12 august

Full Moon Dates 2017

January 12th Full Wolf Moon 6:34 am

February 10th Full Snow Moon 7:33 pm

March 12th Full Worm Moon 10:54 am

April 11th Full Pink Moon 2:08 am

May 10th Full Flower Moon 5:42 pm

June 9th Full Strawberry Moon 9:10 am

July 9th Full Buck Moon 12:07 am

August 7th Full Sturgeon Moon 2:11 pm

September 6th Full Corn Moon 3:03 am

October 5th Full Harvest Moon 2:40 pm

November 4th Full Beaver Moon 1:23 am

December 3rd Full Cold Moon 10:47 am

  • Zeref: You are the Spriggan 12, my loyal followers, my 12 shields.
  • Zeref: (points at Neinhart, Jacob and Ajeel) You are not important.
  • Zeref: (points at Brandish and Invel) You will be defeated by the overwhelming power of nakama.
  • Zeref: (points at Dimaria) You will be defeated by a child.
  • Zeref: (points ad Bloodman and Wahl) Okay, okay... you are worthy of a fair fight.....but you will lose.
  • Zeref: (points at God Serena) Well.... you could have helped, but Acnologia will KO you.
  • Zeref: (points at August, Eileen and Larcade) Now rise my fully functioning useful Spriggans!!

A woman representing the Tuvans from southern Siberia during the biannual “Kurultai”  or “Meeting of the Tribes” event in Bugac, Hungary, on August 12-14

Remembering Loretta Young on her birthday  (6 January 1913 – 12 August 2000)

“I believe that if we have lived our lives fully and well, and have accomplished, at least in part, the things we were put here to do, we will be prepared - mentally, physically and spiritually - for our separation from this world.”

FT Volume 58 cover

Neinhart has purple hair.My whole existence is a lie.


AND ALL THE SPRIGGAN 12 ON THE COVER.(I am so getting this volume)

(and larcade has blond-ish hair omg I don’t like where this is going)

I still like this cover tho<3

Who I think should do the English Spriggan voices - Bradman: Travis Willingham, Wahl Icht: Justin Cook, Dimaria: Laura Bailey, Neinhart: Ian Sinclair, Larcade: Troy Baker, God Serena: Jason Liebrecht, Brandish: Natalie Hoover, Irene: (Don’t know maybe they’ll reuse Colleen), Ajeel: Aaron Roberts, Jacob: Andrew Love, Invel: Taliesin Jaffe , August: Kent Williams
     – submitted by @thegreatrhapsode

Spriggan you got drunk with depending on your zodiac signs

Capricorn - Neinhart

Aquarius - Wahl

Pisces - Bloodman

Aries - Eileen

Taurus - Ajeel

Gemini - Larcade

Cancer - God Serena

Leo - Invel

Virgo - August

Libra - Brandish

Scorpio - Jacob

Sagitarius - Dimaria

Sorry if this has been made before by somebody else. This was my own idea.