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1.  A SINGLE MAN (2009) This story of love and loss stars John Lautner’s 1949 Schaffer Residence. The film’s immaculate Mid-Century style is the result of a collaboration between director Tom Ford and Mad Men production designer Dan Bishop. 

2. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful films ever made, this is as much a lyrical portrait of ‘60′s Hong Kong as it is a tale of doomed romance. The 12th Century Temples of Angkor Wat also make an appearance. 

3. BEFORE SUNSET (2004)  As in the previous instalment of this trilogy, the pleasures of wandering around an unfamiliar city provide this film with its context and structure, and also reinforce its romantic theme of a journey of accidental discovery. 

4. THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS (2001) Wes Anderson’s signature aesthetic had its most elaborate outing then to date, with the iconic 111 Archer Avenue, home to (amongst others) star-crossed lovers /adopted siblings Margot and Richie. 

5. LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) The loneliness, cultural disorientation, and general sense of freedom and discovery that come with being in an utterly foreign city provide the catalyst for an unexpected romance. 

6. MANHATTAN (1979) See this film for a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum, and for the fact that its central love story actually takes place not between the characters of Isaac and Tracy, but between Woody Allen and New York.

7. HER (2008) Spike Jonze’s near-future LA is a cleaned up, greened-up amalgam of the actual present-day city and the Pudong business district of Shanghai, infused with the palette of a Jamba Juice store.

8. BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1945) One for all the urban designers out there, this is a film about two individuals who are drawn into each other’s lives by the use of public transport :-). For a less iconic riff on the same theme, there’s also the Meryl Streep / Robert De Niro FALLING IN LOVE (1984) (in which De Niro plays an architect). Both films celebrate the kind of chance encounters which are missed when sitting alone in a car on a motorway.

9. ONCE (2006) Again the city streets (in this case those of Dublin) are the catalyst for romance, here between a Big Issue seller and a busker, whose relationship evolves during a lunchtime spent in an local music shop. 

10. BLADERUNNER (1982) As with some of the others, this isn’t technically a romance film, but its love story is as integral to the movie as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, Sumner Hunt/ George Wyman’s Bradbury Building, and that perpetually rainy cyber-punk city. Cinema’s most beautiful (and romantic) urban dystopia.


(Image: Schaffer Residence by Joe Fletcher, via Remodelista)  

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Sanctuary of Athena Polias Nikephoros

Pergamon, Turkey

2nd Century BCE

12.72 x 21.77 m.

The Sanctuary of Athena Polias Nikephoros (Athena of the City, Bringer of Victory) was at the Pergamon Acropolis. The monumental gateway, which stood at the northeast corner of the sanctuary, was built by Eumenes II in the early 2nd century BC.

The two-storey building, had a porch of four Doric columns (tetrastyle) on the ground floor, above which was a dedicatory inscription by Eumenes to Athena Nikephoros. The upper storey was a balcony with four Ionic columns and fronted by a military frieze depicting armour and weapons. 

The Sanctuary of Athena Nikephoros, on the southwest corner of the walled citadel on the Acropolis, was one of Pergamon’s oldest religious centres, used for the worship of Athena and Nike.

Art prompts/cool things to sketch part one

1. Mermaids 

2. your otp, person A is a lost traveller, person B is a spirit trying to lure them 

3. eyes with landscapes in the iris 

4. your best friend 

5. your family as vampires/the addams family 

6. pastel goth au 

7. a magic forest

8. a drawing of anything, but only using 2-3 colours 

9. one half of your otp dying in the others arms 

10. a pet

11. how someone would look if they lived in the 18th century 

12. steampunk au 

13. dancing in the rain 

14. a mermaid sitting on a rock in the ocean while a storm rages 

15. fairies 

16. the reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in a long time 

17. otp at christmas 

18.otp at halloween 

19. What the star signs would look like in human form 

20. a bride with a bouquet of wildflowers 

21. pirates 

22. yourself in the world of your favourite book 

23. a summery portrait of someone grinning 

24. a perfect place

25. ghosts 

26. coffee shop au 

27. an argument 

28. 80′s fashion 

29. silhouettes and sunsets 

30. its raining and your otp have to share a one person umbrella 

31. beach walks 

32. space 

33. what your pet would look like as a human 

34. classic characters (such as oliver twist) in modern day clothing 

35. punk! 

36. blocks of colour and how they blend

37. a pretty spot in your neighbourhood 

38. what the inside of your mind looks like 

39. autumn leaves 

40. copy from an old polaroid picture 

41. top in each others clothes

42. angel/human relationships 

43. gay anything 

44. hands 

45. your favourite flower 

46. a masked ball 

47. do a blind drawing, then fix the mistakes with a different colour

48. cacti 

49. happy place 

50. view from inside as it rains 

History: German Institute for Magically Gifted

((I’m so surprised so many people were actually interested in this topic. So finally here is a “brief” summary of the GIMG/DEFÜMB. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions… feel free to ask! I’m happy to answer all the questions))

Until the end of the 12th century, Europe was divided in several big kingdoms in which also Germany found it’s place led by the Hohenstaufen. In these big kingdoms witches lived together mostly in small communities disguised as workhouses, orphanages or even brothels where they had suffering lives. It wasn’t until the 13th century when Europe’s countries started to divide even more that Germany was split into hundreds of small dukedoms and shires, making it difficult for the people living there. Around that time (the exact date is unknown until today) when Gerda the Protectress made a decision. She left the orphanage she lived in and together with other witches from the same orphanage, she walked to the forests. This forest is known as Schwarzwald (“Black Forest”) today. On the way they were able to visit other places filled with witches and asked them to follow as well. It was not difficult to convince them since most of them knew it was dangerous to stay.

It was the time the church started to become stronger and people started to talk about druda, malefica or hagzissa: words to describe witches. (The word witch, in German: Hexe, wasn’t used yet and wouldn’t be established for another century.) This is why they started become scared. They heard about people burning down houses in this or that village because a druda might have killed a neighbour’s pig.

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stay in bed; a sleepy/chillax mix

a mix set up so you can nap and relax for all your lazy day needs

1. let her go - passenger | 2. waste the night - 5 seconds of summer | 3. clouds - one direction | 4. take a walk - passion pit | 5. sweet disposition - the temper trap | 6. sweater weather - the neighborhood | 7.  come on get higher - matt nathanson | 8. riptide - vance joy | 9. big jet plane - angus & julia stone | 10. (un) lost - the maine | 11. vegas skies - the cab | 12. everywhere everything - this century | 13. u.n.i. - ed sheeran | 14. here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye | 15. team - lorde | 16. kiss me slowly - parachute | 17. walking on a dream - empire of the sun | 18. help our souls [prefunk remix] - nihils | 19. why’d you only call me when you’re high? - arctic monkeys | 20. strange love - halsey | 21. brand new moves - hey violet | 22. pillowtalk - zayn | 23. ride - twenty one pilots | 24. youth - troye sivan | 25. palace - hayley kiyoko | 26. pacify her - melanie martinez | 27. robbers - the 1975 | 28. remembering sunday - all time low | 29. chasing cars - snow patrol | 30. everything we had - the academy is… | 31. jet pack blues - fall out boy | 32. good to you - marianas trench | 33. dark paradise - lana del rey | 34. black ajax - locksley 

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Slay of the Century (Part 12)

Title: Slay of the Century

 Summary: Dean and Sam’s world gets turned upside down when they find a new friend and ally in a hunter, Jayme Sipher.  

 Warnings:  Slight Angst.  

 Slay of the Century Master Post

Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

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Jayme’s POV

I have always prided myself on being able to pick up on the little things.  Those little tics that people have, their quirks that make them who they are.  I notice those things, and I use them to tell how people feel, what mood they are in, whether or not they are being truthful.  

Dean, for example, has a few of these little things that give him away.  Like when he thinks something dirty, or trying to be seductive, his eyebrows raise and he licks his bottom lip.  It sounds pretty obvious, but he has perfect the art of doing this just ever so slightly that you may notice it if you were paying attention.

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