12 days of disney christmas


Disney For Days - Favorite Movie [3/12]

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

“I’m a master of fright, and a demon of light, and I’ll scare you right out of your pants. To a guy in Kentucky, I’m Mister Unlucky, and I’m know throughout England and France. And since I am dead, I can take off my head, to recite Shakespearean quotations. No animal nor man, can scream like I can, with the fury of my recitation.”

On the 12th day of Christmas Disney gave to MEEEE

12 royal movies
11th princess’s coronation
10 decent sequels/prequels 
9th princess leaked mucus

8 horrific original stories

7 cute kiddies

6 “I don’t want to get married” cases

5 lovely blondes

4 fierce worriers 
 3 girls desperate for love 

2 rebellious red heads

And a Native American and an Asian that are never on merchandise 

Happy Holidays from AskTheDisneyPrincess13