12 babu



Theory of Happiness

Terror in his face he said “I’m a monster deep inside” filled with fear

But they’re wrong and so I said “That’s not true at all, just look here”
“That red you hate so much, a hero wears it proud! No really”
“It’s okay, no need to be afraid anymore”

So many feels from so many places. First off, this song’s cover, Ayano’s Theory of Happiness, made me thing of this spectacular blog right here http://askbigbroleo.tumblr.com/ , as well as the 2007 TMNT movie. Like, if they were intertwined, I suppose. (Though Raph here is a bit younger that the 12 Y/O babu in the blog.)

Big brother Leonardo going of to train in South America,  he’s prepping to leave his baby brothers, and is dealing with each one’s reaction to him leaving, trying to convince them to treat April like a big sister while he’s gone, and that it won’t feel quiet as long as it sounds. (One year is so long to youngers, sometimes…)

Mikey not understanding why his everyone’s sad that bubba’s leaving, just figuring he was going on a patrol or something, not grasping how long he’ll be gone. 

Donnie keeping quiet, over thinking everything, worrying internally about his brother and reading the heck out of any book on South America to help him prep for the leaving,

And the one particular line illustrated here of Raph being angry and upset that they’re being ‘abandoned’, and, with a little probing, may be just a little bit afraid of having his big brother leave, because without him, Raph’s left to step up, and that scares him. It’s a lot of responsibility for such a little kiddo.

Anyway, enjoy the feels!

This is an AU that 12 and I made up based on the misspellings of country bumpkin and wanton mistress of the night. It was five in the morning for me.

He pays me with homemade pumpkin pie but eventually he chops down all the pumpkin patches and starts a fling with Entre the Cactus Prince whereas I disappear from the countryside to marry into royalty and become Rice Queen.