled at the tickling sensation from the stubble on his face.

He started to sing ‘On the seventh day of Kissmas, my true love gave to me a shoulder to caress, a kiss blown that’s soaring, a soft haaaaaand embrace, several eskimo kisses, a flutter of butterfly wishes, a good luck forehead peck and a smacker right on the cheek!’
You placed your hand over his on your waist and gave it a squeeze.

'Bucky?’ You asked
'What’s up doll?’ He replied, huskily.
'I have no idea how to get down from this tree’
His eyes widened and mouth agape 'Are you being serious? Why did you come up here? I knew-’ Your laughing interrupted him.

 You squeezed his hand that bit tighter 'I’m just messing with you Buckster…’ You look at him, grinning’ ’…the look on your face though!’

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Silent Night

On the fourth day of fanfics steves–starsandstripes gave to me…

Pairings: (Y/N) x Dad!Steve

Summary: When (Y/N) wakes up to find Steve gone, she finds him with your baby boy being super fluffy and adorable.

Warnings: Fluff that is so sweet it will give you cavities

Word Count: 410

Author’s Note: Seriously guys, this is so cute I might actually die from choking on all the fluff I just wrote omg

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You awoke from your “nap” realizing it was quite a bit more than just a nap. It was 12:03am, and you assumed that your husband Steve would be in bed beside you. Yet, when you reached over to his side of the bed, you were met with faint warmth and nothing more.

Finally opening your eyes, you saw that he indeed wasn’t there. You looked around your bedroom groggily, and saw that a little bit of light was coming from the hallway. Getting out of bed, you immediately regretted it because it was freezing in your apartment.

Shivering, you grabbed your blanket and wrapped it around yourself. You then grabbed your fuzzy boots, putting them on your icy-cold feet. Satisfied that you would be warm enough to make it down the hall, you went to investigate.

You quickly found that the light was coming from the nursery. When you walked in, a huge smile spread across your face at the sight before you; Steve was sitting in the rocking chair in the corner, cradling your baby boy, James, in his arms.

When you walked in, he looked up slightly alarmed, but relaxed when he realised who it was. He whispered a small “shh”, and you nodded. You came and stood next to Steve, careful not to disturb James, who was asleep. James snored lightly, and your heart melted in your chest. He then began sucking his thumb, and you leaned down to kiss his soft little head. Steve looked up at you with a huge grin on his face, admiring your love for your baby boy.

Staying as quiet as possible, you asked Steve what he was doing with James so late.

“I didn’t want him to be alone when his first Christmas started,” Steve began, holding James a little closer to him, “I know it doesn’t make much sense, since he won’t remember, but I just thou-”. He was interrupted when you grabbed his warm cheeks gently, pulling him into a small kiss.

“It’s not silly, it’s actually one of the most adorable things I’ve ever heard,” you assured him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders from behind in a reverse-hug.

And that’s how the three of you stayed. You stood there with your small family, welcoming in Christmas together for the first time as a trio. You loved your boys more than anything in the entire world, and you wouldn’t want to finish off the year with anyone else.


Title: Holiday Boyfriend (fem! Reader x Sam Wilson)

Summary: The reader is stressing out about her trip home for the holidays without a boyfriend to keep her relatives from hounding her so, Tony Stark has a great idea; have a pretend boyfriend for the week.

Word Count: 1423

A/N: I LOVED THIS OMG OMG!!!!! Sam Wilson has my <3. I hope you enjoy this, happy day 8!


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Ivonne’s 12 Days of Deadpool, #4

Spideypool x Reader, fluff.

Peter and Wade make you Christmas cookies.

#1, #2 , #3

Cookies. The smell of cookies had hit your nose strongly, waking you up from a much needed nap. You get out of the large bed and realized you were still naked from earlier. Quickly, you put on a pair of black shorts and ‘Frankie Says Relax’ shirt. You walked quietly out the bedroom door and walked into the kitchen.

“Wade! The cookies are going to burn!” Peter groaned.

“Listen Betty Crocker, I know what I’m doing,” Wade snapped back with a smirk. He opened the oven door with his Hello Kitty oven mitts and took out the sheet of cookies. “See, baby boy. Delicious.”

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