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Supernatural 12x14 “The Raid” Sneak Peek - A chance to take out a nest of vampires backfires when the alpha-vamp shows up and turns the tables on Mary and the British Men of Letters, who are doing their best to recruit Sam and Dean.


Guess what I’ve been re-reading~

Ok so I’ve seen tons of fantastic super epic detailed PJO fanart, but I always thought that PJO would make an amazing goofy cartoon with self-conscious humor and crazy monsters of the week (and serious moments ofc) akin to Gravity Falls, Danny Phantom, etc. So character design doodles for that, I guess?

s/o for the crappy generic “ancient looking” font for existing

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: reid is innocent and he's too pure and gentle to be in prison and he doesn't deserve it and he deserves to be on bail but he's not and it isn't fair and my poor baby needs to be at home with his mother and I'm bawling rn and he's so sweet and innocent and I hate the writers right now I swear if this is Matthew's way of leaving the show I quit an-
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Orca 12/20/14 by Mike Charest
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Tacoma, Washington, Tacoma Narrows Under the Narrows Bridge, Nine total on the Tacoma Christmas Bird Count


Hoje é seu dia, amiga. Sei que é seu aniversário, você tá comemorando mais um ano de vida, mas eu é que te agradeço… Por me dar sua amizade, que pra mim é a coisa mais valiosa do mundo e eu faço o possível e o impossível pra cuidar. Afinal, o que seria de mim sem sua amizade? Sem uma amiga como você pra sorrir comigo, me abraçar nos momentos ruins e comemorar nos momentos bons? Então amiga, hoje eu quero te desejar um feliz aniversário. Quero desejar também que venham muitos outros aniversários e que nossa amizade seja mais forte a cada ano. Muita felicidade, muito amor e tudo de bom amiga, te amo 🎉🎆🎊🎈❤

saffreelove  asked:

And maybe fluff #12 and smut #14?

Fluff 12: “You have something in your hair…um-do you want me to get it out?” & Smut 14: “Do you know how bad I want you?”

Warnings: NSFW (18+) Implied smut. More fluff than anything. 

Bucky x Reader Drabbles Celebration

Your first day off in weeks was the happiest day, in your opinion. It coincided with the first day of fall, your favorite season. That crisp chill in the morning breeze. The changing colors of the leaves. Getting the extra blanket for your bed. Pumpkin spice. And you’d decided that the day wouldn’t go to waste. 

Grabbing the first book of your TBR shelf, you put on your favorite thin sweater and headed out your room. Your confident bravado melted when you saw two familiar super soldiers in the kitchen. They had just come back from their morning run, and while you had no problem with Steve, anytime you were around Bucky Barnes, you turned into a real awkward and shy moron. 

Your crush on the former Winter Soldier was evident to everyone in the tower but Bucky apparently. 

You saw Steve grab the milk carton out of the fridge and drink straight from it, fortunately breaking you from your hypnotized reverie, leading to you snort in disgust. 

“I know you’re practically a 100 year old man but I know your mother didn’t raise you in a barn Rogers,” you remarked. 

You were met with an appreciate laugh from Bucky, and instantly your cheeks reddened about three shades of crimson. You looked away, averting his gaze. 

“Morning Y/N,” you heard him say. 

You awkwardly nodded and muttered, “James.” You cleared your throat and excused yourself, heading out of the compound with your book in tow. You walked until you reached the outskirts of the compound’s property line just before it turned into forest terrain. You sat down and leaned against the bark of one of the trees, relaxing into a comfortable position before settling into reading your book, completely unaware that Bucky had been watching you from the kitchen window. 

You read until you felt your eyes get tired. Closing your book, you let out a long stretch, groaning when you heard the bones in your back crack, earning a much needed reprieve from sitting in the same place for so long. Making your way back toward the compound, you didn’t realize how hungry you were until you heard your stomach grumble. 

“How was your book?” you heard a voice call out. You turned and saw Bucky sitting on the couch, a closed journal in one hand and a pen in the other. 

“It was fine,” you replied, setting off for the kitchen. You could suddenly feel your heart pounding in your ears, spurred on further when Bucky got up and followed you into the kitchen. 

“You have something in your hair…um-do you want me to get it out?” He asked, a warm smile on his lips. 

“Oh!” you cried out, embarrassed as your hand flew up to one side of your hair, trying to seek out the unwanted accessory. 

Just when you thought you couldn’t unravel any further, you heard Bucky chuckle. “Here, let me,” he said, stepping closer to you. He outstretched his hand toward your hair, and you couldn’t help the fresh crop of gooseflesh that peppered your skin when his fingertips made contact with the back of your hair. When he pulled his hand back, he showed you the culprit. A stray leaf that had fallen from the tree during your morning read.

“Thanks Bucky,” you say, not quite meeting his eye level. 

“Y/N,” Bucky called out, his voice softened. “Have I done something to upset you?” 

“What?” you gasped, shocked. “No!”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “You talk to everyone on the team but me. Whenever I’m in the room, you get all quiet. And then you leave. Like you couldn’t be in more of a hurry to get away from me. If there’s something I’ve done, please tell me so I can make it right.” 

You shook your head and expelled it with a shaky breath. “No Bucky, I promise you haven’t done anything to upset me.” 

“Then what is it? I mean, if…” he said, his eyes going wide in realization. “Oh, I see.” 

“Yeah,” you tensely laughed, protectively folding your arms across your chest. “Look Bucky, it’s just a crush. I promise things will get normal between us soon and I won’t act like some socially inept moron. You just have to let me get over it.” 

As soon as you tried to brush past him, you felt his soft touch on your hand, effectively holding you back. Gently, he pulled you back, turning you around to face him, his eyes a feral mix of predatory lust and genuine adoration. 

“What if I don’t want you to get over it Y/N?” 

“What…why wouldn’t you?” 

Bucky smiled and brought a single finger up to your cheek, caressing the length of your blushed cheekbone until it reached an errant strand of your tresses, tucking it gently behind your ear. “I thought it was pretty obvious doll.” You finally allowed yourself to begin to relax in his arms, even going so far as to smile at him, playfully biting your bottom lip. Searching each other’s eyes, you both tried hard to emote love, acceptance, but most of all, permission. As though you were both finally on the same page, you stretched your neck while Bucky lowered his head, your lips tenderly touching each other. Quickly you felt your kiss quicken in its pace, every nerve under your skin lit on fire at each new exploration of his hands on your body. 

Leaning against the island to gain momentum, you grabbed Bucky by the sides of his shirt and pulled him toward you, using your tongue to push against his lips. He granted you his permission as his lips parted, your nerves renewed once more at the sensation of his warm tongue dancing with yours. You groaned when you felt his hardening length press itself against your thigh. 

Pulling away, you nervously chuckled and half covered your face. “I’m sorry,” you sheepishly grinned. 

“Don’t be sorry doll,” Bucky smirked. “Do you have any idea how bad I want you?” he asked. 

Before you could reply, Sam cleared his throat and brushed past the both of you to get orange juice out of the fridge. “Well whatever you guys do, do it in your room. We eat here.” 

You buried your face in Bucky’s chest, trying to muffle your embarrassed laughter. Bucky pulled your chin up and arched a single eyebrow at you. As though you knew what he was asking, you nodded and let him lead you out of the kitchen toward his room, leaving the sound of both your laughs in a trail behind you. 

Steve came into the living room, smiling. “Y/N and Bucky?” he asked. 

“It’s about damn time,” Sam replied. 


Honestly Steven’s age ruined his character for me. I thought he was like 11 turning 12 or something and that would make more sense with his personality, but 14? 14 year old boys are immature yes, but they’re more like squeakers on call of duty or edgy scene kids (basically they go through ridiculous phases), not like Steven is. He acts like an 8 year old. And the other thing is, Connie is only 12. He has a crush on a 12 year old and he’s 14. He’d be starting high school and she’d be in 7th grade. That’s. Really creepy.