12 day reading challenge

March Book Photo Challenge

Day 12: bookish place

My dad’s office. When I was a child I used to sit here and read/look at some of his books while he worked.

With Honours

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Featuring: Kyungsoo, D.O. (EXO)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin S

As Requested! Also day 12 of the challenge~ Can be read alone or with the PREQUEL or Parts ONE and TWO of the Extra Credit Series! Enjoy!!!

Kyungsoo stood there, dress pants and dress shirt, tie slightly loosened and you launched yourself at him.

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Books & Cupcakes September Book Photo Challenge // Day 12: Reading next…

Just look at that candy-coated cover. I LIVE for Millennium.

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CATCH UP - Day Twelve: Genre

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything high fantasy. 


December Book Photo Challenge (via books-cupcakes)

Day Eight: Best cliffhanger

Well it’s definitely shocking, and also happens to be the only one I can even think of.