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The signs as excellent horror films

Aries: Alien (1979)

Taurus: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Gemini: The Shining (1980)

Cancer: It Follows (2015)

Leo: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Virgo: The Exorcist (1974)

Libra: Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh) (2014)

Scorpio: The Babadook (2014)

Sagittarius: Black Swan (2010)

Capricorn: Les Diaboliques (1955)

Aquarius: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Pisces: Misery (1990)

the types of people at beanfests
  • 30 sleeping toons
  • 5 people jumping
  • more people jumping in response + “jump and ill give u beans” 
  • some guy whos just there to try and offend everybody
  • chat spammers 
  • _____ : Hi, [Insert Toon Name Here]
  • “im saving up for a rewrite :)” 
  • “bldg anyone?” 
  • two people in a really heated argument about something
  • “The trolley’s broke, the pond is dry, give us beans or WE WILL DIE!”
  • people saying literally the most outdated memes possible
  • 1 or 2 people floating in the air
  • “WHO WANTS BEANS!!!” - some 50 laffer who doesn’t have their cash suit
  • two friends having an awkwardly personal conversation out loud
  • 20 megasnoop clones
  • people using gag restocks in a display of the most original and groundbreaking comedy ever
  • person who physically types out “Toons of the World, Spend Wisely!” 
  • ⬇️️ or alternatively, this guy who types it out but puts no effort into it 

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                    22-3-4   5-11-23-12-12   4-16-15-10-17-5    21-23-10  16-23-2-19
   21-16-23-15-10         6-19-23-21-4-15-9-10-5.

24 Days of Christmas Master List

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Day One

You wear ugly sweater and bake cookies with Chris, messing around with Christmas jokes.

Day Two

Yourself and Clint use Steve’s shield as a sled, Steve does not approve of this.

Day Three

You give Carl Grimes his first kiss 

Day Four

You have a Christmas party that turns tropical themed because of the broken heater, although Steve shirtless makes up for it.

Day Five

Tony proposes to you in a very annoying, cute way.

Day Six

You’re sewing stockings for everyone, making Sam defensive.

Day Seven

Last Christmas songfic with Wade Wilson

Day Eight

You keep singing ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ annoying everyone BUT Natasha

Day Nine

Clint trying to bring a tree into the house but it’s too big.

Day Ten

You take Carl to see Santa, only to get caught out by Rick.

Day Eleven

Bucky is a single parent at Christmas, you his daughter, make a Christmas wish.

Day Twelve

Christmas walk with Daryl goes a different way

Day Thirteen

Sam and Bucky have a Christmas off and you tell Bucky an important piece of information.

Day Fourteen

You visit the UK for Christmas and end up finding out a certain someone loves you?

Day Fifteen

You realise your boyfriend Thor isn’t far off from being like your dad, if that’s bad or a good thing, you don’t know.

Day Sixteen

Pietro pretends to be your boyfriend at your families holiday party

Day Seventeen

You meet Bruce on a train to Scotland and it’s the epitome of meet-cute

Day Eighteen

You visit Alexandria on Christmas Day with Negan and get reminded of past memories.

Day Nineteen

The fourth instalment to  We Protect Each Other | No Intention | You’re Poison, is I’m Poison, Remember? For people who don’t celebrate Christmas and want a normal fic!

Day Twenty

After the events of the Accords, yourself and team Cap go on a skiing vacation, where Wanda teaches you to ski. 

Day Twenty-One

You get Bucky a really sentimental gift, only he doesn’t get you anything, after realising your gift is a love declaration; he gets a last minute gift idea that involves you in his bed.

Day Twenty-Two

Your cat goes missing, again. T’Challa comforts you with hot chocolate, only he doesn’t like marshmallows in his hot drink? 

Day Twenty-Three

Steve leaves on a 6 month long mission, resulting in you realising you’d be without him Christmas Day, only you get a little surprise Christmas morning.

Day Twenty-Four

You spend Christmas with Chris Evans family, where he proposes to you in front of his family.

BONUS: Day Twenty-Five

Bucky ends up meeting Santa who influences him to see Steve

Just rewatched Supernatural 12x22 and now that I’m not watching it with frayed nerves waiting to see what happens, I can fully appreciate what a good episode it really was. In fact, it’s definitely one of my favorites of the season.

I just think the character development in it was spot on. I’ve loved seeing Sam truly find where he belongs in the last couple seasons, and really accept that he’s a hunter and that this is who he is and is finally okay with that. Also the fact that he did pick a side in this fight with the British Men of Letters and was totally awesome while he did it.

Seeing him in a leadership role was interesting too. I know for myself, I always see him like Dean does, a little brother. And while he is definitely capable of leading, we usually either see him going solo or Dean being in the leader position. But seeing him lead the other hunters really gave me a whole new respect for him.

Also, Dean’s genuine faith in Sam was beautiful. It certainly hasn’t been as rocky between the two of them in the last couple seasons, but this admission from Dean that Sam’s “got this” and that Dean was willing to let him do this by himself was character development for both of them.

And then Dean finally gets to get some stuff off his chest he’s had bottled up FOREVER when he talks to Mary in the mind-meld thing they did. (And can we applaud Jensen for that performance?) It was just such a touching and beautiful scene. I know some people seem annoyed that Dean pretty much only mentions what happened to Sam and not everything that happened to himself but this is SO in character for him to only worry about Sam. Dean is one of the most selfless people in the world.

But this whole episode went just the way I wanted it to. I really enjoyed getting to watch it again without having to be destroyed by the finale right after it. I’m sad that they decided to do the double feature this season really, because after the end of “All Along the Watchtower” no one even remembered “All We Are”.

Other good things that happened in this episode: Ketch dies. The grenade launcher. And Ketch dies.