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The Don’t ya’ll sleep on my haul because I took the time to add that shit up, haul.

Intax mini ×2 $125
Intax film $40
Pocky $10
Essie polish $190
Prisma water color pencils $50
Prisma color Premier B Brush tips $23
Prisma color Assort. Markers $15
It’s a 10 various $40
Once a day vitamins $35
Meat $150
Cooking sherry $7
Mio $18
Spoons and forks $10
Face scrub $15
Soap $25
Whitening strips $50
Pads/tamps $28
Nail polish remover $2
Paint $6
Yes products $45
Mud masks $23
Powder pallet $12
Foundation $12
Lorel product $35
Covergirl foundation $8
Sheet grippers $4
Makeup brushes $21
Age defying $9
Makup sponge blender $7.98
Zuzu lipgloss $18
Mineral fusion $32
Zuzu pressed foundation $35
Lipstick $5
Master fix setting spray $10
Prisma color markers $88

New lifting bag (Not pictured) $40


ALSO I lifted sushi and had a nice dinner so… Winner winner $10 lifted dinner.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask for Tips or just say hello.

Chat - Kattehookern og vennene hans - at 14:35, 16:12

I have the world’s best business idea. Invest money?


I have absolutely no money

boys, you’re gonna want to find some cash when I launch..
*drum roll*…….
TUBEWATCHER! an app that watches youtube videos for you
think of all the time you’ll save!

Would’ve called NAV* already if I were you, mags
But are you coming tonight?

for what?

Party at my place with Kosegruppa

Hahahaha. I never understand if you’re joking when you talk about that stuff.


I don’t know…

Like, it’s Friday..

Ait, talk to you never, gotta fix stuff for the party
Vilde will be there

okay. done

NAV is Norway’s social welfare agency (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration)


W: Habría que casarles con una…

V: ¡Con el anillo de casamiento!

W: Con el anillo de casamiento…

V: Que no recuerdo como se hacia, la verdad.


V: Bueno, hemos estado mirando, por cierto, entre esta transición que habéis visto, que los anillos de momento son…Solo podemos hacer anillos de boda para nosotros, ¿No, Willy?

W: Efectivamente. Bueno, siempre había un anillo de aldeano pero no me salia o por lo menos no lo he encontrado. Así que bueno, ya miraremos con mas detenimiento.

V: Exacto. Si no puedes craftear uno para nosotros o algo así, ¿no? Para un futuro.

W: Hay muchos. De hecho hasta se pueden hasta elegir el color del anillo, de la piedra y todo.

V: Si, si…No haz pillado por donde iban los tiros, pero bueno…

 -No sé como quieren que reaccione a esto.

30.12.16 // 10:35

Hey, I’m Sophie and I’m kind of new to the studyblr community. I say kind of because I’ve been lurking around for a few months admiring all the amazing hard work and beautiful notes :3 I’ve finally decided though to start making my own posts in the hope that it’ll help me keep myself motivated.

I’m currently studying Chemistry while teaching myself Spanish and writing an extended project on gene therapy. If all things go well this year I hope to study Biology at uni :D

Thought I should start off with a picture me halfway through taking notes for my project. It’s pain staking work and kind of killing me but it is also very interesting stuff :)

Have a great day :D

I have a question for the DGHDA fandom.

In 1x08 Dirk is released a couple of hours after he’s been shot. Now keep in mind he injured his left shoulder. So you would think moving it in any way would hurt…

He even puts weight on the shoulder as he gets out of the chair.

And he swings both his shoulders.

Now I’m not an medical expert, but wouldn’t the stitches rip, and isn’t he a bit too steady on his feet for the extend of the injury he has suffered?

When we look at the timeline we know he gets shot at night. When looking at  all the clocks we have different times. 7:40; 9:30; 12:00; 1:35; 9:55; 11:40; 12:15. So for the sake of argument lets say he was shot around midnight. Estevez takes him to hospital around 1:00 am

Riggins visits him during the day.

Amanda wakes Todd up and tells him: “She (Farah) said to meet her at this address at 6”

Now Dirk tells the nurse, while he’s sitting in the wheelchair, about his case. “Very long story short, until yesterday this was hailed my greatest case” Indicating that yesterday he solved the Lydia case.

Then Todd picks him up, and they meet Farah at 6 pm at the diner.

So he has been approximately been in hospital from 1:00 am until 5:00; 5:30 pm. A total of 16 hours.

If this were any other show I would dismiss it as a plot hole, but this is Landis. Is he trying to tell us something? Is he telling us that Dirk has faster healing abilities? Am I over-analyzing this?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this :D

Promessas para você:

Quando em aflição: Mt 11:28,29; Sl 23:4; Sl 121:1,2; Jo 16:3.
Quando desamparado: Sl 27:10; Sl 34:6-8; Sl 37:25; Sl 57:1; Is 12:2; Is 35:4; Jr 29:13.
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28.12.2016 09:35

Wszystko zaczyna się zmieniać coraz bardziej.
Czas mija a ja ciągle jestem w jednym miejscu, niby zmienia się moje postrzeganie świata, zmieniają się priorytety i ludzie, ale jakoś czuje się dziwnie. Tak jakby świat powoli zaczął zwalniać a ja jako jego część poruszam się do przodu tylko względem czasu, liczby, czegoś co w ogólnym postrzeganiu rzeczywistości powinno mieć niewielkie znaczenie dla mnie, a jednak czuje że wszystko staje się coraz bardziej inne.
Jestem, żyje, istnieje.
Ale po co? Czy w momencie narodzin został mi nadany jakiś cel? Chciałbym. Jeśli sam nie potrafię określić sobie takiego celu, czegoś do czego będę dążył, to może lepiej aby kto inny mi go nadał. Czy odnalezienie swojego sensu wydaje się być trudne tylko dla mnie? Tylko ja nie potrafię znaleźć ani sensu, ani szczęścia ukrytego gdzieś pomiędzy krzykiem a myślami na które niestety nie mam wpływu.


Tales of Orchestra 2016 Special Gacha
Duration:  11/30 (Wed) 22:00 ~ 12/13 (Tue) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Ludger (Orchestra), Richard (Orchestra) and Elize (Orchestra) from the special gacha, as well as 5☆ Velvet (Orchestra), 5☆ Mikleo (Orchestra), 5☆ Eleanor (Orchestra), 5☆ Mint (Orchestra), 4☆ Rokurou (Orchestra), 4☆ Laphicet (Orchestra), 4☆ Sorey (Orchestra) and 4☆ Jay (Orchestra) [detailed in the next post]

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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I just got the Choromatsu and Ichimatsu lip balm set for $12 (instead of the $35 retail) at a second hand shop even though it’s sealed… thank you for smiling down on me, Akatsuka-sensei