12 anniversary

You’re Invited

(graphic by @d-s-winchester)

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 2325
Summary: A day a year in the making.
Warnings: You’re going to swoon a lot. I’m that confident in this piece.

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What a difference 70 years makes Juxtaposition of Ferrari 125S, 1947 and LaFerrari Aperta, 2017. Yesterday, March 12, marked to 70th anniversary of the day Enzo Ferrari first drove the 125S, the first car to bear his name, through the streets of Maranello. On March 12 2017, Ferrari launched its official celebrations for this milestone anniversary


22.12.12 Diamond of the Day Part I
The Battle of Camlann/The Battle of Pendragons was the final battle between siblings Arthur Pendragon and Morgana Pendragon. Which, in the aftermath, would see both Pendragons dead within moments of each other. Both from a stab to the heart with a sword forged in a Dragon’s breath, and with their deaths the House of Pendragon would become extinct.
The Pendragon Dynasty was born with a conqueror and died with his successor  


So Tenka celebrates its second anniversary this week, and there has been a bonus mini story at the start of the app these past few days involving Keiji doing a survey of sorts. Today, he asks the 12 Lords for their Anniversary messages/ wishes and they are so sweet. 

Translation below: (you’d forgive me if I start with my biases, will you? hahahahahah)

Disclaimer: while I tried to translate it so the meaning comes across. They are by no means accurate. 


Omae ni wa kizuka sareru koto bakarida. Hontōni sukuwareteru to omouyo. Korekara saki mo, ore no tonari ni ite kure.

All it takes is for you to notice. I think I’m really saved. From now on, please stay by my side. 

basically this old man needs her to notice stuff and take care of him. 


Zenbu omae no seidakara. Dakara, omae no sei yokeina kanjō made shiru hame ni natta. Damatte soba ni  iro yo.  

It’s all because of you. It’s your fault that I got all these feelings. So just be quiet and stay by my side.


Nani ga atte mo, omae no koto wa ore ga mamoru. Dare ni mo tedashi wa sa sen.  Dakara, anshin shite ore ni tsuite kite kure.

Whatever happens, I will protect (everything about) you. Don’t go to anyone else. So follow me with confidence / peace of mind. 

Basically, he will protect her everything (absolutely), so don’t rely on anyone else, she should just leave it to him, like : he got it!


Kimi to deaete, watashi wa hontōni shiawase mono da. Sono airashī hitomi ni zutto watashi o utsushite ite okure

Meeting you has made me happy. Let me be the one reflected in those beautiful eyes, always.


Omae-san mo akinai ne. Mā, koko made kitara nochi nan-nen tatte mo onajidesho. Soba ni i na yo.

You’re not giving up, are you, little lady? It’s still the same after years. Still by my side.

(He calls her omae-san, in Japanese, which is a slightly polite/sarcastic ‘you’, which tenka has translated to ‘little lady’. yep, he is admiring her patience to still be with him, everything else is implied in his eyes, I guess…)


Ore ga aisuru no wa, ato ni mo, saki ni mo, omae dakeda itsumo arigatou.

I love you. Always have been, Always will. I’m always grateful for you.

ato ni mo, saki ni mo literally means my past, my future - so sweet right?


Ore ga omae ni iitē koto wa hitotsu dakeda. Korekara mo, ore no sobani iro.

I’ve got only one thing to say to you. From now on, stay by my side. 


Fun, kisama wa tada ore o shinjite tsuite kureba yoi. Kisama o shiawase ni dekiru otoko nado, ore igai ni iru wake nakarou. Hanareru koto wa yurusanu, wakatta na. 

Heh, you just have to believe in me and follow me. No man can make you happy like I do. I will never allow you to leave, understand.


Omae no koto wa ore ga mamotte yaru. Sono omoi wa, omae ga chīsai toki kara nanihitotsu kawattenē yo.

I will protect (everything about) you. This feeling has not changed since you were little. 

*gosh, I cannot do justice to what he is saying, basically he said it like this has always been the truth for him, that he will protect her, like always, since she was little. 


Anata no egao o miru koto ga, watashi no shiawasedesu.  Korekara saki mo zutto, tonari de waratte ite kuremasu ka?

Seeing your smiling face is my happiness. From now on, will you always smile by my side? 


Anta ga hata ni iru no wa… … Warukunai koto mo nai

You being here… I guess that’s not a bad thing…


Kimi no okage de hontōni, mainichi ga tanoshī to omoerunda. Dakara, korekara mo soba ni ite kureru? Sōshitara, ore ga tanoshī to omotte iru ijō ni, kimi o egao ni surukara.

Thanks to you, I’ve been having fun everyday. That’s why, will you stay by my side from now on? I will make you smile more (than for my own amusement)

gosh, this is hard to translate, basically he thanks her for making his days fun, so will she stay by his side so he can make her happy (in return, beyond his own gain).