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my sisters and i were talking about yoi at dinner and my older sister said "sure, ill watch it in my free time, read a lot about it" but my younger sister said "i know its everywhere but anime isnt my thing so no" and im so not the "if i watch it you have to" kind but told her its like nothing thats has ever been made before and tried to explain whats about, as much as she let me of course, and that she should give it a try but still got a no im so sorry im ranting but im just so upset rn

Aww that sucks. You know how i convinced my 12-year old younger brother who was raised to feel really awkward around anything gay?

“Hey, look at this clip of YOI dub.” *Victor says something*
“I’ll watch it.”

He is now caught up after a day.

Working on finalizing plans and specifics for the next leg of traveling and connecting some more lovely individuals! 😍✨ Leg #3: I’ll be traveling for a few weeks though the holidays after leaving Spokane around Dec. 18 or so to head down for my bottom surgery consult in San Fran. After which, I’ll be heading straight through to Colorado to spend Christmas with a couple friends. ☺️🎄Then I’m planning to do meet ups in Wyoming and South Dakota on the way to see my mom and little sisters and fam for a few days through New Years, stopping through Chicago after (where a friend of mine will hopefully be joining me for the rest back to Spokane 😄), and then meet ups through North Dakota and Montana on my way back to Spokane, WA a few days before Jan. 12 for my hysto! Brothers: if I’ve missed adding you to my list, and you’re in Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota or Montana and you’re interested in connecting with others nearby, please feel free to let me know! Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone and bringing more of us together! 😄💙🌱 #ftm #trans #transgender #meetupstocome #connectingthecommunity #community #love #ontheroadagainsoon #openroad #roadtrip #wyoming #southdakota #northdakota #montana #leg3 #gettingready #ftmtraveler (at Spokane, Washington)

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Summary for the week ending Dec 4, 2016

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending Dec 4th, 2016.

I’ve released Magick, Music and Ritual 12. It’s available for immediate digital download. The whole thing is a monster! There’s 45 tracks by 41 artists, and there’s 6 hours of music! 6 hours!

Magick, Music and Ritual 12, the 2016 anthology album from the Hermetic Library

Here’s a summary of posts on the blog from last week

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Y'ello everyone! Take some of the fancomic’s artwork/development for your viewing pleasure :> Still have much to draw and write, but things are going steady! Sorry for the long-post but…it seems that photo-posts don’t deserve a ‘read more’ tool…right. Great.


I don’t think I remember doing a picture with so many different noses, hairstyles and body-shapes in it. i’m glad they are ‘just’ 13 because I was starting to lack ideas for those noses! GEEESH.

And the hardest part of the character design was to make them all different but still similar enough to look like they are bothers. As if designing independent characters wasn't hard enough >_>

I have a love-hate relationship with group pictures. Hate to do them, love to see the final results. *looks at the fruits of her labor* Yup, I dig it.

Okay! So this is my headcanon for the Westergard family! 

It is rather usual for everyone to assume that Hans’s brothers were cruel and bullied him frequently, but…sometimes neglect is the worse kind of abuse. Physical pain can be more tolerable than psychological pain, and I think that his brothers didn’t exclude Hans from their lives with the actual purpose of hurting him. I really think that they all suffered from the same predicament: the constant hunt to find their purpose in the kingdom of the Southern Isles. The problem was that Hans came too late, and when he wanted to show that he was good enough and could be of value, all the positions were taken. So, let’s analyse each brother, one by one.

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Some moments from last night’s Oscars - 86th Annual Academy Awards


It’s a small, broken family. But with the three of us, I know we’ll get along just fine. We still have each other.

Wanting to draw younger Hamadas turned into drawing Tadashi heavily struggling after the loss of their parents, since he was old enough to deal with it. He and Cass had to carry the weight on their own for a good while, since Hiro was still too young to understand (and Tadashi just lied, saying “They’re just on vacation, they’ll be back someday”). He vowed to shoulder it for both he and Hiro, so the poor kid wouldn’t have to be troubled by it when he was young. 

Turns out it was Hiro who ended up easing most of the pain though, huh.