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haggar betraying voltron because she was obsessively seeking knowledge and immortality? and zarkon betraying voltron because he was in love with haggar? and not to seize power (it was implied he’d like power but it was ultimately haggar that became the catalyst for his betrayal)? destroying the stereotype that female characters only become villains out of love for their male counterparts? and that male characters only become villains to further their own selfish goals? dreamworks coming through with that good shit

The Rising Signs

Aries rising: You are active, confident, adventurous, voluntary, and sometimes you tend to have accidents. Proud of your independence, it is difficult for you to get settled.

Taurus rising: You are obstinate, warm, you seek safety and you change slowly. There is something reassuring in your presence, but you don’t open easily.

Gemini rising: You are loquacious, emotional, funny, you’re however easily bored , maybe you also do insomnia. You collect information quickly, you react quickly, and your adaptability is great.

Cancer rising: You are of a changing mood, you are sensitive, imaginative, wise and protective. You like safety, comfort, your home and look after others. Your feelings are still deep.

Leo rising: You like to have fun, you are wellvieillant (???), charismatic and friendly. You cannot stand not being noticed. You do your best to give yourself the image of a light and confident heart. People appreciate your presence.

Virgo rising: You have the practical sense, you are master of yourself, nervous and considerate. You are also clear and fast, you can discuss any topic, and you are an observer.

Libra rising: You are full of tact, easygoing, and friendly, but you would do anything to avoid a conflict. You can not stand being in a hostile environment. You also have the artistic fiber, you are attractive.

Scorpio rising: Your intense eyes and your irresistible manners attract people. You are secret, magnetic and sexy. You are also a fighter who takes the reins in times of crisis. You have the will and opportunity to transform yourself, both internally and externally. You can completely change your facets from one person to another.

Sagitatrius rising: You are extrovert, independent, optimistic, restless and reckless. In your search for a life of communication, you travel as much as possible and you can settle completely on an udée. Opportunities come to you.

Capricorn rising: You do not like disorganized places. You are someone serious, reserved, who has a method for everything. Ambitious and competitive, you assume responsibility and exercise authority effectively. But you do not relax easily, and sometimes subject to depressions.

Aquarius rising: You have lots of interests, and a calm and friendly personality. You still have a certain distance that can make you seem indifferent. You follow your own rhythm.

Pisces rising: You are romantic, influential, sentimental, and compassionate. Your psychic abilities are strong, and you are a person of great kindness.

| HAWKE SIBLINGS | DA2 | Legacy |

“…I ask only that you learn to accept yourselves, regardless of flaws or strengths inherited. That you allow yourselves to love and to be loved, for it can breed wonderful things. That you keep each other safe from harm; the Hawke name means little if there is no one left to bear it. Yet know that, should conflict arise, I would prefer your happiness to my legacy each and every time.”

What they need (more) in love

(also, check venus sign)

Aries: challenge

Taurus: dedication

Gemini: laughs

Cancer: security

Leo: attention

Virgo: esteem

Libra: friendship

Scorpio: truth

Sagittarius: adventure

Capricorn: commitment

Aquarius: liberty

Pisces: kind gestures