12 brothers


Y'ello everyone! Take some of the fancomic’s artwork/development for your viewing pleasure :> Still have much to draw and write, but things are going steady! Sorry for the long-post but…it seems that photo-posts don’t deserve a ‘read more’ tool…right. Great.


I don’t think I remember doing a picture with so many different noses, hairstyles and body-shapes in it. i’m glad they are ‘just’ 13 because I was starting to lack ideas for those noses! GEEESH.

And the hardest part of the character design was to make them all different but still similar enough to look like they are bothers. As if designing independent characters wasn't hard enough >_>

I have a love-hate relationship with group pictures. Hate to do them, love to see the final results. *looks at the fruits of her labor* Yup, I dig it.

Okay! So this is my headcanon for the Westergard family! 

It is rather usual for everyone to assume that Hans’s brothers were cruel and bullied him frequently, but…sometimes neglect is the worse kind of abuse. Physical pain can be more tolerable than psychological pain, and I think that his brothers didn’t exclude Hans from their lives with the actual purpose of hurting him. I really think that they all suffered from the same predicament: the constant hunt to find their purpose in the kingdom of the Southern Isles. The problem was that Hans came too late, and when he wanted to show that he was good enough and could be of value, all the positions were taken. So, let’s analyse each brother, one by one.

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Some moments from last night’s Oscars - 86th Annual Academy Awards


It’s a small, broken family. But with the three of us, I know we’ll get along just fine. We still have each other.

Wanting to draw younger Hamadas turned into drawing Tadashi heavily struggling after the loss of their parents, since he was old enough to deal with it. He and Cass had to carry the weight on their own for a good while, since Hiro was still too young to understand (and Tadashi just lied, saying “They’re just on vacation, they’ll be back someday”). He vowed to shoulder it for both he and Hiro, so the poor kid wouldn’t have to be troubled by it when he was young. 

Turns out it was Hiro who ended up easing most of the pain though, huh. 


I feel a need to analyze the whole Hans thing

So there’s a lot of evidence to show that he was planning to take over the kingdom the whole time, I mean he says it right out. But I still think Disney did too well in making the plot twist because he came across as a genuinely nice guy, which is what makes him so evil and such a jerk.

But really I think the only thing that made us hate him was that he deceived them, was willing to let Anna die, and his repeated attempts at killing Elsa. Which actually is a lot. But the drama was just between the three of them, really. I think that with others he maybe was actually a good guy. 

This is a lot of wishful thinking on my part but I just want to show some parts where he could have slowly came up with an evil agenda throughout the movie rather than having an evil agenda the whole time. 


When he first meets her and hits her with his horse he stops to make sure she’s okay and helps her up. But he didn’t know she was the princess of Arendelle so he’s genuinely being courteous. 


When he does find out she’s the Princess of Arendelle he decides to try and get himself into the royal family and he forshadows this by saying “I’m so sorry for hitting the princess of Arendelle with my horse. And for every moment after.

That can be seen as him apologizing for planning to marry her for the title and tricking her into falling in love with him. He knows it’s a mean thing to do but he’s 13th in line back home and being 2nd wouldn’t be as bad as that. At this point I’m going to argue that he doesn’t plan on killing Elsa, the thought might occur to him, but not right away.


Hans has 12 older brothers. 

And I grew up around about nine older cousins who all I wanted from was their love and affection but they would play hide and seek and “forget” to come find me and my brother. So I understand some resentment boiling a little over time.


He gets a taste of how it feels to be admired by people and that probably feels pretty good since three of his own brothers pretended he was invisible for a while


This is where I think the power and opportunity of running the kingdom takes him over. 


I think that this is the moment when he thinks about killing Elsa. At first I think there’s a little regret in his face but then we see the North Mountain and he comes up with the idea and realizes the perfect timing. 


All in all, I really wish we knew more about Hans’s backstory so I could understand why he did what he did. I know that takes away from him being the villian but that’s what happens when Disney sets him up as a good guy and suddenly makes him the bad guy.

If you rewatch Frozen there’s a lot of hints that Hans is the bad guy but there’s also places where you can see that he was probably ignored by his brothers like Anna was by Elsa. But Anna was the better person and forgave Elsa. 

  • Sam being tortured.
  • Sam not knowing that Dean is alive.
  • Dean going nuts because he can’t find his little brother.
  • The Winchesters being apart for the longest since forever.

The first episode of the season is called “Keep Calm and Carry On”. What calm do you want me to keep? I’m gonna cry like a little baby!!


twelve & two. | part fifteen
[bts x got7 x reader]
genre: sibling!au / angst

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part fifteen: brother and sister.

authors note: omfg omfgomfomgogoofsgsod the pain. the fucking paaaain. sorry for disappearing again for a bit i am now officially in my third year of university and safe to say its hittin me pretty hard. also WOOOWO FINALLY the big reveal of the meaning of twelve and two!!! IF YOU MISSED PART 12.5 PLS GO READ IT. hope i didnt disappoint and hope yall enjoy. im going to my history lecture now. xox

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Backpacking in the Alabama wilderness

This is a creepy encounter experienced by reddit user cmvr2256. Estimated reading time: 10 minutes.

This happened about 6 years ago, as stated I was about 12 and my brother was 26 at the time. My brother had been serving in the U.S. Army for several years when this happened and was deploying to the Middle East on his 2nd deployment if i remember correctly. Also of note was that he is a Green Beret and had recently (3 or 4 months prior to this trip) completed the Army Special Forces Qualification Course (Robin Sage and all that), and by then was an active duty SF Engineer Sergeant. Definitely not someone you’d want to fuck around with.

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8 Year Old Feli Asks...
  • Feliciano:Fratello I have a question.
  • Feliciano:What's zero divided by zero?
  • Lovino:Hmmm...well
  • Lovino:Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense. And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies, and you are sad that you have no friends.