12 and 12

things homestucks in 2017 will understand

- this cat is GAY and there’s nothing you can do about it
- dirkjohn is CANON
- vriskan is VRISKANON
- vriskanrezi is also canon??????
- your ad here: $700.20
- classpecting
- askblogs. so many askblogs.
- admageddon
- oh hey look bloodswaps are popular now
- all the discourse is on dirkjake and vrisrezi
- 6/12
- but really when is hiveswap coming out
- “knights are an active class”
- “pages are a passive class”
- kanaya is a furry
- *any character* is a furry

hey does anyone else remember 2009 fanfiction culture where every fic was based off a taylor swift song 

Kinda really concerned about Vanitas’s head tho. He literally was thrown into a brick wall and blacked out, and compared to a lot of injures of others we’ve seen in this series he’s holding his head a whole bunch, and also he already basically had a panic attack and still fucking DOVE INTO HELL and please…let him sleep but wake him up periodically in case of concussion.

k but??? i cannot get mad at part 1 sasuke. sorry but i physically cant get mad at him, hes like 12, hes sad, his brother beat the fuck out of and retraumatized him, hes scared, desperate, and hes only 12.
his only (?) parental figure basically told him to suck it up and move on, he feels like he CANT be around his friends, orochimaru planted the seed of self doubt inside him and its growing into a giant humongous plant of power craving hunger. he had no GUIDANCE. he wanted to be strong. he was 12!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean grips the wheel and stares at it, determined to push this feeling away and drive back to the bunker so he can take a shower and get a beer with Sam. His lips begin to tremble. His eyes get blurry and before he can withhold it, tears begin to trickle down his cheeks.

art collab with the amazing @consulting-mutt , based on this fic

Искам да пътувам с теб
Да ти готвя
Като станеш сутрин да ми направиш кафе,а аз да ти направя палачинки
Искам да те прегръщам силно
Искам да прекарам неделя по пижама с теб
Искам да се разхождаме по плажа късно вечер
Искам да гледаме вечер любимите ни сериали сгушени заедно
А ти искаш ли?
Искаш ли да повторим всичко отначало, но този път както трябва