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You can’t keep looking for approval in all these
Things, people, situations.

You have to look for it in

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Who better to give yourself the right to be you?
Other than you.

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Who better to unlock the door
Who better to pick you up off of the floor
Who better to wipe your eyes and tell you it’s okay
It’s going to be okay.

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No matter what they say.
No matter the day.
No matter that it rained.
No matter the pain.

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Who better to be with you every step of the way?
To be there when you need to escape.

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I know that voice in your head hasn’t always been the best friend
But it’s going to be there until the very end.

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So I suggest you two makeup and start anew
Because the best superhero lies inside of you.

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"El más.. " del Zodiaco

◈El más mandón
-Leo, Tauro, Capricornio, Aries

◈El más romántico
-Piscis, Cáncer, Libra

◈El más gruñón
-Aries, Cáncer

◈El más espontáneo
-LEO, Acuario, Aries

◈El más descarado
-Tauro, Sagitario, Capricornio

◈El más travieso
-Escorpio, Virgo, Aries, Geminis

◈El más serio
-Capricornio, Piscis, Géminis

◈El más malévolo
-Tauro, Leo, Virgo

◈El más soñador
-Acuario, Sagitario, Piscis

◈El más sensible
-Escorpio, Cáncer, Virgo, Piscis

◈El mas dominante
-Tauro, Escorpio, Capricornio, Aries

◈El mas temperamental
-Géminis, Libra, Cáncer, Tauro

◈El más mentiroso

-LEO, Aries, Libra, Tauro

◈ El más caliente

-Escorpio, Sagitario, Aries, Tauro

◈ El más inestable

-Cáncer, Escorpio, Géminis, Piscis

◈El mas infiel

-Piscis, Cáncer, Libra, Escorpio

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Pd: Por favor hagan me saber en que signo me falto enfatizar más ♡

Carmen’s housewarming party proceeds in the most predictable fashion. They eat and talk and drink and laugh, but despite the jovial atmosphere Westley wants nothing more than to leave. He feels lost here, his mind- and his heart- trapped miles and miles away. Locked, it slowly dawns on him, with a new mother and her baby daughter in a hospital room across town.

“What’s wrong? Where are you going?” Eugenia pouts as Westley extricates himself from her grasp. All night she has clung to him like glue, but this time as she rises to follow him West shakes his head and pointedly motions for her to sit back down.

“I need to make a phone call,” he explains. “Alone.”

“Are you coming back?” she whimpers.

Westley hesitates, but glancing around the room full of strangers he smiles and says, “I sure as hell hope not.”

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Childhood Friends Au

Yoongi groggily walks out of his bedroom heading straight for the fridge when he hears it.

Once. Twice.

It’s subtle, but it’s there. Whoever in their right fucking mind knocks at Min Yoongi’s door at midnight may never live to tell the tale.

“Who the fu-”


Yoongi could feel a harsh hammering inside his chest, and yet all he could hear is the sound that comes out of Jin’s mouth. Not the heavy downpour. Not the quiet honking in the distance. Not even his own breathing.

“I’m sorry for stopping by unannounced. I…” Jin wraps an arm around his completely drenched body to suppress a shiver, water dribbling down his face. “I left my phone back… back in Joonie’s place so.” He forces a strained smile which inevitably turns into a pained plea as he tries hard to swallow his tears that his words weaken to whispers. “I’m so sorry, but I have nowhere else to go and you were the only one that comes to mind.”

“You’re freezing,” Yoongi hears himself say as he takes a step forward, ignoring the icy raindrops that hit him mercilessly. He takes Jin’s hand, squeezing its color back. “Come here.” He pulls Jin inside his place, quietly closing the door behind them.

The table’s turned and Yoongi has no intentions of flipping it back because Kim fucking Namjoon is the biggest fool who doesn’t know how good he’s got it until all the good in his world is gone.

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